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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Snow Cone Business?

The snow cart business might sound great, but any smart person’s going to ask the same question whether it’s snow cones or any other business: how much does it cost to start? This is a big question since not many of us have a ton of cash on the side…if we did we wouldn’t be looking for an awesome cash business like snow cone stands!


In most states, and even in some counties and cities, you will need to make sure you have all the business licenses available to operate. In some states these cost as little as $50 total, while in many others it may run up to a couple hundred, but it shouldn’t run any more than that. The cost also varies if you have a lawyer draw up business papers for you, or if you choose to do it yourself and hand the application into the courthouse personally. These fees can usually be made up with one or two good days.

The Snow Cone Cart

Prices can vary greatly depending on what type of a cart you buy to get started with. In fact, this expense is the single biggest factor in determining start up costs. Snow carts range anywhere from $400 to $4,000 for brand new shaved ice carts. There is also a ton of variety between these two extremes, but many people decide to start out with snow cone carts that are well under $1,000 starting out, and many make their money back in short time with just a few really good cash days.

While many people will do very well starting out with a small cart, don’t rely on price alone. There’s nothing wrong with starting cheap and working your way up (especially with how often the shaved ice business doesn’t even feel like work), but what if the early demand for your snow cones is three or four times what you can provide? Not only do all those profits walk away, but you will end up having to buy a larger and more expensive snow cone stand anyway. Take the time to make sure you’re making the right decision on this one.

The Shaved Ice Machine

The next most expensive piece of equipment is the shaved ice machine itself. The machine, along with your stand, is one of the cornerstones of your business starting out, and entry level machines are most commonly found in the $400-$600 range. The best place to find a good shaved ice machine is from an actual vendor or online website that specializes in them. Many of these sites will actually have several machines for easy comparison, making it easier for you to look at the deals available and decide on the best one for you.

Buy Supplies Wholesale

While prices can vary for the supplies you need to run the snow cone business, most of these will at least be in the same price range. For materials like paper cups, plastic spoons, or Styrofoam cups, never be afraid to look around locally for a Sam’s Club, Costco, or other wholesale store that might give you the best deal. These types of overhead materials are cheap, and when bought wholesale they often cost only pennies per snow cone sold.

Snow Cone Syrup

Out of the actual overhead supplies, the concentrate syrup for mixing ingredients will cost the most, and a gallon of this can run anywhere from $30-50 depending on flavor and vendor. The good news is that one gallon of concentrate can make 8 gallons of syrup, or anywhere from 640-800 snow cones, leaving tons of room to make a boatload of profit. Look around for sales, especially when buying in bulk as some places offer steep discounts for bulk orders.

What’s This All Mean?

The up-front costs do add up, but a snow cone business has some really amazing profit margins, and it doesn’t take that many little league games, flea markets, or big days to make up a good chunk of that initial investment. It only takes a few good days to bring in enough cash to make up for all your investment, and after that it’s pure profit.

Source by Jason Brasfield

Can You Really Make Money Online For Free?

Are you one of the thousands of people sitting at their computer surfing the web to see if there are any legitimate ways to make money for free? Are you hoping to find the "right" answer to solve some of your income needs? If you are, then I am glad you found this article. I am here to tell you that you can indeed make money online for free. You simply need to know what you are doing and avoid falling for and of the get rich quick schemes that are abundant online. Read on and let me share.

There are several ways you can start making money online, but today I want to focus on affiliate marketing. According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is simply the marketing of services or goods over the internet. How it works is that you create sites featuring a particular product, and then drive traffic to that site in hopes that a sale is made. If it is, the vendor pays you a commission for the sale. Typically bills range from 50-75% of the sales price. Pretty nice profit for you.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is knowing what is involved each step of the way, and how to execute each step correctly, and efficiently. For example, if you can not make a good landing page or find the right keywords for your campaign, you are not going to convert any traffic. Likewise, if you only know how to create web pages, but do not understand how to generate traffic, you will not be successful in your online endeavors. You simply must understand each step in the process and complete it effectively.

Here is a brief list of what you need to understand and know how to do:

  • How to do effective keyword research in a profitable niche
  • How to build a website, landing page or squeeze page to send your traffic to
  • How to optimize that site for the search engines (called SEO)
  • How to get that site indexed quickly in Google
  • How to generate FREE traffic using several different methods
  • How to build effective back links to your site

At first this may all sound complicated, and it can be. But once you have educated yourself on all parts of the process, and devised a business to follow, you will find that you get quite effective at building these campaigns to make money for free.

So what is the first step? Educating yourself, for sure. You must know what you are doing before you really can make any money. If you do not take the time or make the investment in this step, your efforts will most likely not result in income. I am speaking from experience. However, once I took the time to learn what I was doing, I started to see sales, and then money come in. Now it's been 6 months, and it has simply continued to grow, as the number of campaigns I have working for me online have grown. You can do the same thing.

Source by Tina Lovell

What to Do If Your Downloads Are Taking Too Long

Slow downloads are not only annoying but can also cost you a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to fix this problem which even a beginner can do. Here are the steps you should take to fix the slow downloads on your computer:

Step 1 – Check Internet Speed – The speed of your Internet connection is essential if you want fast downloads. Nowadays, a typical broadband connection is considered fast if it’s over 1mb/s in speed. This basically means that the connection has the ability to download files at 100kb/s (the download speed is 1/10th of your overall connection speed). To test what speed you’re getting to your computer, you should Google “Broadband Speed Test” and then click on the first link. Run the test on the website and if it’s below your expectations, you should contact your Internet provider.

Step 2 – Check Download Server Speed – If your connection is okay, the problem might lie in the “server” speed” of the download server. Whenever you download a program off the Internet, you PC is basically connecting to another PC (called a ‘server’) and downloading a series of files from that. If the Internet connection of the other PC is poor then your downloads are going to be very slow. This is a problem which cannot be fixed but you can try and avoid it by using another download server. You’ll have to Google the file name you want and it should show you some different servers (known as “mirrors”).

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry – One of the biggest causes of slow downloads is actually thanks to Windows itself. Many computers end up making their downloads run slow because the settings inside them are unable to be read quickly or smoothly. This is a problem which even the most advanced of Windows systems cannot avoid and is where your computer will actually save many of its most important settings in the wrong way, corrupting & damaging them. This will make them unable to be read – which means that when you PC wants to download a file and it needs to read a series of settings to do that, it will end up taking a lot longer than normal.

Most slow downloads can be fixed by cleaning out the ‘registry’. The registry is where all the settings for your PC are kept, and is where Windows looks for a series of ‘download settings’ each time you want to download a file. These settings show Windows how to download files at the fastest rate possible, and its vital that they are in the correct standing. To clean out the registry, you can use a ‘registry cleaner’ which is a software application that scans through all the settings on your PC and fixes them.

Source by James Henry Johnson

Difference Between PDF and Word Document

Word documents as well as Portable Document Format are the two most widely used document tools. Word application is a word processing program released in 1983 as ‘Multi-Tool Word’. A Word is an editable format that allows the users to edit and customize information as per the requirement. It underwent many revisions with the latest version of 2007 and 2008. On the other hand, Portable Document Format is a non-editable application. Introduced by Adobe Systems in 1993 Portable Document Format allows readers to share the information on the Internet easily.

Word application offers a slew of features that a user can deploy effectively to meet his needs. It offers various font types and font colors to select. These font types and font colors can customize the document. You can change styles of writing, colors and fonts by using the feature ‘Change Styles’. With ‘Page Layout’ attribute you can add margins to the text, divide the text into two to three columns. One can also add ‘Page Color’ to the document that has the potential to make the text appear attractive. Various features of ‘Page Layout’ feature make the document appear professional. You can also add artistic effects to the pictures used in the document. The latest version also equips a user with security features to protect the contents of the text from any kind of alteration.

PDF application is a compatible format. In other words, one can share the document on any kind of computer system with different kind of configuration. This enables a user to share and receive information and coordinate with the co-workers efficiently. One can use graphics, images or pictures as this format compresses their sizes. This makes the file size of the document smaller. You can easily transfer the files to the recipient expediently. This format is also secure as it has password-protected feature to protect the document from any kind of modification by unauthorized user. It also renders a professional appearance to the document. If one requires the information in a non-editable format one can convert Word to PDF easily. You can easily coordinate and share information with the people across the globe by using this format.

Source by Saner Rijet

Can Women Become Addicted to Semen Like a Drug?

Can women become addicted to semen, as if it were some form of drug? Surprisingly, scientific studies say, “yes.”

This might raise some eyebrows among feminists, but scientific results do show this to be the case. They are not sure exactly why (chemically), but women can become reliant on a man’s semen.

The semen must be introduced vaginally and not orally. Orally it doesn’t seem to have any affect, probably because the contents of the semen get broken down and denatured from the stomach acids. The affective-chemical component is rendered useless during this method of application.

What scientists have found, is that when a woman has vaginal sex with a man; and the man ejaculates inside of her, that the semen, if it is not washed out immediately, gets absorbed by the lining of the vagina and makes its way into the bloodstream. Once the semen has been absorbed, it has been found that it not only aids in relieving anxiety and depression in women, but also cuts down on the pain, discomfort, and cramps that occur with the pre-menstrual cycle.

It’s found that, after a long period of time of semen introduced into the vagina during sex, that the woman will get used to the positive affects of the semen. If the semen is suddenly stopped from being deposited in the vagina, then the woman will have a return of associated menstrual discomfort and increased anxiety and depression. She will then have “semen withdrawls” and become more angry, hypersensitive, and irritable.

Biologically it has some logic in its nature of effect. While a man continually makes sperm, day-after-day and night-after-night, a woman only releases an egg once a month for fertilization. So the biological reason for “sex” as a form of just creating children is considerable lessened, as a woman is only fertile for a short period of time per month. However, there is an ancillary “pleasure” side of the sexual act that makes sex, at any time, pleasurable for both the man and the woman. This is one of the incentives that helps keep couples together, in that, sex is not only for creation purposes, but that it is also for pleasurable purposes.

This being the case, having sex for pleasurable purposes, irrespective of creation purposes, allows a man and a woman to engage in the sexual act on a more frequent basis, due to the reward of pleasure. Could it be that this is chemically related to the biological idea that a man will, thus, deposit his semen in a woman on a more frequent basis?

Who knows, really. Nature is quite complex and we really, truly, don’t know much about how she operates.

One way for men to increase the volume of their semen is via increasing their intake of zinc, stopping smoking, and increasing their intake of water. Read Iron Man Penis – The Russian System to learn more.


Georg von Neumann

Source by Georg Von Neumann

How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

It's one thing to create a website that is visually-appealing, professional and informative; It's another thing entirely to create a website that keeps your customers coming back to you. Viewers can think your website is beautifully-designed and descriptive, but without it presents new and valuable information, your viewers will stop at one visit. Fresh content is an easy and inexpensive way to drive your customers back to your site. By consistently updating your website with content that educates, inspires and entertains your viewers, you'll see your web traffic soar and, consequently, your number of prospects.

So, how do you increase the amount of content on your website? Here are some of the most effective ways:

Start a blog:

Yes, it may seem like everyone todaydays has a blog, but what makes a good blog stand out from a not-so-good blog is the presence of regularly-updated (note: not one post a month!) And relevant content. This content should serve to inform viewers, not sell something. Use your blog to write about industry trends and interests and hobbies that relate to your line of business.

Not the best writer? That's alright – try breaking your content down into shorter mini "posts" and write about the subjects that interest you. If you are a gardening enthusiast, write about gardening tips or your favorite flowers or ways to maintain a garden through the season. If you're a green living enthusiast, write about the things you do to reduce waste and the over-consumption of valuable resources.

There are endless things to write about, just remember who you're marketing your business to and the types of people you want to return to your website. Case-in-point: while you might like to play video games in your spare time, it's probably not the best idea to write about it on your professional blog when your goal is to bring attention to your landscaping business. Part of the purpose of blogging is, not only to spark conversations with like-minded people and connect with potential customers, but to present yourself as an expert in your field. Video gamers may be impressed with your gaming skills, but of what value is that to your business? Save your video game posts for your personal blog and stick to posts that pertain to your interests and your business.

Tip: if you already write articles for trade magazines or newsletters, include them on your blog. Similarly, use your blog posts to create printed newsletters or online "e-newsletters," which you can then send out by email to your customers and prospects. You can also use your blog posts as submissions for magazines, newspapers, or other promotional outlets.

Make: Make sure your blog and website are linked and your viewers can clearly see the link on both.

Produce podcasts / videos:

One of the most untapped business marketing platforms on the web is YouTube and it just so happens to receive the highest amount of traffic too. Why not think of YouTube as your own business channel and offer regular, scheduled programming in the form of short videos? Share behind the scenes footage of your company, trade shows, workshops, projects, etc. Create podcasts by recording your voice while you read your blog posts. If you'll be speaking at an industry event, record it and include snippets of your speech on your website. The more you make use of multimedia, the more interesting your website is for your viewers.

Tip: Not familiar with making podcasts? Record a video and remove the visuals or just leave the lens cap on. Then upload the video to your blog or website.

Update your services / products / promotions:

Routinely offer promotions and discounts to your viewers and promote these features on the homepage of your website. Consistently update your services and products and make any updates clearly visible on your homepage.

Tweet your updated content:

After you've made the effort to produce and update your content, you need to let others know what you're doing! Any time you write a new blog post, create a video or podcast, or you update your services, products and promotions, tweet about it and be sure to include the link so your followers can check it out.

Source by Christina Coughlin

Chess – Why Can not They Ever Get It Right?

I get a little paranoid when I see chessboards set up incorrectly in films and on the boxes of cheap sets. Well, I watched the star-studded film 'The Wild Geese' again a while back (the one in which British mercenaries are sent to an African country to free an imprisonment 'Nelson Mandela' type) and what I did see in one of the Last scenes? Stewart Grainger, brandy glass warming in his cupped hand, eyed his chess set and moved one of the 6 inch high pieces for all the world as if he knew what he was doing. And, yes, the board was set up with a black square in the right hand corner. If he'd really been a chess player (like Humphrey Bogart was), his professional pride would not have allowed him to make the move until the board had been properly set up.

Then, from the other side of the room with a gun in hand, Richard Burton quietly announced a mate in two. Clever stuff, indeed. From his angle, he could have seen nothing of the board through the forest of horrible, non-Staunton designed pieces. 'Who cares?' 'What difference does it make?' I do. It's easy to get something right; You've just got to bother to ask someone who knows. Next time you watch The Great Escape take a look at the orientation of the chess board which James Garner and Donald Pleasence are playing with.

Manufacturers of cheap chess sets go to the expense of printing their cardboard boxes … but invariably either the board is the wrong way round or the queens and kings are on the wrong squares. Am I the only nit pick who goes loopy at this inattention to detail? Do not these guys know anything about selling? You'd think that by the law of averages they'd get it right half the time … but they do not!

I do not really know much about backgammon but, if I was going to produce a backgammon product for the mass market and spending large sums of money in the process, I promise you that I'd be asking a couple of backgammon experts a lot Of questions. Why? So that I did it right instead of wrong and so that I did not lose sales by showing backgammon players that I knew nothing about their game – and that I could not care less either! There would always be the risk that some potential buyers would buy from somewhere else. Why does not anyone ever take the trouble to get it right?

Source by Mike Cuggy

The Basics Of An Epiduroscopy For Radiculopathy

An epiduroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a flexible instrument containing a tiny camera known as an epiduroscope. The procedure is performed to diagnose the cause of pain in the lower spine and legs. The pain is often the result of sciatica. Epiduroscopy was developed in the 1990’s and involves and involves a steerable catheter system enhanced by a saline flush system that is attached to a side port on the sheath.

During the procedure, the pain doctor often administers medication to treat the pain. IN preparation for the procedure, the patient is positioned with appropriate padding and the patient is given local anesthesia. The doctor utilizes x-ray fluoroscopy during the procedure to hopefully ensure accurate placement of the camera.

Once the problem area is located on the fluoroscopy, a small incision is made through which a catheter is inserted containing the epiduroscope. The scope is inserted through the sacrococcygeal membrane to allow direct visualization of the epidural space.

The scope contains a fiberoptic camera which enables visualization of damage and scar tissue on the spine which may be causing sciatica. Adhesions can be visualized, nerve roots may be inspected and the specific areas of inflammation hopefully identified. A small needle is placed through the sacral hiatus into the epidural area. Through this a small metal guide wire is positioned. The doctor then removes the small needle which then leaves the guide wire in place. A series of dilators are then passed over the guide wire and once a large enough space is created, the sheath cannula is positioned.

The physician may use instruments inserted through the catheter to break down some of this scar tissue. This is called an adhesiolysis and it can dramatically reduce a patient’s pain.

Anesthetic or corticosteroid medication may also be injected to relieve pain from inflammation. Once the procedure is complete, patients may be discharged same day making it an outpatient procedure. Getting back to work should be within a few days.

Complications can occur during an epidurolysis. When a significantly sized camera is placed near a nerve root, the root can be injured. A dural tear may occur if the epiduroscope makes a small hole in the dural membrane. This can cause a post dural puncture spinal headache.

One additional complication that may be seen is a macular hemorrhage. This is bleeding in the internal layers of the eye. If excessive flush is used during the procedure, a rapid rise in cerebral pressure may occur and cause this complication.

Source by David L Greene

Rh Factor – Is Rh Good Or Bad?

Rh is short for ‘Rhesus’.  Rhesus is a type of monkey that was used during the blood transfusion experiment where they discovered that there can be a problem when you get a blood transfusion.

Getting Some Things Straight

Every human either does of does not have the Rh factor in their blood.

The majority of us do have the Rh factor.  If you have this component attached to your blood cell, then you are A+, B+, etc.  You are considered Rh Positive (Rh+).

If you do not have the Rh factor, then you are considered Rh negative (Rh-) and your blood type is A-, O-, etc.

The REAL Danger Of Rh

The concern is when you are Rh- and get a blood transfusion with Rh+


If you become pregnant AND IF you are Rh-.

Then, your doctor will tell you that you have no option, but will have to get a antibody shot (RhoGAM is a common one used) to protect you from your baby. 

Why do you need to be protected from your baby?

Your baby might be Rh+.  That fact alone is perfectly fine.  BUT if your babies blood mixes with your blood, then you your body might start creating antibodies.  This will NOT affect your current pregnancy/baby.  If your body does create the antibody, then a future Rh- baby will most likely be ‘attacked’ by your body. 

Before you blindly receive the antibody shot to prevent your body creating those antibodies let’s find out some your options.

A Few Options

    * Find out what the baby father’s blood type is.

    * Prevent your babies blood mixing with yours during labor and delivery.

    * Find out at birth the baby’s blood type.

If the baby’s father is also Rh- then the baby will be Rh negative. There is no risk for you, your current baby or the next pregnancy.

How do prevent the blood from mixing?

   1. Having a natural birth

   2. Don’t cut the umbilical cord until the placenta has been born.

   3. Let the placenta come on it’s own, do not tear it away from the uterus.

If your baby is Rh+, then you must decide if you would like to receive the antibody shot (RhoGAM).  You have 72 hours to weigh the risks vs the rewards with receiving RhoGAM.  Do your research and be educated. 

Good News

If it is Rh- you are perfectly safe. You and your baby have been compatible the whole time and there is no concern for the next pregnancy/baby.

Source by Constance Matter

Comments: We’re Football People Now (A Parent’s Journey)

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