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Disadvantages of E-books

Now, more and more people prefer e-books to traditional ones, because it can save their time and money. However, with various e-books flooded in, more and more people are aware of the disadvantages of e-books.

The fact that, e-books require special devices or personal computers can be looked as a disadvantage. Many e-books are typically produces to be compatible for certain software which in turn may be not easily available. Since e-books are dependent on other equipments, certain hardware or software failure may affect it. Unless the hardware, Internet connection or battery power that is required by an e-book reader is readily available, then its electronic documents are useless. In addition, e-books depending on hardware and software and are more easily damaged than a printed book

E-book reading devices are surely more expensive than printed books. All devices of e-books require power. There is a growing concern that the e-books at present may not be accessible or compatible to the future e-books software or devices.

Screen glare and eyestrain are a serious concern for many potential users of e-book technology. A major worry of reading from an e-book reader could hurt the eyes. The display resolution of computer screens and electronic devices is considerably less than the print quality produced by a printing press.

Reading from a computer lacks the familiarity and comfort of reading from a book. A paper book can be opened and flipped through, while an electronic text is more difficult to navigate.

E-books have unreliable life span. Paper has a much longer life span than most digital forms of storage. Because of the rapid development of new computer systems it is difficult to judge whether the software or hardware will become outdated. As new hardware is developed structures must be put into place to allow for the migration of existing materials to the new platforms so that they can still be accessed. Methods of preserving the electronic documents must also be developed. A high degree of reliability of the equipment must be part of the electronic devices that handle the replacements for printed books.

It can be hard to distinguish yourself from “almost anyone.’ for almost anyone can make an e-book. To make your book equivalent to a “real” book, you should find and evaluate several e-book publishers before making a deal. A flashy website does not guarantee a great publisher. Look at their e-books and see if yours fits in with that mix.

Source by Tian Xiang Yu

What Foods Have the Biochemicals That Promote Penis Growth – Foods For Bigger Penis?

Are you looking for the ultimate way to finally grow your penis to the size of a giant? I know that sounds ridiculous. No one needs it to be that huge but it wouldn’t hurt to see it grow a little more, I bet. Men have been and seem to always be on the lookout for a way to make themselves more presentable. This can be either in the locker room or in front of their mate in bed. What foods have the biochemicals that promote penis growth? Read on to finally learn.

Now while having a good diet is essential to maintaining a good body,as well as, sex drive. There are several foods out there that give you that extra boost when it comes to the bedroom. They have the nutrients and natural chemicals to create a nice time for you in the bedroom. While no one of these alone or together can make you grow to mammoth sizes. They can make your erections and further activities better.

You should start including foods like salmon and tuna in your diet right away. These have elements like omega 3 fatty acids which help maintain your health. You should also be drinking milk every day. This along with a few others helps to promote healthy blood flow especially to your penis.

There are a few vegetables as well that should be added to your list. These would include broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes. They might not seem like much but they give you lots of extra get up and go when taken regularly.

On a side note,eating eggs and liver in combination with any of the above will put you in a nice overdrive and leave you feeling more than ready to conquer old and new territory with whoever you may choose. You may still wonder what foods have the biochemicals that promote penis growth?

Source by John Card

Why Many LDS Families Like VeggieTales

Mormons are always looking for ways to teach the scriptures and good principles to their children. Many member of the LDS church use the Living Scriptures. The Living Scriptures are really good, however, they just tell the stories. Learning the stories is only part of understanding the scriptures. Members of the Mormon faith try to do as Nephi directs in the Book of Mormon to liken the scriptures to their lives. There have been attempts to create entertainment that not only tells the stories but also likens the stories to the lives of children, these have been successful also.

Though VeggieTales was not produced by the LDS church or was created by members of the church, it has gained popularity among members of the Mormon faith. VeggieTales is a show where talking vegetables in computer generated animated episodes tell Bible stories. These stories are usually in a parody format. Though members of the LDS faith believe in the Book of Mormon and other scriptures the Bible is a very important part of their religion.

VeggieTales is a universally Christian show, meaning that it tries to be suitable to all Christian denominations. The show does not make pronouncements of doctrines but, instead teaches specific Christian principles. You would not see them teaching an opinion about grace versus works, or a belief in the resurrection. The show teaches things like being kind to your neighbor, helping others and just being a good person.

VeggieTales is non-denominational, because of this the show tends to be appealing to LDS members. The show will tell stories like Jonah, The Good Samaritan, Joshua and others to illustrate to children how they can apply what is being taught in the scriptures to their own lives.

The slogan of the VeggieTales is “Saturday morning fun, Sunday morning values” this rings true to what Mormons are looking for in entertainment. Deseret Book carries selected DVDs of Veggietales, which means that they should be appropriate for LDS families, since Deseret Book is owned by the LDS Church. The material that is sold by Deseret Book must go through a short approval process. This does not mean that VeggieTales should be shown in your next primary or Sunday School lesson in fact that would be against church policy, but what it does mean is that it is appropriate for families to watch at home.

As a parent I have found that for my family we can all sit down and enjoy watching them together. My two year old already knows the story of Jonah. I like the fact that there are people who want to make good high quality entertainment to help bless the lives of children.

Source by Trent Bowen

Type 2 Diabetics Can Still Eat International Food – You Just Need to Know Which Ones!

When it comes to diabetic dining information, there seems to be a shortage of guidance on the various international foods available in so many restaurants. You have probably read all about reducing your intake of French fries, steak, and chips…but what about falafel, sushi, and egg drop soup?

Like good ol’ American food, food from abroad is a double-edged sword. Some dishes are carb and saturated fat bombs, while others are perfect for people with diabetes, type 1 or type 2.

Here is how to navigate an international menu if you’re diabetic:

Mexican: Traditionally, Mexican food was composed of two chief foods… corn and beans. Sadly, most US versions of Mexican food pile on additions like refined flour, oil, and sour cream.

Beans are an especially healthy food for diabetics as they’re chock full of fiber and minerals. Also, whole grain wheat and corn tortillas are also a healthy option in moderation.

One of the best dishes to ask for in Mexican restaurants is for fajitas loaded with grilled vegetables and beans… but be sure to hold off on the tortillas.

Chinese Food: Traditional Chinese takeout is not the place for most diabetics to find a healthy meal. Because they tend to load their food with MSG and unhealthy fats, you should seek out more traditional Chinese restaurants that tend to serve more vegetables.

When there, look for chicken dishes that are low in sodium or ask for the cook to pour less salt into the meal.

Italian: Because they tend to be loaded with carbs, many diabetics steer clear of all Italian dishes. This isn’t a bad plan, as pasta and lasagna are carb-based.

However, if you look for higher-end Italian restaurants you’ll see dishes on the menu like grilled veggies with mozzarella cheese and rocket salad that are healthy, delicious, and even though they lack pasta… are Italian.

Japanese: When you think Japanese food, rice may come to mind but that’s not an altogether accurate representation of Japanese cuisine.

Sushi, the prototypical Japanese import, is a healthy food for most people with diabetes… when eaten in moderation. The omega-3s in the fish and the fiber in the vegetables make sushi a great choice. However, some sushi places load on white rice in a cost-cutting effort. Ask for sushi with little to no rice and you’ll be upping the healthfulness of the meal considerably.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try Shabu Shabu. Shabu Shabu (literally translating to “splash, splash”) is an eating experience where you’re given a bowl of boiling water and a set of raw ingredients. You cook them together yourself and enjoy the results.

Because you’re controlling what you put in it, most of which is chicken, fish, and veggies, Shabu Shabu is as healthy as you want it to be.

Thai: Thai food is exploding in popularity and you may have one down the street from your house. Thai food tends to be healthier than other Asian cuisine, as the focus is on vegetables and lean cuts of meat.

To get even more health benefits from your Thai meal, ask for extra vegetables and brown rice… most Thai restaurants are happy to oblige.

People with type 2 diabetes need not stop eating in restaurants serving international foods… you just need to know which foods to avoid so you can control both your weight and blood sugar levels.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

Where Do Calories in Beer Come From?

Anyone who loves beer knows about the on-going debate between low calories and great taste. Is it possible to have a low-calorie, great tasting beer? And where, exactly, do the calories in beer come from?

Beer is made up of four ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. In some cases, ingredients other than barley are used, such as rice, corn, or wheat. These may be used for cost, flavor, or body reasons.

The majority of calories in beer come from the carbohydrates, most of which come from the malt. As mentioned above, barley is the most popular grain used in the malt, but others are used, too. These grains all have different carb counts, which means that using one instead of the other will affect the total carb amount in the beer. You can also brew with greater or lesser amounts of malt to increase or decrease the total carbohydrate count.

It’s important to remember that the malt style and quantity play a huge role in – and therefore have a huge impact on – the flavor of the beer.

In addition to carbs, a smaller number of calories come from the alcohol in beer. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, so beers with higher alcoholic content (the beer’s alcohol by volume [ABV], usually represented as a percentage) will have more calories than those with a lower alcoholic content.

There are many good reasons to be cognizant of the amount of calories one is consuming throughout the day. Just as important, though, is enjoying that which you are eating and drinking. And maybe a low-calorie beer isn’t exactly what you have a taste for. No problem. Enjoy what you like, just do so in moderation.

Source by Helene Roper

Learning to Cope With a Cash Flow Emergency, Without Panic!

Wherever there are cash flow woes, you can be sure to find crippling emotional set backs. You might as well begin to prepare for the devastating fiscal and the emotional fallout that is sure to come. You will need to cope very well with both if you hope to make a solid financial comeback. Which is very easy to do, if you pay attention to the title and not Panic. Whenever a cash flow or monetary emergency hits, it will be in your best interest to deal with the cash flow emergency in a calm rational manner that way you have a nice clear head to think with. It is when a series of financial hits come your way that the stress will tend to accumulate and make your life much more difficult to cope. You will not be so overwhelmed when you can calmly and rationally look at each individual problem as it arises. If you sit back wringing your hands with worry and allow all of your emergencies to pile into one; you will find yourself down for the count.

Calm must always take center stage. You must NEVER allow yourself the luxury of panic. The more you panic, the less effective you will be in that you can’t think straight. You have to be able to think logically and clearly. You need to keep a very clear head to be able to sit down and come up with an appropriate plan. Again I must re-iterate it is only when you are at your most calm that you will be prepared to get to where you need to be so you can overcome your cash flow emergency.

At even the first hint of cash flow emergency, it’s important not to act right away as most likely you are panicking ( happens all the time). If you do you will inevitably make a mistake! First, before you can manage your finances again, you have to first manage your emotions. You absolutely must regain your balance before you can even begin to make a plan. If your money emergency demands that you act quickly, think first about seeking the advice of a debt counselor, money coach or financial planner. Whenever possible think about seeking out the aid of a financially perceptive friend or family member who can help you to come to a clearer perspective. Remember the old adage that “two heads are always better than just one!” You won’t need to make major cash investment if you’re strapped. Look for a planner who will give you a one-hour consultation for a small amount. Often times this will be all you will need to securely turn the corner.

Now if you don’t need to act so quickly and hastily, then you can think about getting back on track and crunching your numbers. Or checking out other legitimate opportunities (see link below). First, you need to know exactly how much you owe how much money you have in hand and what it will take to cover the distance between the two. Second, you will want to avoid any other mishaps, such as penalties, further repairs, missed deadlines, etc. If you are not properly prepared, you must become prepared on the spot. Any type of money crisis will catch you unaware and you will feel cornered. Wouldn’t it be ideal to be ready and waiting for the crisis? How likely is this to happen to you, though? Most people will be at least somewhat prepared. If the crisis is not too dire, they will be able to handle it OK. Some will be sunk from the get go. The idea is to not be overwhelmed and to have a good plan of action, no matter how little or how a lot. You need to be entirely prepared to deal with any sized setback. Ideally, those unexpected expenses could be covered by the funds in the Irregular Expenses account in any good budget. Unfortunately, though, there is always a common problem. You might well have an emergency stash-but it’s most often depleted. This same problem affects the majority of us so take heart. At about this time many people make the mistake of turning to plastic for relief. Resist this one. You will only be transferring your problems from one pocket to the other.

On the other hand, if you are sure you can handle using credit cards to deal with a cash emergency, you had better be sure you could pay them off when the time comes. Otherwise, why add yet another debt and another problem. Eventually, it will all catch up with you. If you’re truly running while on your last leg, consider taking out a home equity line of credit. This will work for some. The interest is tax deductible, but those aren’t fixed rates. Be smart about this remedy, though. Unless you plan to pay back the amount you borrowed promptly, it can end up costing you more than you thought-especially if you’ve already depleted your own equity. Think well before borrowing from your 401(k) or IRA. There are loopholes that allow you to do so, but there are also hidden costs-never mind potential taxes, penalties and other consequences. Keep in mind that if you were to lose your job, you’d have to repay the loan immediately, or be taxed as though it was a withdrawal. This remedy could be very costly in the long run. So as you can see dealing with cash flow emergencies if handled with calm and if there is a plan can easily be dealt with without turning your life upside down.

Source by Denise Dell

Best TV for Gaming

If you are looking for the best TV for gaming, then there are a few things you should know to look out for when shopping for a new TV. Gaming requires the right kind of TV, and if you do not have that TV your gaming experience will suffer as a result.

The first thing you should look for in a gaming TV is some sort of 3D technology. A lot of the latest and greatest games are coming with 3D content of one sort or another, and this trend is only going to become more pronounced as time goes on. There will come a time in the not too distant future where you will not be able to get the full experience of most games with a 2D TV. This is why most gaming enthusiasts should be upgrading to a 3D TV now, rather than waiting until later.

Another feature that gaming enthusiasts who are looking for a new TV need to be aware of is the differences between LED and LCD TVs, which are quite similar, and plasma TVs, which work on a very different technology.

Plasma TVs are great for displaying lots of movement and action, or any content where things are constantly changing on the screen. So if you like to play a lot of action packed games, for instance, it would be a good idea to choose a plasma TV over LED or LCD. The reason is the higher refresh rate of plasma TVs. A higher refresh rate means that the image you see on the screen of the TV is updated at a faster rate. If the image is not updated fast enough, your eyes start having to compensate, which results in the appearance of a bit of blurriness.

If you really want an LCD or LED TV, however, you can mitigate the blurry problem by getting an LED or LCD TV with a high refresh rate. Refresh rates are expressed in Hz. A plasma TV will typically have a refresh rate of 600 Hz, while the average refresh rate for LCD and LED TVs is 120 Hz or even 60 Hz on some lower end models. By getting an LED or LCD TV with a 240 Hz or even 480 Hz refresh rate, however, you will prevent most of the blurring that you would otherwise experience.

3D and refresh rates are two important things that most gamers should be on the lookout for when buying a new TV to use with a gaming system. But there are also a lot of other things that gamers need to know about if they expect to get the most from their TV.

Source by Robbie Ludlum

How the Top PPC Companies Can Help You Start a Successful Pay Per Click Campaign

Planning to hire a professional search engine marketing company who can manage your Pay-per-click activities? If yes then you are not alone. Many businesses like yours are coming up with their requirements of building their strong online reputation and thus, a pay-per-click campaign is becoming popular as it is one of the appropriate ways of attracting targeted audiences to your website and transforming them into buyers. But for this you need to hire a reliable PPC company that can help you promote your business across the world online. In the case of PPC campaign, a business promoter only need to pay when some visitor clicks on its advertisement in order to visit the website.

As a businessowner you need to know that what all you need to start a successful Pay Per Click campaign for your business-

  • Find out your goal- It is important that you should know whether you have to increase your sales, subscribers before you start. Because if you start without realizing your exact goal than there are chances you may run your advertisements in the wrong direction.
  • Set your budget- You should set your budget for PPC Campaign because here as an advertiser you will be supposed to make payments of every click made by a viewer.
  • Make a proper list of keywords- For success of every campaign, the selection of right keywords is really important. Selection of appropriate keywords can help you promote your online business successfully through PPC campaign.
  • Finalize keywords for your business- You can use different keywords tools such as Google keywords to find out targeted keywords. A team of PPC company specialists can help in a professional way.
  • Create an attractive headline for your campaign- No matter how good your keywords are ranking, you won’t get visitors if your ad is not appealing to your viewers.
  • Creative attractive ad copies- Your ad copies need to be attractive to encourage viewers to buy your product. Don’t forget that these attractive ad copies are must for your successful PPC campaign.
  • Never make a fool of any visitor-Always tell truth about your business because if a visitor visits your website and doesn’t find things that you have promised in your ad, than there are maximum of chances that you will gain negative publicity for your website and this in future will affect your business.
  • Optimize your campaign on a regular basis- Try to optimize your ad copies along with the landing pages regularly. This will help you to provide better and higher conversion rate.
  • Strictly follow rules- Importantly, make sure that your campaign strictly follows the search engine rules because if not followed properly your campaign won’t work. So, read rules properly and implement them.
  • Hire a good team of professionals- Success of any campaign depends on how experienced team of experts are working on it. Try to find out professionals working in a reputed PPC advertising company and make your campaign a successful one.

Source by Zack Will

How to Seduce a Woman Without Touching Her? (Top 6 New Excellent Tips)

If you want to seduce a woman without touching her then you have to introduce her into the adult world. You have to ignite the flames of her sexuality and arouse her emotions.


The vast majority of women are not very easy. Indeed, they are very complicated creatures. For example, when a man enters into a room, he only looks for the chair in order to sit. On the other hand, when a woman enters into a room, she notices multiple things in a single glance. She notices the background, placement and surrounding before deciding her chair. Some women even notice that whether their dress is suiting with the background or not.

This demonstrates that a woman is utterly different from a man. She notices things in extreme details. That’s why, in order to seduce a woman without touching her, you also need to notice things in details.

Here I am giving you few splendid tips which will definitely help you to seduce a woman without touching her.


One of the first things you need to realize is that you embody your status to the world through your voice. It is extremely important for you to enhance the power of your voice in order to seduce a woman without touching her.

“Never raise your voice at the end of your sentence while talking.” Make your voice low at the end of sentences. When you end sentences smoothly, you automatically project your authority and lead her mental state with your dominance. This is the secret of detectives which makes girls shiver. In addition, vampires also speak like detectives and end their sentences on low voice. That’s why; vampires are extremely seductive for women.


There is no doubt that anklets keep a woman erotic throughout the day. Gift her anklets in order to arouse her sexual emotions for you. Anklets won’t only keep her erotic but also make her think about you all day. Anklets are one of the best ways to seduce a woman without touching her.


Red color biologically appeals almost everyone. A woman feels immensely energetic after wearing red color dress because it is a color of love.

For arousing her sexual feelings, order your woman to wear a red color dress. You can gift her some red color lingerie or bikini. Even the most prudish woman can be seduced rather easily with some red color dress/gift because red color stimulates the sexual feelings of a woman and transforms her into a seductive lady.


It becomes easier to seduce a woman when you act like a handyman. Most of men rely on others instead of taking actions with their own hands. They become unable to do their own integral things. Therefore, women often avoid being with them.

On the other hand, a handyman creates sexual energy because of his action taking habit. He fixes something at his home, washes his car, cooks special dishes, mows the lawn and makes coffee etc. He loves taking action, he projects his masculinity. A woman feels positive sexual energy in the presence of a handyman.


One way to seduce a woman without touching her is to dominate her mind. Women have been attracted to men that dominate their mind, make them laugh and share interesting stories. If you desire to dominate a woman’s mind utterly then you should learn the art of storytelling.


In order to arouse sexual feelings of a woman, make her laugh with your stories, stimulate her mind with curiosity and stay original. When you make a girl laugh while keeping the curiosity alive through your stories, you easily arouse her sexual feelings for you.

Remember, you would put yourself into her friend category without generating curiosity. Curiosity is essential for keeping the women on their toes all the time.

Boys make women laugh. On the other hand, adults arouse the sexual feelings of women with curiosity and fun. Adults are the actual sexual men for women.


A woman can immediately recognize your body language. Most of the advices preach about basic body language but a woman notices you in great detail. It is very tough for an average man to hide his actual persona and project seductive body language.

If you want to seduce a woman with your seductive body language then here I am giving you few tips which will help you a lot entire life.

• Never nod your head rapidly. It is a sign of eagerness and impatience. You project yourself like an impatient boy instead of an actual masculine man.

• Keep your eyebrows relax. When you show confident body language, you often forget to relax your eyebrows. When a woman looks at your raising eyebrows, she immediately understands that you are not comfortable and trying to hide your inner excitement.

• Your facial expressions highly attract women. Have you ever thought why Johnny Depp is extremely attractive for women? It is because he has got artistic face and he makes women melt with his facial expressions. Your eyebrows are integral for making your expressions attractive. So, set your eyebrows and correct your expressions in order to seduce a woman.

Source by Marry Lengley

Highest Fiber Foods Make You Strong

The possible advantages of a high fiber diet are immune, but most of it has to do with your digestive system. Fiber does promote overall health too though, including your teeth, arteries and heart.

Many fresh fruits and vegetables that you already enjoy are high in fiber. Avocados, mangos, apples, carrots, beans, cereals, whole grain bread and most types of nuts are all excellent sources of fiber. Some of these products have nutritional labels on them and you should consult these labels so that you buy a balanced shopping trolley with foods containing the highest fiber. Foods are important for nutrition, it is important that you consider the food that you buy and not just put it in the basket because it looks yummy.

Keep A List Of The Highest Fiber Foods

Maybe you should take fiber seriously. If you do, then keep a list of all the highest fiber foods. It can help to alleviate painful conditions like constipation and diarrhea. It has been linked to a decreed risk of colon cancer and diverticulitis. It is a common prescription for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. On average your system will be better as fiber assists the movement of food through your body and the excretion of waste.

Most people however do not get enough vegetables and fruits fiber. People are rusched and mostly mostly on fast foods and processed foods. These foods are often not very nutritional. On top of this, the fiber content is low too. If you want to eat quickly during the day it is vital to know which foods are the highest fiber foods. This will save you time and if you have a chart in your kitchen it will save you even more time and energy.

You should get at least 25g of fiber every day. 25g is the lower limit and the best will be around 30g, depending on your build and bodyweight. If you want to be really serious about it you should consult a dietician and learn exactly how much fiber you should eat.

Source by Joseph Keresy