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Tony Robbins – The Power of Questions

“Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential,” says Robbins. “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

It is in being honest with yourself and having an open internal dialogue that you will place yourself on the path to success. “You and I have that same power at our disposal every moment of the day,” says Robbins. “At the moment, the questions that we ask ourselves can shape our perception of who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we’re willing to do to achieve our dreams.”

How do you really want to live?

What gets you most excited?

When do you feel stuck?

What kind of person will you have to become in order to achieve all that you want?

These are some of the questions Robbins suggests you ask yourself and answer honestly. “The genuine quality of life comes from consistent, quality questions,” says Robbins. If you ask yourself a great question, your mind will automatically focus on finding better answers and solutions. Conversely, “If you ask a terrible question, you’ll get a terrible answer,” he says. “Your mental computer is ever ready to serve you, and whatever question you give it, it will surely come up with an answer.”

Throughout his career, Robbins has been driven by a single question – what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? He has since come to realize that it is what we ask of ourselves and how well we look inside to find the answers that plays a key role. Not only does this help us understand our own internal motivations, but it also helps provide focus to our thoughts.

Every night before going to sleep, Robbins suggests asking yourself the following three questions:

What have I learned today?

What have I enjoyed today?

What have I improved or contributed today?

Simple questions, yet with powerful effects. “Most people never feel secure because they are always worried that they will lose their job, lose the money they already have, lose their spouse, lose their health, and so on,” says Robbins. “The only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving yourself in some way, that you are increasing the caliber of who you are and that you are valuable to your company, your friends, and your family.” In asking yourself the above three questions, you can work on improving yourself each and every day.

Every individual has the right to live a life of fulfillment and questions are the key to opening that door.

“The power was given to you at the moment you were born,” says Robbins. “Its source is unlimited. And when you seize it, you’ll have everything you need to create a life filled with more passion, excitement, confidence, and joy than you’ve ever dreamed. Isn’t it time to unleash the power within and claim your extraordinary potential?”

This fast paced 7 minute video will enlighten you on the Power of asking yourself the right questions. Putting this simple but extremely powerful concept to work in your own life will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

This short video below has some examples of what we ask ourselves and by simply changing the question you are instantly empowered.

The Power Of Questions Questions are an excellent way to access your subconscious mind, and the process is a simple one.

Suppose you are in a situation where you want to make a good impression. You walk up to the person you want to impress and blurt out a tactless remark. Instantly you realize what you’ve done.

If you ask yourself a negative question like, “Why am I always such an idiot?” your brain will come up with all sorts of reasons in order to answer that question. This is of absolutely no help to you, either in the present situation or at any time in your life.

If instead you ask yourself, “How can I recover from this mess?” your brain will sort through your memory banks to come up with some strategies to redeem your blunder.

In other words, your brain will always present an answer to any question you ask yourself. The answer may not necessarily be true, but your brain feels obligated to respond to your questions and will do its best to present you with some kind of answer, whether feasible or not.

How can you use this brain function to improve your life?

Train yourself to ask only positive questions.

Questions like “Why am I so talented?” and “How did I get to be so lucky?” will give you far more positive results than those that presuppose a critical answer. Often the brain recognizes that many of these questions are rhetorical, in other words they don’t actually require an answer, but the impact is still positive. The questions imply that you are talented or you are lucky, thereby reinforcing the notion. In this sense they function the same way as affirmations.

WHY Questions

Asking, “Why do I always fail?” will inevitably lead to answers like “Because you’re a loser!”

“How can I succeed in this venture?” will lead to creative and useful answers.

Why questions are often circular in nature and are not utilized in this particular process. Replace them with questions like *How can I do this? *What do I need to do next? *When do I need to finish this? *Where do I need to be right now? *What do I need to learn here?

Daily Questions

Anthony Robbins popularized the use of questions in his excellent tape programs, Personal Power and Personal Power II. Tony devised three sets of questions: one for mornings, one for night, and another set to use when dealing with problems throughout the day.

1. The Morning Questions

Answer the following questions every morning to set yourself up for a positive day.

1.What am I most happy about in my life right now? What about that makes me happy? How does that make me feel? (Repeat these two secondary questions after each main question)

2.What am I most excited about in my life right now?

3.What am I most proud of in my life right now?

4.What am I most grateful for in my life right now?

5.What am I enjoying most in my life right now?

6.What am I most committed to in my life right now?

7.Who do I love? Who loves me?

2. The Evening Questions

Ask yourself these questions at the end of each day before sleep.

1.What have I given today?

2.What did I learn today?

3.How has today added to my life?

4.How can I use today as an investment in my future?

5.What did I do today towards reaching my goals?

6.Optional: Add the morning questions.

3. The Problem Solving Questions

These questions are helpful when working towards a goal and/or encountering an obstacle.

1.What do I need to do today towards reaching my goals?

2.How can I become successful and enjoy the process?

3.What can I learn from this experience?

4.What do I respect about this person?

5.What’s actually funny about this situation that I haven’t noticed before?

6.What’s great in my life right now?

7.How can I make this happen right now and enjoy the process?

The three sets of questions can be printed in a large font on separate sheets of paper and displayed in your work space.

This valuable lesson comes from notes taken while spending 2 weeks in Kona Hawaii At one of Tony’s seminars,

So I want to give thanks to Tony Robbins

Respectfully, George Walters

Source by George E Walters

The Benefits of Intelligence

Having intellectual prowess is a value that is often disregarded amongst people, but as I’ll set to set straight, is a much valuable asset to own.

I’ve never considered myself to have genius level intelligence, but I have a thirst for knowledge and excellent retention and as such I can speak for the values of curiosity and research.

Smarter = Happier

It’s been proven in well documented research that increased intelligence equates often to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction and lower levels of stress and depression.

It stands to reason that to seek intellectual pursuits and to maintain or increase your intelligence might have a beneficial affect of your levels of happiness.

Useful Skills Pay The Bills

Sometimes the very things you learn that seem to be hobbies at the time can turn into profitable investments in time, as you find that your skills in these areas may have a monetary value. So many people are turning their passions into profit, especially with the advent of the internet age and the new global world.

Information To go

It’s always nice to have the information you need, not just at your fingertips, but already imbeded in your head from the get-go. Retained knowledge helps and to have it is usually always better than not to have it. Having increased intelligence opens doors to entertainment, education and social aptitude.

Conversations are always easier when you actually have something to talk about and those with more knowledge have more to say (usually in a good way).

In Conclusion

By having an intellectual outlook and gearing our lives towards an intellectual pursuit we can gain extra benefits and even make more money and have increased satisfaction in life.

Not a bad outcome!

If you have no cerebral aspirations, that’s okay to, but please do look at the benefits of having intelligence, before you snub it as being a superfluous requirement .


Source by A. J James

Make Money Online? An Important Discourse on Ways to Make Money Online

There are lots of means you can earn money online, some are better than others, and naturally some will earn you a small amount of cash, some will earn you much money, and then there are also lots of choices in 'tween.

I have been engaged and learning nice money now for some years and Ive tried and screened scores of diverse opportunities and have been around the halt a few times. There are some matters that work, and some matters that certainly do not. What I have seen, is that there is no means of earning money on the internet that requires doing no work at all, its all proportional with the amount of work you put in to the amount of money you gain. If you intend you will find something where you are Merely fill in a couple of forms and beginning earning money online then let me tell you that there is no such genuine money making programs existing.

The fact is that working online takes virtual as much work to get a stand as it does to work up an usual business. If you desire to earn a five figure income on the internet, then you really require to toil very hard to accomplish that goal, almost as much as you would if you required to begin an offline business. I say nearly because online business is better in that you dont require to get offices etc, and plainly, all of the work can be completed from your home, which is of course the reason you are reading this post.

At Present lets come to the essential point of – Making Money on the Internet. As I have referred earlier that there are numerous ways to earn money on the internet and it totally depends on a person himself that what option he will pick out, but do be really mindful as there are many rooks on the internet too. But in fact all plans or digital-books are not scams as well. Many a times it so happens that you buy a money ereading eBook or register in a money making plan but do not obtain the wanted outcomes according to your anticipations and as a result stop after some time thinking that the digital eBook or program is a scam. But on the other side, you will encounter that numerous individuals are alerting serious money on the internet with the same plan or eBook ideas with which you have failed. The trouble is that we human beings normally want effects overnight, we are not prepared or averse to give the hard work required to begin learning nice money on the net. Keep in mind that that there are no honest get-rich-quick plans on the internet and the plans or ebooks which claims so are either scams or simply holding off the reality from you to sell their wares to you.

Given below are the net programs that genuinely help individuals to earn money on the internet are as follows: –

1. Affiliate Product Promoting – Affiliate product selling has produced the most number of millionaires on the internet and is till now doing so. You just require to promote other persons wares as online affiliates. You get percentage commissions only whenever you get a sale. There are a galore of affiliate wares almost on any topic you can supply of on this earth, both material and digital products.

2. Start Up a Web Site – You can create a web site on any theme and begin making money from advertising earnings and affiliate product sales etc. You will require only some knowledge base on how to put together a website and Search Engine Optimization.

3. Start Out a Blog – You can start a web log on any theme. A web-log or blog is essentially the same as a website, actually it is also a web-site which is oftimes kept up-to-date with new matter. After your blog is ready, you can begin making money by putting adverts, marketing affiliate products and etc. You need very initial knowledge on setting up a blog and Blog Search Engine Optimization. Blogging is one of the highly money making options existing on the cyberspace today.

4. Internet Money Surveys – This is another money making alternative existing on the internet. Simply join as many internet survey sites as you can and start doing surveys. Fill up the surveys correctly according to the stated rules and earn money on the internet on per survey completed basis. Beware of the fraud programs which are quiet abundant in this field.

Source by Sumit Saha

How to Know If You Have Brain Cancer

The most likely reason for asking about how to know if you have brain cancer is that the person or a loved one has experienced some symptoms that were suspected could (but hopefully not) be caused by brain cancer. There are many related questions that follow and this series is a result of research into the various aspects of the issue of brain cancer, including treatments and outcomes.

Research shows that there are areas of agreement as well as areas of disaggregation among those that provide care and advice. Additionally, there are conflicting reports from brain cancer patients and family members of patients as to the value and effectiveness of both methods of diagnosis as well as treatment choices.

The most common symptoms are:

O headaches,
O weakness,
O nausea,
O clumsiness,
O difficulty walking,
O changes in speech,
O vision or hearing difficulties,
O twitching or seizures, and
O numbness or tingling in the arms or legs.

None of the symptoms are unique to brain cancer so they must be taken as indicators only. Also, symptom orientation can be quite large and is often overlooked.

It is quite common for different medical organizations or practitioners to provide varying lists of the most common brain cancer symptoms. This appears, in part, to be due to the various parts of the brain that could be cancerous and thereby affecting the different parts of the body that are associated with the affected part of the brain.

The following are regarded as less common but possible symptoms:

O altered mental status,
O changes in concentration,
O impaired judgment, memory, attention, or alertness,
O gradual changes in intellectual or emotional capacity,
O impaired sense of smell,
O paralysis of one side of the face or body,
O drooping eyelid or crossed eyes,
O prolonged drowsiness,
O swelling,
O discontinuation of menstruation,
O excess secretion of milk in women, and
O impotence in men.

All research sources were quick to point out that symptoms are not a sure sign of cancer. When asking how to know if you have brain cancer it is important to know that other conditions could also cause these symptoms.

Add articles in the series soon to be released include statistics, diagnostic choices, treatment choices, what questions should you ask your doctor, is it possible for a cancer patient to ever be cancer free, and patient testimonials (including miracle results).

Source by Daniel Lorch

Great Gift Ideas For The New Mom

One of the hardest accomplishments for women is to carry a baby for nine months and bringing it into the world. And for that, it would be a good idea to honor a new mom and show how she describes a care and love through excellent shower gifts. If you are looking for one for a dear friend, here are some great gift ideas you can choose from.

Personal Service
Being a new mom is both joyful and exciting experience, but it is inevitable to get stressed and exhausted over so many things that can be physically and mentally overwhelmed. Therefore, through a personal service, you can provide an excellent gift idea that sure to be appreciated by the new mom. There are plenty of services you can do for her, such as house cleaning, auto washing, shopping, pet care, laundry duties, cooking, taking care of the errands, babysitting, and the like. Whichever you would like to do, it would highly be appreciated by your friend and will never forget for years to come.

Make a Creative Gift
Out of your creativity and skill, you can create a wonderful baby book that would surely bring a smile to the face of the new mom. Creating a baby book can be as easy as taking pictures and pasting them on a scrapbook. All moms love to take pictures of their precious little one to capture first moments. But if your friend is too exhausted to do the photography, you can do it yourself and be creative on presenting them. All the necessary items and materials needed to make a baby book can be purchased at a local craft store. Through a homemade baby book idea, you can give a very thoughtful keepsake that the happy family will enjoy for generations to come.

Spa Gift Ideas
A pampering and relaxing gift would certainly be great for a new mom. You can send her to a luxurious spa where she can enjoy a day of relaxation while you are taking care of her baby. Or, you can create a beautiful gift basket that is filled with spa supplies like bubble bath, bath salt, shampoo and soap, lotion, scented candles, and other aromatherapy items.

If you know the favorite songs of the new mom, you can compile those and burn with a CD. You may also consider a CD of lullaby songs and nursery rhymes to help her sooth her little one.

Go online if you are looking for personalized baby shower gifts for the new mom. There are so many online stores these days that carry a wide variety of baby shower gift ideas both for babies and new moms and dads. They also offer different suggestions when it comes to christening gifts and 1st birthday gifts. Names, monograms, date of birth, and messages can be included on the gift items if you opt to personalize them, as most of online stores offer personalize services through engraving, embroidering, embossing and imprinting details on the gift items to meet the needs of Every customer.

Source by Janet Verra

Septated Ovarian Cyst Causes and Treatments

A septated ovarian cyst is a scary diagnosis. It is more serious than a functional cyst, but not as serious as ovarian cancer. However, you should approach this situation with caution. By educating yourself about what to expect, you’ll be prepared to deal with what may happen next.

Causes of Septated Ovarian Cysts

The septated cyst gets its name from the septum, or wall that divide different components of it. Generally, there are basically two causes of a septated ovarian cyst. To determine the cause, you need to look at what it is made of.

One that has liquid on either side is a variation on a functional one. Sometimes, more than one of these types form and connect in the middle. This type can clear up on its own, but if it doesn’t, it may require further treatment.

If the cyst is made of both solid and liquid, it could be a more serious situation. These are caused by a number of factors. Dermoids come from an unfertilized egg dividing, which creates solid material such as teeth or hair in the cyst. Cystadenomas contain mucus. They are not harmful, but they can grow very large. Also, a tumor may be solid and appear as a septated cyst.

Treatment of a Septated Ovarian Cyst

The treatment of a septated cyst depends on what sort of materials it is made of. Those containing liquids are generally watched to make sure they will dissolve on their own. Those with solid components are removed using surgery. Dermoids and potential tumors both must be removed. The dermoid will not dissolve on its own, and any time a tumor is suspected, it needs to be biopsied to rule out ovarian cancer.

Source by Rosie Sanders

Guitar Hero 3 Songs – Level by Level!

The Guitar Hero series of games for different platforms is one of the best and most entertaining of any music-oriented gaming series. The latest installment, Guitar Hero 3, is one of the greatest video games to be introduced to the public! Because of it’s vast popularity, many people search the internet to find Guitar Hero 3 songs and songlists for the game. In this article, we’ll show you a pretty comprehensive list of Guitar Hero 3 Songs, at different levels of the game!…

When “starting out small” there aren’t very many expectations as the crowd doesn’t even know who you are! You’re still in the learning phase, and that’s reflected in the easy songs they chose! In case you haven’t made it yet, here’s what to expect during the “beginner phase”…

Tier 1: Starting Out Small

1. Slow Ride

2. Talk Dirty to Me

3. Hit Me with Your Best Shot

4. Story of My Life

5. Encore: Rock and Roll All Nite

6. Co-op Encore: Sabotage

As you would expect, the second level of the Guitar Hero 3 Songs list get’s a bit tougher! Take a look….

Tier 2: Your First Real Gig

7. Mississippi Queen

8. School’s Out

9. Sunshine of Your Love

10. Barracuda

11. Boss: Tom Morello’s Original Boss Battle Recording

12. Encore: Bulls on Parade

13. Co-op Encore: Reptillia

Time to make the video my friend! You’re starting to see some success in your career, and the Guitar Hero 3 songs at levels 3, 4 and 5 get harder…but are much cooler! Check em’ out!…

Tier 3: Making The Video

14. When You Were Young

15. Miss Murder

16. The Seeker

17. Lay Down

18. Encore: Paint It Black

19. Co-op Encore: Suck My Kiss

Tier 4: European Invasion

20. Paranoid

21. Anarchy in the U.K.

22. Kool Thing

23. My Name is Jonas

24. Encore: Even Flow

25. Co-op Encore: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

Tier 5: Bighouse Blues

26. Holiday in Cambodia

27. Rock You Like a Hurricane

28. Same Old Song and Dance

29. La Grange

30. Boss: Slash’s Original Boss Battle Recording

31. Encore: Welcome to The Jungle

32. Co-op Encore: Helicopter

This next section of Guitar Hero 3 songs includes some great alternative, 90’s tunes like Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins) and Black Sunshine (White Zombie).

Tier 6: The Hottest Band On Earth

33. Black Magic Woman

34. Cherub Rock

35. Black Sunshine

36. The Metal (by Tenacious D)

37. Encore: Pride and Joy

38. Co-op Encore: Monsters

Tier 7: Live In Japan

39. Before I Forget

40. Stricken

41. 3’s and 7’s

42. Knights of Cydonia

43. Encore: Cult of Personality

Tier 8: Battle For Your Soul

44. Raining Blood

45. Cliffs of Dover

46. Number of the Beast

47. One

48. Boss: Lou (The Devil) Boss Battle Recording

49. Encore: Devil Went Down to Georgia

And, here are the bonus tracks that Guitar Hero offers…if you’re good enough!

Bonus Tracks:

50. Avalancha (by Héroes del Silencio)

51. Can’t Be Saved (by Senses Fail)

52. Close (by Lacuna Coil)

53. Don’t Hold Back (by The Sleeping)

54. Down n’ Dirty (by LA Slum Lords)

55. F.C.P. Remix (by The Fall of Troy)

56. Generation Rock (by Revolverheld)

57. Go That Far (by Bret Michaels Band)

58. Hier Kommt Alex (by Die Toten Hosen)

59. I’m in the Band (by The Hellacopters)

60. Impulse (by An Endless Sporadic)

61. In Love (by Scouts of St. Sebastian)

62. In the Belly of a Shark (by Gallows)

63. Mauvais Garçon (by Naast)

64. Metal Heavy Lady (by Lions)

65. Minus Celsius (by Backyard Babies)

66. My Curse (by Killswitch Engage)

67. Nothing for Me Here (by Dope)

68. Prayer of the Refugee (by Rise Against)

69. Radio Song (by Superbus)

70. Ruby (by Kaiser Chiefs)

71. She Bangs the Drums (by The Stone Roses)

72. Take This Life (by In Flames)

73. The Way It Ends (by Prototype)

74. Through the Fire and Flames (by DragonForce)

We hope you enjoyed this list of Guitar Hero 3 Songs! If you are thinking of getting the game, it comes highly recommended! There are additional tunes that can be found on the game, but it’s up to you to get them unlocked! Enjoy….and keep on rockin!

Source by E. Thomas

Handwriting Development

Most people do not realize that good handwriting is a direct result from good upper body strength. Crawling is a natural milestone that children need to learn. Crawling develops power in the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. Have you heard or personally ever stated “My child skipped crawling and went straight to walking!” While walking skills may be advancing quickly, it is also a good indication that the child will have poor fine motor skills.

Poor fine motor skills will impact a child’s ability to fasten buttons, snaps, zippers, pick up small objects, and especially to have legible handwriting. As a child crawls, his/her grasp will start to mature, allowing for more precise movements later on in development. Thus, good posture and arm strength are critical factors in improving your child’s handwriting. They are also beneficial areas to work on from birth to 5 years, during a child’s prewriting years.

What are good activities that can promote upper body strength? The following are some techniques that you can try at home: crawling through tunnels, wheelbarrow walking (child is walking on hands and adult is holding his/her feet), climbing ladders, lifting heavy objects, kneading dough (play dough), monkey bar play, or moving a scooter board by laying on his/her stomach and pushing through their arms (also can be done up or down ramps).

For those of you who have older children, you may know handwriting lessons are not always the most fun. Prior to having your child participate in a fine motor activity, have him/her perform one of the above upper body strength activities. These activities will stimulate the muscles and encourage good postural control during a handwriting or fine motor activity. Also, it may increase your child’s attention and focus! Do not have your child sit for more than 15-20 minutes, especially if he/she is under 5 years old. Eventually increase his/her time in small increments until you reach the desired practice time. It is important for you to provide a happy handwriting experience! Have fun!

Source by Kimberly Wiggins

Build a Solar Energy Panel As a Another Activity

Build a Solar Energy Panel as a Fun Activity.

I am certain you have been on the web and happened to see writing on solar technology. I was recently on the web and I came across a relatively exciting handbook. The guidebook said it could teach a regular homeowner how they could save money on their electric fees as a result of building a solar energy panel. I need to declare I believed it was a bunch of hype. On another hand my child had a science fair approach therefore I believed it may possibly be a nice project we could take on then enter it into the fair.

What I Found Out Was Truly Amazing

When we watched the video guide. My kid and I looked at each other then I said "well it does not appear to be hard" Keep at heart he is only 9 years of age that my son had an amusing look on his face once I said it. What we found out was pretty amazing. It was incredibly straightforward to stick to the video tutorials plus it did not cost me a whole lot of cash to fabricate my original solar energy panel.

"Dad Will It Really Work"

This was very low-priced and painless to build. Conversely even though it had been a cool assignment to accomplish I did wonder the identical thoughts as my child. Once we completed the solar energy panel my son looked up at me and said "dad will it really work" Hmm I do not know let's give it a stab.

"Currently I am saving Energy as well"

As soon as I followed all the video instructions plus hooked everything up. I still can not believe it to this date. We could not believe this inexpensive effortless to make solar energy panel is really generating electrical power. I need to state this was an exceptionally painless project to undertake and I am happy I decided to buy the "solar energy panel video guide" because at this time I am saving energy as well.

"Even when the environment is not your craze"

The truly magnificant part regarding this endavor is you do not have to be very into the whole environmental aspect to accomplish this. Even when the environment is not your craze. I found this to be an incredibly easy way to save cash plus in accomplishing this I discovered an innovative hobby. We are now making another solar energy panel used for my big garage I'm extremely convinced it is going to power the entire ship for nothing.

Source by Steve D Johnson

Fun With Fondue

When you're craving comfort food, fondue is always a favorite. Popular in America in the 1970's, fondue is back with an urban twist that tempts the palate with much more than the plain cheese, hot oil and simple chocolate pots of yore.

Originating in Switzerland many centuries ago, Fondue (Fawn-DOO) is French for the word "melt" and is considered their national dish. The harsh winters of the Alpine mountains mean isolation from the outside world for months at a time with limited food supplies. The only readily available ingredients in the villages were cheese, bread and wine. As the winter dragged on, the cheeses made the previous summer began to dry out and spurred the villagers to melt them and create a tasty, fulfilling meal.

You do not have to be an Alpine villager to enjoy these simple concoctions. A fondue party just might be just the thing you've been searching for to enjoy with family and friends.

Most any food can be "cooked" in a fondue pot and fondue parties are a great way to enrapt your guests for an endless evening with good food, good wine, mingling and great conversation.

The party can be set up in stations or the guests can be appointed at tables in small groupings. If your knees are still in good shape, it is fun to sit on pillows on the floor around the coffee table. As long as the pots are easily accessible without a long reach for anyone, the set up can be most anywhere. Follow the tips below to create a perfect fondue that will amaze and satisfy your hungry party guests.

Fondue Pots and Utensils

  • Broth pots should be a heavy, stable metal over a hot flame that keeps the contents bubbling.
  • The traditional earthenware fondue pot is called a "caklon."
  • Ceramic pots are best for cheese and chocolate fondues.
  • Sterno, alcohol, and gelled fuel capsules are designed to keep the pots boiling vigorously.
  • Tea lights or diffusers on the bases of the pots may be used to keep the pots warm.
  • Fondue forks and bamboo sticks are best for sparing bread, meat, vegetables, fruit and confections.
  • Bamboo skewers allow more than one piece of meat at a time to be cooked on them. Soak them in water to prevent burning while touching the pot.
  • Small Asian baskets work well for dipping delicate fish in broths. These can be purchased at Asian markets.
  • Fondue plates, dinner forks and plenty of colorful, festive napkins are essential for gracefully eating the cooked fondue.

Cheese Fondue

  • Prevent cheese fondue from burning by using a heavy metal pot with an enamel or cast iron base or a heavy glazed earthenware pot.
  • Melt the cheese slowly on the stovetop and then transfer it to a pot with an alcohol burner. Allow it to gently bubble, not boil, to keep the cheese from becoming stringy.
  • If it does, lower the heat and continue warming until the cheese re-melts and the mixture becomes smooth once again.
  • Increase the heat slowly and keep stirring if the cheese forms a lump.
  • Keep the cheese creamy by swirling the dippers in a figure eight.
  • Considered a delicacy, the crust that is formed on the bottom of the cheese fondue is to be shared by all.
  • Bread for dipping should not be too fresh or it will crumble in the pot.

Fondue Secrets

  • Cut all ingredients for dipping into one or two-bite sizes, about 1-inch cubes.
  • Double skewer the items or place them past the very tip of the skewer to avoid losing the food in the pot.
  • Use flavorful liquids only.
  • Use a dry or semi-dry wine in the cheese to help the proteins melt smoothly.
  • Keep cheese and dessert fondue at about 130 degrees Fahrenheit with a diffuser on the flame, a very low flame or a twilight candle.
  • Chocolate should be eaten warm, not hot.
  • Chill the fruit dippers before serving so the chocolate will coat them better.

Source by Nancy Harvey