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Tony Robbins CANI! System Explained

“CANI” stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement. It’s an acronym that Tony developed more than a decade ago and he was influenced by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Dr. Deming is credited as one of the leaders who brought one of the first quality movements to the Japanese. His basic premise was that the secret to help the Japanese achieve world power and economic success was if every single person and organization commit to constant improvement.

The Japanese have a single word for “constant and never-ending improvement” and it’s called “Kaizen.” Kaizen is from the Japanese words Kai and Zen where “kai” means change and “zen” means good. Yes folks, change is good.

According to Robbins from his Lessons in Mastery series, he didn’t want to embrace the word “Kaizen” because it was a Japanese word and after-all, Dr. Deming was an “American…” therefore it was only proper to create an American word that meant the same as Kaizen. Transformational vocabulary is an important component to the tenets that Robbins teaches, so you can probably understand why Tony wanted to create a brand or a name for the association.

It is very easy to get caught up in your goals and desired end-outcomes…to the point of becoming overwhelmed. CANI offers a solution and a point of reference to focus your attention on. If all you did was improve one tiny aspect of your life every single day, you would achieve mastery in uncommon time.

Benefits of CANI include:

  • Creates a personal and business momentum that will be hard for your competitors to catch up with.
  • Personal satisfaction and fulfillment because it will cause you to grow personally.
  • Leads to innovation. Innovation creates leverage.

Tony Robbins once said, “We only learn our limits by going beyond them.” CANI! is a principle designed to encourage you to make small incremental improvements daily…and in doing so, you will be forced to find a way to go beyond your current set of self-imposed limitations.

Which areas of your life do you want to apply the principles of CANI! Today?

o Prosperity & Financial

o Family Relationships

o Friendship Building

o Health & Fitness

o Spirituality

o Recreation & Pleasure/Joy

o Education & Career Advancement

o Public Service/Volunteering

If you define your success as a “journey” rather than an end-destination, you can take comfort in the fact that personal growth and satisfaction can come from constant and never-ending improvement (CANI!).

Source by Chris Knight

Kids Night Vision Binoculars – Fun For (Almost) All Ages

Since children today are added to television and computer games kid's night vision binoculars can be good on your children for you can use the device to lure them out in your house by asking them to go camping. Night vision binoculars can be useful in night fun and activities such as star gazing, bird watching or you can even go caving with it.

Plus you can use this device for educational use such as teaching your kids about how some animals live at night or by teaching them how to track small animals providing you are there to guide them. The kid's night vision binoculars are just a miniature representation of the advance night binoculars that are used by the United States army. Here are some tips about getting a night vision binoculars for kids.

First you have to do some research on what are the best night binoculars for kids that you can find in the market and what cool and fascinated features they offer.

Next you have to decide about your budget for this device, you also need to decide what type and brand you will choose. So in order for you not to get confused you have known why you need to buy this night binocular for your kids. Then you need to choose the coolest one with an affordable price.

You can go window shopping first and list down the prices on the binoculars you want and compare them so that you can see which one can fit your budget. You can also choose where you want to buy it online or in your local mall.

Although you can find night binocular for kids at a cheaper price online you would still have to wait for it to be delivered in your door step plus you can not check it if it has damage or not. While if you decide to buy it in your local store it would cost a little expensive but at least you could test it and look for damage plus you do not have to wait for it to be processed in your address.

Also check if the toy is of good quality and is durable so that it could last long even when it is abused by your children when they play with it.

The purpose of making night vision binoculars for kids is so that kids can have fun and create lots of games with it. The miniature binocular is made so that kids can learn new things while having fun and have a bonding time with their family.

Source by David Gore

Gaming Consoles: Review and Comparison

There are many gaming consoles currently available from a number of different companies. Some of these games consoles are as follows:

  • Sony PlayStation 1, 2 and 3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox and Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

The Sony PlayStation (PS) series of gaming consoles is widely considered to be a popular choice for gaming enthusiasts. One thing to note about these consoles is that, apart from the PS1, this series of consoles can play DVDs as well as games, meaning that owners of these consoles have essentially two devices in one.

One major flaw however, is that the PlayStation platform ceased to be fully backward-compatible when the PlayStation 3 came out. By this I mean that most of these consoles will not play PS2 games, and will display an error message if this is attempted.

One very useful feature of the PS3 however, is the ability to download games for the PSP console, in addition to PS3 games, from the PlayStation Network (PSN) Store, which is accessible through both PS3 and PSP consoles, via the Internet, meaning That it can be accessed worldwide.

The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, has a similar set of features, but has one major flaw, which is that unlike most competitive consoles, it can not be used as a DVD player, meaning that for anyone wanting a combined console and DVD player , A console such as the Sony PS3 or an Xbox would most likely be a better choice to purchase.

One notable feature of the Wii is that its controllers are designed to allow users to physically interact with games by simply moving around. For example, one such game is the Bowling one included within the Wii Sports CD.

Rather than pressing buttons to control games, the user uses the Wii Remote as if it were an actual gaming tool, ie for this example, as if it were actually a bowling ball.

This adds a new dimension to the user's gaming experience, and gives the Wii a significant advantage over competitors within this particular area, especially among people who want to exercise at the same time as enjoying their favorite games.

Finally, the Xbox series of consoles are very similar in nature to the Sony PS consoles in that they have more or less the same feature set. One advantage that Xbox does have however, is that it has the ability to connect to computer systems running Windows Media Center, meaning that anyone wanting to use their Xbox as a hi-fi system can do so reliably easily.

Source by John A Courtenay

No College Careers: 3 High-Paying Careers With No College

Completing college will take a decent amount of time. For some the idea of college doesn’t even interest them. Some don’t have any interest in racking up thousands of dollars in debt to pay off for the rest of their lives. However, bills are still real and need to be paid! In order to pay these bills you will need money! So, here’s a few high-paying jobs you can do without any college!

1. Real Estate Brokers – Medium annual wage for this profession is around 58K! Real Estate Brokers are essentially the “middleman” between buyers and sellers. In order to do this, you don’t have to have any college, however, there is a license and you have to do what your state requires of you in order to obtain that license.

2. Gaming Managers – Unfortunately, this isn’t for digital video games. By Gaming Manager, I’m talking more across the lines of casino related games. Gaming Managers have a medium annual wage of 65K! You can do this with no college, however, there is generally a training program and you will likely have to start out at some casino entry-level before moving on to the gaming manager position.

3. Commercial Pilots – Fly planes and be able to make a medium wage of 73K! You will have to meet basic requirements such as being at least 18, pass requires health tests, and that includes a drug test. You will also have to train as a private pilot and meet a certain amount of flight hours before being accepted and approved.

Bonus JobWelding – Welders can make an average annual income of around 40K. I added this job as a bonus because although the pay is lower than the others I listed above, you can began this career quickly! You will need to have a high school education as well as undergo a small amount of training. The second you get your certification you can begin job searching and likely get assistance from the same organization that provided you with your certification. For such small requirements and training, you can make an extremely livable income.

Do you remember being told you can do anything? Well, you can! What they didn’t tell you is that it will require work! Big or small, in order to achieve any amount of success in life you will need to do some work! That’s why if you are going to do something for the rest of your life, just be sure that you enjoy it! You definitely don’t want to work for something and do it for years and years just to end up hating it.

Source by Dustin A Hale

Bread Mold

Bread mold is a kind of fungus that is commonly found on bread surfaces. It takes food and nutrients from the bread and causes damage to the surface where it lives. It causes a bad taste to the bread also. But the mold has a place in the industry where it serves as a decomposer that can decompose decayed plants and animals.

Bread mold has a very simple lifecycle. It appears on the bread surface as a wind blown spore. With adequate moisture and nutrients from the bread, this spore sprouts and grows hair like structures on the bread surface. Once the mold attains a particular growth with paint brush like structures, it starts producing fruiting structures. These structures, sometimes called conidia, contain spores that are blown by wind and spreads to other bread surfaces.

Bread mold is found in different types, species, shapes, and colors. Some of the common bread molds are Penicillium, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Monascus, and Fusarium. Penicillium molds usually appear green and grey in color and Aspergillus mold appears similar to Penicillium to the naked eye. But both are different when examined under a microscopic. In the Aspergillus mold, the fine hairs contain large balloons with spores inside.

If you are interested to see bread mold you can perform a small experiment with bread. You can take a slice of bread and moisten it slightly. Then keep the bread for two or three days in a place where there is no chance of the moisture content drying up. You will see some mold growth on the surfaces.

As the spores of this bread mold are commonly found in the air, bread is easily spoiled. To prevent this growth on bread surfaces, the bread can be baked at a temperature of 400 degrees or preserve the bread with small amounts of chemical. The chemicals used are prop-ionic acid and acetic acid which are safe to be mixed with the bread during the making of the bread.

Source by Josh Riverside

Black and Grey Vs Color Tattoos

There are many things to consider when getting a tattoo. One major decision you will have to make is whether you want a full color or black and grey tattoo. There are pros and cons to each. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your own gut instinct. But if you really can’t figure out which style to go with, here’s a guide to help you decide.

Black and grey tattoos go back centuries. They are the oldest forms of tattooing and were considered as luxuries back in they day. Only the richest people could afford tattoos. The standard for tattoos has fallen, obviously, since then. A way to decide if a black and grey tattoo design is right for you is to ask yourself what you are looking for in a tattoo. Some designs simply look better in black and grey.

A pro for black and grey tattoos is that they hold up better than color tats over time. Sunlight is a killer for tattoos. It can damage the integrity of the overall tat and breaks down the pigments. Since less ink is used with black and grey tats, sunlight has less of an effect on the overall design. Also, it takes much longer for dark inks to fade. This is not the case for color tats.

If you do decide to get a black and grey tattoo, there are a few things you should expect from your artist and the overall experience. Since black and grey only use one to two colors of ink, picking the right artist is very important. Color tattoos can hide imperfections and don’t need to be as detailed. The inks used with black and grey tattoos are black and sometimes white. The white is used when highlighting a specific part of the tattoo as well as for dramatic effect. For example, in portraits white ink is used to highlight the white of the eyes and the teeth.

Now, on to color tattoos. These tattoos are bigger attention grabbers, so keep that in mind. A con for color tats is the fact that some people have allergies to the ingredients in the inks. However, this is pretty rare and the allergy commonly only applies to one color. The reason why people have these allergies is because of the ingredients that go into making the ink. Finding exact ingredients for each ink is nearly impossible as companies that make ink guard the recipes fiercely. Think of the “secret family recipes” your grandmother has stashed away.

The idea of having a bad reaction to the ink can be kind of scary, but don’t let it frighten you away. Color tattoos are overall the most visually appealing! However, if you want your tattoos to stay as lustrous as the day you got them, you need to take proper care of them. Yes, I’m going to talk about sunlight again. That’s because it only takes one bad sunburn can permanently damage your tattoos. However, using sunscreen whenever you spend an extended period outside can prevent sun damage!

For the best selection both black and grey and color tattoo designs, go to Chopper Tattoos by clicking here!

Source by Katie Runyon

Dark Age of Camelot Powerleveling Guide

Starting a new character in DAoC has never been easier with all these new expansions. It is much easier to level a pet friendly class with a heal over time bot than to level any other character. For midgard you would use a spiritmaster specced into summoning, for hibernia you can use an enchanter and for albion a necromancer. These pets are able to take down much more mobs than the average toon. With a heal over time bot or a buff bot they can take down 5-10 mobs at once. Keep in mind it is much faster if you leveled a power level bot and a buff bot then level your main rvr toons after.

With a buffed summoning pet you can take down 5-10 yellow con buff mobs with a few heals or heal overtime. If you’re pet is master level 9 you can take down even more. I have done about 30-40 yellow con mobs with a heal over time. The ideal place is level at is passage of conflict or task dungeons. I prefer Passage of conflict because of the respec stones that drops along with decent rog loot. Passage of conflict also gives out much higher experience points than the average zones and task dungeons.

You can make about 10 plat leveling a new character from 1-50. If respec stones drop, you can probably sell them for 1 to 2 extra plats. I usually get about 5 from leveling a character 1 to 50. I normally stop power leveling at level 47 in which you are then able to get the free level to 48. After getting to level 48 I prefer to quest for the rest of the experience. From 48 you can do the necklace quest in which you should be able to get 48 and a half. After hitting 48.5 you can do the commander quests in your capital cities. That should be able to get you to 49.5 and it only takes about 1 hour to complete them all.

From 49.5 I would start joining raids for master levels or artifact credits. You can even start rvring as well. Getting to 50 should be easy considering you have so many other stuff that you can do. Personally I would just go out to rvr, collect bounty points and buy whatever credit I need, which are usually master level credits & artifact credits. Keep in mind, it takes about 60 hours of play time to get to 50, but for a pet summoning class it would take maybe 24 hours. Having an additional class such as a summoning class can help with farming plat and items. Good luck and enjoy.

Source by Josie Lee

Going Green With Custom Boxes

Environmental degradation is a real problem in our world today. Oil spills, non-biodegradable waste littering the place, smog as a result of smoke from exhaust pipes, improperly disposed toxic sewage from industries. The list goes on. The environment suffers from the actions of humans, and, as a direct result, humans and animals suffer as well. Diseases like lung cancer are on the rise, breathing-breathing-related illnesses are rampant, and animals keep going extinct. It is the time we did our part to save the earth for our children and their children, and all who call planet Earth home.

Going Green: What To Do:
There are a few things we can do that will save our earth, a little bit at a time, such as:
• Using renewable energy sources, such as the wind, the sun, and water. These energy sources are not harmful to the earth, and the can be used continuously and safely.
• Recycle: Recycling materials is another way to keep the planet safe. Some materials, like plastic and Styrofoam, are non-non-biodegradable, I. e. They will never deceive. This item can be recycled to create other products that are eco-friendly, safe to use, and can be recycled even more.
• Treating waste disposal: Most industries are advised to treat their waste before disposal, so as to reduce the risk of diseases in animals and humans.

Custom box manufacturers have also gone green, and some are still converting to the eco-friendly way of producing their boxes. How are they coming along?

Go Green With Custom Boxes.
Custom boxes are made and designed as per the customer's request, and then boxes are used for anything from packaging and shipping to house storage. Going green is not just for businesses and corporations: it is for everyone. You can get eco-friendly packaging to use in your home and your business, and it is pretty easy to do so.

The Eco-Friendly Option
Most custom box manufacturers indicate if they offer the eco-friendly option for their custom boxes on their web pages, so that would be pretty easy to pick where you want to order your boxes from.

The eco-friendly options specify just how green their products are. Some of them are 100% recyclable / recycled material, some are 95%, but all these figures are good, as far as eco-friendly is concerned.

There are many options to choose from if you are environmentally conscious. Green boxes and new used for anything, from packaging for shipping to cake boxes. These tables can be utilized in all aspects of domestic and work life, as they are just as strong as other custom boxes, without the need to dispose of wrongly or any of that.

Going Green: Custom Boxes For Everyday Living
These boxes are used by a lot of people from all walks of life for various reasons, and choosing the eco-friendly packaging boxes goes a long way in working against environmental degradation.

Companies, businesses or brands through use green custom boxes show their customers that they are responsible and conscious of their environment.

Homes that use green these are also projecting that image of caring for the environment are caring for the environment, and it minimizes the need for waste.

So, what are you waiting for? Go green, and get your eco-friendly custom boxes.

Source by Adam Smith

P0171 and P0174 Codes – Don’t Replace an Oxygen Sensor Before Reading This

So your car’s CEL (Check Engine Light) is on and you had the codes scanned at a local parts store. Your car has either a P0171, P0174 lean fault code or both stored in the computer, these codes are based on Oxygen Sensor (O-2) readings. A lean code or codes indicate that there’s too much oxygen in the exhaust. Remember parts stores have employees that have good intentions but they may not have the experience necessary to interpret what the trouble codes really mean. These codes are based on oxygen measurements in the exhaust. A common mistake with lean codes is to replace the oxygen sensors. This could be a very expensive mistake that will not fix the problem. Especially if both codes are present, because the chance of both O-2 sensors failing at the same time is very unlikely.

Most likely the cause is a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak can be caused from a vacuum hose, intake gasket or maybe even a leak in the air intake hose from the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor). Listen for a hissing sound that may lead you to the source of the problem. Some technicians will use a propane bottle with a hose attachment to help pinpoint vacuum leaks. With today’s computers it’s not quite as easy to check for vacuum leaks this way because the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will compensate quickly for the added fuel and a change in idle is harder to notice. Oxygen sensor readings can be monitored with a scan tool while checking for leaks with propane, by looking for increased readings when enriching the mixture. Another way technicians can check for vacuum leaks is with a smoke test. By introducing smoke into a vacuum hose on the engine, the leak will be revealed when the smoke escapes from the problem area.

Aftermarket air filters that use oil on the element can sometimes damage the MAF. Over oiling the air filter may allow some excess to get on the MAF sensor wire or element. This can alter the reading, fooling the ECU into seeing more or less air flow therefore changing the air/fuel mixture incorrectly. I once worked on a car that would not start that had a problem with a MAF. When looking at the wire in the MAF, there was a burned piece of trash that made it’s way past the air filter. After cleaning the sensor the car ran perfectly. The ash that was on the MAF sensor wire was altering the reading by enriching the mixture so much that the car could not run. After talking with the customer, he said the air filter was just changed. This was obviously when some trash got into the air intake hose that settled on the hot wire of the MAF.

Fuel Pressure could also cause a lean condition. If the fuel filter is clogged or the fuel pump pressure is low, there could be higher level of oxygen in the exhaust also. Most of the time though, the ECU will compensate for the reduced fuel volume. So this is one of the least likely causes of a lean code.    

Source by Dennis Bandy

How to Keep a Guy Interested After You Slept With Him? 7 Things You Must Do As Fast As Possible

Some women make the mistake of sleeping with their man after only a few dates, some even as early as the first date. When this happens, the guy’s tendency is to lose interest in a girl once he already slept with her. However, sleeping with a man on the first date doesn’t always mean the relationship can no longer go somewhere. Here are some tips to keep him interested:

Make it impossible for him not to notice you

Even though you slept with him, this does mean that he would no longer be attracted to you, especially if you make an effort to look good. When you are always in your most gorgeous self, it would be impossible for him to just forget you easily.

Let him know that you are interested in him

You have to let this man know that you like him and that you are not just looking for a one night stand. Tell him that you are interested in him and that you would want to go out and, maybe, get to know him more.

Have your own life

You can keep a guy interested when he sees that you have your own life. Guys are interested with women who are independent and who do not need a guy to be happy.

Act like sleeping with him was not a big deal

This would absolutely drive him crazy! Do not let it seem as if sleeping with him is such a big deal to you, even if it really is. Act casually around him, as if nothing happened between the two of you. Be open, still, in asking him out on another date or hanging out with him.

Stop being clingy

There are some women who act so clingy after sleeping with the guy. They feel that the relationship is at a whole new level and that they already have the authority to dictate to a man all of his actions. Do not act as if this man is now your possession. Being clingy would definitely drive this man away faster than ever.

Connect with him in other aspects

You do not have to close your doors to the fact that you two can still connect on other things, aside from the physical aspect. Get to know this person more by asking him things about himself. For all you know, you have more things in common with this guy than all the other guys you have dated in the past.

Prove to him that you are not that kind of a woman

Some guys would lose interest because they do not see a woman who gives herself too easily as someone who is worth respecting. Let him know that you are not like any of these women. Prove that you are also someone to be respected, and that you also value yourself.

Source by Krista Hiles