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How to Get a Mobile Phone Repaired

Mobile phones have become quite a part of our lives. We require a phone quite frequently, whether we are at work or at home. If your phone stops functioning, that becomes a cause of serious concern. The first thing that you should do is to send it for repair work at a mobile phone repair shop.

Every manufacture has its own repair station. They have technicians available who figure out the problem and hand over the repaired phone to you.

These days, with the growing demand of cell phones, the manufactures are bound to manufacture them in large numbers. It is quite possible that some handsets might have a manufacturing default in the process. If you have bought a handset with such a fault, then it is replaced by the manufacturer immediately.

Generally all the handsets come with a 1 year warranty period, if the damage is caused in this period, then it is repaired free of cost. Any physical damage is not included in this.

If the fault occurs after the expiration of warranty, then you have to pay for any repairs. Apart from the cost of the damaged part, you also have to bear the service charges. It is always better to ask the total cost of repair beforehand because sometimes this cost is more than the cost of a new handset.

So instead of paying the same amount, you can get a new handset for yourself. You can also get it repaired from a local repair shop. Local dealers charge comparatively lower fees.

Some Ways Of Repairing Your Phone Yourself

If your phone gets drenched in water, then remove the battery immediately and place it in a cool dry place so that the battery is not damaged. Do not use the phone if it gets heated up regularly after talking for some time. Instead go to the mobile phone repair station and inform them about the same. Your phone might be faulty and it might explode if used repeatedly.

You should also take care while downloading something from the Internet or through the Bluetooth technology. You may download viruses which can harm your cell phone by deleting the contacts and corrupting all other files. Some viruses can damage the whole software and you have to get the software installed again. Therefore you should download only known and trusted sources.

If your phone gets damaged, then do not panic. You can apply any of these measures, if they do not work, then take your mobile for repair to a mobile phone repair shop.

Source by Alen Cauller

Comments: Managing Complexity Due To Globalization

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Dog Mating

Dog mating is a tricky subject! The decision to breed dogs is something that must be well-planned and thoroughly thought of. There’s a lot that goes into it, and the responsibility that goes with dog mating must be considered by a new breeder. There are expenses from such an endeavor, and the care and safety of the new pups and their mother must be of utmost priority.

Ethics of dog mating

There are various reasons why dog owners decide to become dog mating owners. Most dog breeders, however, are sincere dog lovers who are interested in having more pups from their well-loved dogs. However, there are those who decide to breed dogs because of financial reasons, mainly profit. While it really isn’t bad to breed dogs with this in mind, the dog breeder must put the welfare of the dogs above any financial gain for the dog mating process. The dogs must not in any way be solely used for profit and enslaved to breeding duties without the corresponding proper love and attention that they need.

So, if you are not a dog lover and you are solely thinking of breeding dogs solely for profit, then you might want to reconsider and research for other methods of earning money. Moreover, dog welfare is protected in the first world countries, and if you are residing in one (even if you are not) be sure that the dogs are not neglected.

While there are ethical issues that are related to breeding and dog mating, there are also procedures that must be discussed to the new breeder.

The art of dog mating

Before you start mating dogs, it is advisable to pay your vet a visit. Have him examine your female dog (bitch) and get certification that she is good to mate. While you are the veterinarian, you might as well ask him for sound advice on how to start breeding your dog. He/she is in the best position to give you sound advice regarding this matter.

Second, get hold of a reliable breeder and make arrangements for a compatible dog for your bitch. Ask for certificates that will authenticate the claim(s) of the male dog’s breed as well as proof of the dog’s good health. Moreover, the mating process is best done in the place where the male dog resides rather than the reverse.

Third, your dog should mate only when she is biologically primed for mating – dog mating should always be performed at the most opportune moment. In addition, you should hold mating sessions for your dog during the 9th, 11th, and 13th days for it to be most productive. It is also recommended that the mating process between the bitch and the stud last for a good ten minutes. If the bitch refuses, aid in the mating process by trying to calm her down.

Finally, to check if the mating was successful you may visit the animal doctor a good three weeks after the mating of the dogs.

Breeding dogs is not as easy as it seems to be, especially if you are a beginner. If you are planning on doing cross-breeding then it is advised that you talk to the animal doctor and confirm if it is good to go into such given the breeds you want to mate.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson

Shockwave Flash Crash – Learn Easy Fix For Shockwave Flash Crash in Your Internet Browser

What exactly is a Shockwave Flash crash and what causes it in your browser? The problem becomes a great nuisance when the videos do not play on the internet. There may be some error with the Shockwave Flash plugins or some settings in your Windows. What you need to do is to maintain your computer and perform a little maintenance activities on it to get rid of such crashes.

The plugins contain various active-x components and they may conflict with each other which can cause the Flash content to crash on internet browsers. The first thing you should try to figure out is that whether you are having this problem in all browsers or just one browser. For instance, some people are experiencing Google Chrome Shockwave Flash crash only. If this is the case you could try fixing and repairing Windows Registry through some powerful registry repairing solution.

However, if you are encountering the same situation in all web browsers you should follow some concrete steps detailed in the following lines.

— Try to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player Active-X and Plug-in components and then reinstall Shockwave Flash Player as there could be traces of previous versions in the computer which are interfering and making it difficult for the browsers to properly display videos on your computer. You can do this from the user settings and manipulating the “Add/Remove” programs list.

— Try to use the latest Flash Player if your Flash Player 10 (or the current version) is not working fine. You can simply download it from the Adobe official web site.

— Update the drivers. Some of the softwares/hardware have their drivers available within the computer but you might have to download the files through internet and run these files on your computer to successfully update all of your computer drivers.

— The problem behind the Shockwave Flash crash could be your sound drivers. Follow these steps:

1) Open Device Manager

2) Look for the sound-card device

3) Note down the name for that device

4) Just uninstall the it.

5) After uninstalling restart your machine.

6) Your Windows 7 or Windows Vista would automatically download and reinstall the sound driver. You can also do it manually through approaching the sound card company’s web site.

— Fix your Windows Registry which is a highly recommended thing you should do to find a quick and reliable fix for common PC errors and crashes.

Source by A. Honey

Three Common Things Associated With Alcoholic Behavior

There are a few common personality attributes we see in most addicts. These unique behaviors can be associated with an alcoholic as well as someone suffering from drug addiction. We can get a better handle on our own emotions and attitudes by understanding what these common threads are. As we become aware of them, we can then accept them and take actions to protect ourselves from the damage they can do in our life.

Does the alcoholic in your life blame you for many things?

The person in my life who is suffering from addiction is very good at playing the blame game. They have literally told me that I am the source of all of their problems. They justify their anger by pointing the finger at me and people that I am closely associated with. It doesn’t matter if it is a financial issue or one that has to do with relationships, I am often criticized and blamed for many of “their” problems. I have seen this type of behavior in many alcoholics that I have had close relationships with.

Blame is often a topic of a discussion in support group meetings. I began to handle this type of situation differently when I learned that guilt is not something I have to allow others to throw on me. I am not responsible for someones happiness, financial problems or dreams not being fulfilled. If I have done something wrong, I have learned how to make an amend. I also have adapted the capabilities to live more in the present than in the past.

Does the alcoholic in your life have behavior patterns that revolve around arguing?

I learned early on from wise people in alcoholism support group meetings that alcoholics try to keep us angry and anxious. If they can ruffle our feathers, so to speak, it takes the focus off of their poor behaviors and they can once again blame us for things. They have a way of saying things to us that “push our buttons” and make us want to react in negative ways.

One way of gaining a greater awareness of what they are doing to get us riled up is to start keeping a journal. This really works well if we write things down immediately after an argument has happened with the alcoholic.

Once we start seeing recurring alcoholic behavior patterns that are causing us to want to engage in arguing, we can start making changes in how we react to what they are doing. In the resource area below you will find a link to more information on this subject of changing our behaviors. The changes we can make are too many to be listed in this short article.

Does it seem like very little matters to them except getting drunk?

Most alcoholics have little regard for anyone when it comes to drinking. Children treat their parents poorly and spouses put their mates second place to the bottle. This is common alcoholic behavior. Their thoughts revolve around when and where they can fulfill their craving for alcohol.

The only way to deal with this type of behavior is to accept it. Nothing will really stop them from obsessing over alcohol all of the time. They are plagued with thoughts of fulfilling the physical cravings for alcohol constantly.

The purpose of understanding alcoholic behavior should be so that we can make positive changes in our personal lives. I have said in many times, the alcoholic will not change until they hit bottom. Therefore, we must change or behavior patterns in order to protect ourselves from the damaging affects of alcoholism.

Source by Timothy G. Odum

Wilson Hammer 6 Racket Review

The Wilson H6 has been one of Wilson’s most popular tennis rackets, from anyone just beginning to a few years into play to people who are very experienced. Every club is familiar with the Wilson H6, it has become one of the most popular rackets out there fitting a variety of playing styles. As I was shopping around for a tennis racket for my own personal use, I quickly found that the H6 had nothing but positive feedback.

I have played tennis for eight years now and throughout my career I have always loved playing with the Wilson Hammer (H6). I think it is a great racket to hit with and I own both the mid size and oversize. In match playing I use my mid size racket because I feel that I have more control and it’s a manageable weight for hitting consistently. When I use the Wilson H6 in practice, coaching kids, and matches, I have found that when doing ground strokes it offers decent pop. This means that when the ball is flying at you, you don’t have to kill the ball when you return it to the opponent. The racket gives that extra little push so you can still get the shot, speed, and spin you want. Stronger and more advanced players might take this into advantage because they will be playing longer points out and when moving side to side on the court the racket becomes your friend to step in with that extra little push for a great put away shot.

I usually don’t hit a lot of my shots as backhand slices but when I do, I found that the Wilson H6 will get the job done effectively. Any racket takes time getting used to but once I got the handle on how to slice a hard shot verses a soft shot, I was putting down some very effective shots. When you have the chance to smash the ball from a lob or a great angle put away shot, the mid plus racket gives off amazing topspin.

When I first started playing tennis my serves were my weakness. I used to get frustrated with myself because I felt that something wasn’t going right when I tried to serve. After thousands of serves and serve returns I found that little adjustments with the Wilson H6 can make a big difference in your serving. Being that my serve is one of my weaknesses in the game, this racket is great for a slower swing while serving and giving off the spin and placement you still want. I also love the grip of the racket. It is very comfortable to handle and doesn’t slide out of your hand, even well into play.

Overall I would say that this racket is by far my favorite and I will continue playing with it throughout my career. It is a very good racket to start out with and as I improved my game the racket supplemented me perfectly. The better I got from lessons and playing matches I could see the benefits of have the Wilson H6. The popularity of this racket is not just hype. Overall it is an extremely solid racket that will put good spin on the ball and also give you that extra power for the big smash point. The Wilson Hammer H6 is a solid and effective racket that I would recommend to all!

Source by Emily J Pierce

Using and Cleaning Soda Siphons

Some people buy soda siphons without even studying first how to use or clean them. They just know that they need to buy this device for their soda-making projects, but they only try to figure out its usage and maintenance once they already have the tool in their hands. But, even if the product comes with an instructional manual, it is still better to study about it prior to buying it so that you know if it is user friendly for you or if you can manage its maintenance requirements. Below are some pieces of information on this particular subject.

Using it for the first time

It does not matter whether you bought a brand new or secondhand soda siphon or soda charger. You always need to rinse out the soda siphon with warm water before using it for the first time. Of course, it is always recommended that you rely on the brand new product so you don’t have to worry about poor quality. Secondhand soda siphons may already be worn out inside without you knowing about it and it would only take you a few uses before you find out about the defect of the device so you had better stick with brand new.


Press the lever of the siphon to ensure that it is empty and that there is no gas pressure inside. Then, work to unscrew the top part to take out the tube. See to it that the plastic sleeve stays intact in the soda siphon body, as this provides air space necessary for the normal functioning of the device. After that, fill it up to the top with cold water. Add a soda table or bicarbonate into the water. Put back the siphon tube. Screw the head back firmly onto the top part of the siphon.


Put the bulb into the bulb holder. Make sure that bulb neck is facing towards the open end part of the holder. Lift up the cover on the head to expose the charging thread and screw the holder until you feel it’s tight. The bulb should be correctly aligned to the holder. Shake the siphon for 15 seconds. This allows the gas to be dissolved in the water.


Before cleaning the siphon, make sure that it is completely empty. To do that, depress the lever before you remove the siphon head. Take out the plastic sleeve from the siphon. Rinse out the device with water.

Practical Tips

It is always best to use cold water. The colder the water is, the better.

It’s all right to put the soda siphon in the refrigerator after filling and charging.

To make the sparkle last longer, press the lever gently. This allows control of the flow of the soda to the glass’s bottom part.

Buy your soda siphon and soda chargers online. They’re much cheaper. Just see to it that you are able to find a good and reputable online store that sells high quality soda siphon and chargers for a reasonable price.

Source by Marc Wallace

Compound Nouns – Teaching Nouns

Compound nouns are nouns that have been created by joining two words together.

There are three types.

– Joined (input / bathroom / waterpark)

– Open (post office / real estate / night watchman)

– Hyphenated (mother-in-law / jack-in-the-box)

When you are teaching compound nouns to your students it makes sense to spend the bulk of your time exploring the joined kind.

This is because open ones are easy to understand. They are really just commonly used adjective noun pairs.

In turn, hyphenated ones are rare. It is usually enough to introduce them and show a few examples.

With that in mind, here are some joined compound noun lesson ideas!

1. Write a mix of simple words on the board and ask your students to use them to create as many compound nouns as they can. Try these words – air back side hand bed death watch bed ear ache farm yard hand foot step hair line cut half way home made. After a few minutes ask four or five students to suggest other words to add to the list.

2. Focus on one word and see how many different endings you can find. For example: earache, eardrum, earlobe, earmarked, earmuff, earphone, earring, earshot.

A fun way to get younger students to come up with the answers is to offer cloze sentences that can only be answered with a compound noun that starts with word. For example: I have a very bad ear_____. A bad ear infection can cause the ear_____ to burst. I have an ear_____ that is pierced with two earrings. I have ear______ the page I want you to read.

Other good starting words are earth, grand, hand and head. A dictionary is a quick way to look up all the possible combinations.

3. Challenge your students to think of 100 compound nouns by the end of the week.

This works well if they have a page titled “100 Compound Nouns”. They can start by ruling 4 or 5 columns and writing the numbers 1 to 100. This can be done each day as a class activity or as homework. A dictionary is a great resource for this activity.

This could be extended the following week by asking each student to contribute to a class collection. The words could be written on cards and pinned to a notice board or written on a large piece of cardboard. Setting a goal of 300 or more words can help to motivate the students.

This extension activity could also be a great small group task for those self-motivated students that thrive on challenges.

Source by Sherry Goodrich

Tapestry Wall Hangings – 15 Things You May Not Know

For inquiring minds that want to know, this article is intended to give you some interesting and fun facts about tapestry wall hangings. Tapestries have a long, fascinating history. However, after reading a quantity of educational information it can all blend together and make it difficult to remember a single fact 24 hours later. So, to aid in tapestry history memory retention, presented here are fifteen concise, interesting, fun, and educational facts about tapestry wall hangings. These can be interspersed into a conversation to display keen knowledge of tapestries and tapestry wall hangings.

1. Tapestry is a form of textile art, woven on a vertical loom.

2. It is composed of two sets of interlaced threads.

3. Threads running parallel to the length are called the warp.

4. Threads running parallel to the width are called the weft.

5. Tapestry is weft-faced weaving, where all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work.

6. This differs from cloth weaving where both the warp and the weft threads may be visible.

7. Navajo rugs are a type of tapestry work.

8. Tapestries have been used since at least Hellenistic times.

9. Greek tapestry has been found preserved in the desert of Tarim Basin dating from the 3rd century BC.

10. In the early 14th Century AD tapestry reached a new stage in Europe. The first wave of production originated in Germany and Switzerland and expanded over time to France and the Netherlands.

11. In the 14th and 15th centuries, Arras, France was home to a thriving textile industry specializing in fine wool tapestries that were sold to decorate palaces and castles all over Europe.

12. Few of these tapestries survived the French Revolution as hundreds were burnt to recover the gold thread that was often woven into them

13. Arras is still used to refer to a rich tapestry no matter where it was woven.

14. Kings and noblemen could roll up and transport tapestries from one residence to another and its portability contributed to the success of decorative tapestry.

15. Tapestries were displayed on walls of castles for insulation during winter, as well as for decoration.

Enjoy these fifteen facts about tapestry and, perhaps, find an opportunity to use them in a conversation of your own. Knowing some of tapestry history enhances appreciation for one more fact and that is that tapestries regardless of color, style, or subject are beautiful and amazing.

Source by Joyce Waltman

How to Fix "The RPC Server Is Unavailable" Easily

Have you ever encountered the error with the message: “The RPC server is unavailable”? Though a common error, most of the users are unaware of what it is and how to correct it. RPC is a term that stands for Remote Procedure Call. It acts as a link between the system and the server.

“The RPC server is unavailable” error is shown when the computer fails to link up with the server. Several causes can lead to this error such as virus attack, firewalls, proxy settings and registry faults.

Once your computer shows the error, make sure that the firewall setting is turned off as some firewalls can prevent communication between the computer and the server. Moreover, the link can also be broken by the anti-virus security installed in the. Just disable the security installation and see if it brings a change.

Another thing that has to be taken note is whether the DCOM tunneling is enabled. To enable the DCOM tunneling, go to Start and then Run. Write DCOMCNFG and then click on the Component Services. From the component services, go to My Computer and choose Properties. After this, turn to Default Properties tab and then Enable DCOM. Once you have done this, scroll down to Tunneling TCP/IP and click the “Move Up” button and bring it to the top of the list. Once you have done all this, restart the computer and you see that “The RPC server is unavailable” error is solved.

One more cause of this RPC error is related to the registry. The registry is a place where all valuable data is stored. The error can show up if the registry has unnecessary files or if some of the files are corrupt. Clean the registry for the smooth functioning of the system. You can do the cleaning if you know how to do it or take the help of a technician. However, the best way to clean registry is using a registry cleaning tool. The professional cleaning registry is said to be the best option as it does the cleaning in the most effective way, without deleting any important data.

Source by Ruimin Huang