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ADHD and Video Games – The Pros and Cons of Electronic Gaming

These days, there is a lot of controversy over ADHD and video games. Is it okay to let a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder play these games? Are there any potential benefits? In this article, you'll learn about the pros and cons, so you can make the best decision for your child.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and video games were the subject in a recent news story where a boy who had been playing a violent video game shot and killed his father. Did the violence in the video game worsen the aggressive urges of the boy and drive him over the edge or was it much more likely that there was an abusive element in the home and the father-son dynamic? Since the single father is dead and the boy was only ten years old, we may never fully know the truth.

What we do know about ADHD and video games is that these games can worsen hyperactivity and foster aggression, especially when a child is playing violent games. The fast-changing, ever-flickering images on the monitor may heighten a child's need for constant simulation. Worse yet, playing video games can also lead to addiction. In fact, countries like Korea actually have addiction treatment centers designed to treat this growing problem. Although addiction is usually characterized by a substance that causes physical withdrawal symptoms when removed from the addict's life, gaming is considered addictive because it significantly increases dopamine production (the feel-good neurotransmitter) in the brain. When kids are forced to stop playing these games, they may experience something akin to feeling depressed.

Of course there are two sides to any controversy. Supporter's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and video games say playing them can help kids with ADHD learn how to focus and sit still while they play. They also believe that gamers develop excellent hand-eye coordination that may serve them well in technology related jobs in the future.

Whatever your beliefs, here are some suggestions if you intend your child to play these games. First of all, impose a time limit. Some parents only allow children to play video games on weekends and only if their school work has been done. Second, keep your child away from violent games and pay attention to their ratings.

One thing that works for many parents who believe that gaming can be beneficial is giving their children a natural remedy to enhance the increased focus and hand-eye coordination that is often developed through this type of play. Unlike drugs, natural remedies have no side effects and do not interact negatively with any other medications that your child might need to take. They work by giving the brain the nutrients it needs to increase concentration, memory and the ability to stay on task while reducing hyperactivity, impulsivity, aggression and outbursts. If you believe that ADHD and video games can benefit each other, giving your child a natural remedy is a good way to ensure that this is so.

Make sure to do your research and find a remedy that has been FDA-approved and that is made from proven ingredients like Tuberculinum, Arson Iod and Verta Alb which are quality, herbal ingredients that soothe and calm the nervous system, increase focus and memory and Decrease fidgeting, outbursts and the like.

Source by Laura Ramirez

Making A Living Online – Can It Be Done?

For many people the prospect of making a living online is very appealing, but figuring out how to do it may seem impossible. However what people need to realize is that there are many different ways to make money online, and once you learn the basics you can steadily build up your income. Given enough time and effort you can build up enough income to allow you to quit your full time job. How many people would love the idea of ​​being their own boss and would enjoy the convenience of working from home? Making a living online takes hard work and requires learning about the different methods for generating online income. If you are willing to put in the time and effort needed then you could one day make working online your full time job.

One of the easiest ways to make an online income is by writing. The internet is seemingly infinite and the need for quality content has never been greater. By writing articles for other websites you can earn a respectable income, but probably not enough to support yourself.

Submitting articles to websites that share ad revenue does not generate much income up front, but by continuing to put articles out you can build a base of passive income that will help to support you. Perhaps the most popular way that people are using this method for making a living online is by starting their own websites or blogs. By starting your own website or blog, and building your site traffic you can generate income from one of the many different advertising options that are available. You can also join an affiliate program and market products on your site. The great thing about affiliate programs is that you are paid a commission for each sale that is made after someone is directed to their site from yours. The truth is that making a living online will likely require you to engage in multiple revenue generating ventures.

The idea of ​​being your own boss and making a living online may sound ideal to many people, but actually doing it requires a lot of hard work. Just like a traditional job you will have to spend many hours each week engaging in various money generating activities. In all likelihood you will have to spend a lot of time marketing either your articles or your website in order to give yourself the best chance at success. What causes so many people to fail at making money online is a combination of their lack of knowledge and their lack of commitment.

By learning about the different money earning methods and committing yourself to spending time implementing them, you can begin to earn an online income. Through continued effort and dedication you can slowly build up your sources of revenue and in time you may even find yourself making a living online. If you are willing to make a commitment to spending your time learning and employing the different methods for generating online income you can be successful.

Source by Ron Barnas

Cheat Planet – How to Win at Your Favorite Game!

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting stuck on a level in your favorite game and you just can’t figure out how to get any further. Your gamer instincts tell you there must be a simpler way to battle the ugly demon standing in your way or a clue you’re missing out on. Try as you might, you just can’t figure out what to do. Should you give up? Or join the thousands of members of cheat planet, the gamers who know how to get the best out of their gaming by visiting the increasingly popular cheat sites.

Getting the Most Out of Game Cheat Sites You may think that resorting to a cheat site could take the fun and skill out of gaming. But many of the best sites also offer guides and tutorials to help you figure out where you’re going wrong or something you’re missing. All you have to do is find a site, search for the game you’re playing and find a tutorial. Then search within the site for the level you’re at. Once you’ve found the answer you were looking for you can carry on with the rest of the game.

If you still can’t work out how to proceed, then you can find real cheats in the form of codes which you can enter. Whether you’re using an Xbox, Wii or Playstation, or a handheld PSP or Nintendo DS, cheats are available for pretty much any game or console.

The best cheat sites also offer trailers and demos for the latest releases, as well as news of release dates and the latest consoles.

How to Choose a Cheat Site

  • Be aware of paying a monthly subscription – there are plenty of free game cheats with no need to pay a monthly fee. The other alternative if you can’t find the cheat you want for free is to pay a one off fee.
  • Cheats are most useful to overcome the end of a game level, where the biggest battles and hardest obstacles are found. Try to have a good go at beating the game yourself, or you’ll be relying on cheats to get through every single level!
  • As well as cheat codes, these sites show you hidden passages and secret weapons which will help your game become even more exciting.
  • Be aware of scam sites – especially if you’re paying a fee. Look for blogs and chat rooms for customer cheat reviews to check you’re not about to be ripped off.

Source by Bernard McClay

Some Baptism Party Games for the Whole Group

A Baptism can be held for anyone of any age, although usually we associate the Baptism party games with children who are entering their parent's church. However, since the age can be varied here are a couple of Baptism Party Games the kids and adults can take part in.

Feel the Rhythm:

Get everyone involved in the Baptism party games with this rhythmic and humorous game. As the name implies you go about hand clapping to get the player to do an activity that the rest of the baptism party games group has chosen for them to do by indicating it with slower or faster clapping.

Send a person out of the room and while this person is gone, get the Baptism party group together and you should all decide on something for the 'it' person to do. The task can be anything, as simple as making a face or as involved as giving everyone a drink of water. When you've decided what the person will do have him or her return to the Baptism party game. No one can talk to the player to give him or her her hints. Everyone at the Baptism party games must clap their hands in unison to indicate how close the player is to discovering the task that needs doing.

Faith Run:

This Baptism party game has to be played outside or else in a very large room like a gym and you'll make sure that everyone at the Baptism will take a turn. It's a little daunting at first playing this game, but you'll find that it's actually quite freeing. Gather together a large group for this game so that each of the players can run a good length of time. The purpose of the game? Letting people experience the trust and faith that if they run through two rows of people blindfolded those people will outstretch their hands and keep the runner on a safe course. Have the group form the two rows and have one taller and heavier stand at the end of the rows with his or her arms outstretched to catch the runner and stop him or her.

These two games will get everyone into a good mood for the rest of the Baptism party games festivities or you can just use one game to break the ice and move on to celebrating after the Baptism.

Source by Gail Leino

Great African Civilizations

There have been many misconceptions about the lives of Africans before the advent of European and American colonization. According to some historians, Africans were nothing more than savages whose only contributions to the world were farming and slaves. This is not true. The history of ancient Africa is just as interesting, complex, and sophisticated as any other ancient civilization, yet almost without exception; it is only Egypt that receives any consideration at all when writing history. Because of this mentality, European and American historians have long espoused that Africa and its inhabitants had no culture or history of their own, except what was given to them by outside factors.

However, long before the colonization of Europeans, Africans built kingdoms and monuments that rivaled any European monarchy. Nevertheless, because of racial prejudice, much of Black African history has been distorted and ignored to give justification to the enslavement of millions for financial profit. This paper will be discussing the ancient African kingdoms of Meroë, Ghana, and the Swahili and their rich contributions to the pages of history.

The kingdom of Meroë started around 1000 BC when Nubian rulers built up a politically independent state known to the Egyptians as Kush. Eventually, the rulers of Kush would move to Nubia and establish the kingdom of Meroë (Davis & Gates, p. 30). These rulers established their capital at Meroë around 300 B.C., and the kingdom lasted there for more than nine centuries.

However, some historians feel that because Meroitic culture imitated the Egyptian culture so closely, the Meroitës brought no culture of their own to the pages of history. This is not true According to archaeological evidence discovered in North Sudan that is over 2,500 years old, there was an old civilization along the Nile River at lower and Upper Nubia (modern day Sudan) that was older than the civilizations in the North (Egypt). Also, there is evidence that proves that the known Old Egyptian Civilization was an advanced stage of an even older civilization located in the Sudan (Davis & Gates, p. 35).

This evidence proves that Meroë had a culture and history that was even older than of the Egyptians. If anything, Egypt was a carbon copy of Meroë. This kingdom also had its own language. Most historians however, attributed their language and alphabet system to the Egyptians. It was a common belief that ancient Black Africans could not and did not develop a written language. However, inscriptions in a distinct indigenous alphabet appear in Meroë as early as the 2nd century B.C, proving that these assumptions are not true (Davis & Gates, p. 110).

This written Meroitic language was used into the 5th century, when Old Nubian eventually replaced it. Widespread use of Meroitic on monuments indicates that a significant percentage of the population was able to read it. However, the meanings of these inscriptions remain unknown, as this hieroglyphic-derived script is as yet untranslatable.

Another little know fact about the Meroitës is that they had a unusually high number of

queens who ruled without male intervention. One queen, Queen Amanirenus led her army against a Roman invasion in 24 BC. She won the first battle, and despite losing a second battle, the Romans had enough, agreed to a truce and went back to Rome. Rome never did conquer Meroë, and this kingdom continued to thrive for another 200 years. Actually “queendom” would be more accurate, since the leader of Meroë was usually a warrior queen, called a “kandake” which means “queen mother” or more simply “gore”meaning “ruler”(Fairservis. p.60).

In terms of economics, Meroë was famed for its massive iron production, the first large-scale industry of its kind in the Nile Valley and had extensive trade with Greece and Rome. Because of the production of iron, the armies had better weapons to use during battle and the farmers had better axes and hoes to work their lands. Meroitë traders exported ivory, leopard skins, ostrich feathers, ebony, and gold and soon gained direct access to the expanding trade of the Red Sea (Shillington, p. 40).

The kingdom of Meroë eventually went into decline. Causes for the decline of the Meroitic Kingdom are still largely unknown. The Meroitic kingdom faced formidable competition because of the expansion of Axum, a powerful Abyssinian state in modern Ethiopia to the east. About A.D. 350, an Axumite army captured and destroyed Meroe city, ending the kingdom’s independent existence.

The West African Empire of Ghana is another kingdom whose history was downplayed and attributed to outside factors. Although the Berbers originally founded Ghana in the fifth century, it was built on the southern edge of Berber populations. In time, the land became dominated by the Soninke, a Mande speaking people who lived in the region bordering the Sahara (McKissack & McKissack, p. 112). They built their capital city, Kumbi Saleh, right on the edge of the Sahara and the city quickly became the center of the Trans-Saharan trade routes.

Ghana accumulated great wealth because of the Trans-Saharan trade routes. This wealth made it possible for Ghana to conquer local chieftaincies and demand tribute from these subordinate states. This tribute, however, paled next to the wealth generated by the commerce of goods that passed from western Africa east to Egypt and the Middle East. This trade primarily involved gold, salt, and copper (Koslow, p. 70).

A hereditary king called the Ghana ruled Ghana. The kingship was matrilineal (as were all Sahelian monarchies to follow); the king’s sister provided the heir to the throne (McKissack & McKissack, p. 115). In addition to military power, the king appears to have been the supreme judge of the kingdom.

Although northern African had been dominated by the religion of Islam since the eighth century, the kingdom of Ghana never converted (McKissack & McKissack, p. 120). The Ghanaian court, however, allowed Muslims to settle in the cities and even encouraged Muslim specialists to help the royal court administer the government and advice on legal matters.

The original founders of Ghana ultimately proved to be its demise. Unlike the Ghanaians, the Berbers, now calling themselves Almoravids, fervently converted to Islam and in 1075, declared a holy war, or jihad, against the kingdom of Ghana. Little is known about what exactly happened but nonetheless, Ghana ceased to be a commercial or military power after 1100. The Almoravid revolution ultimately ended the reign of Ghana.

Europeans and Arabs alike have portrayed the history of the Swahili kingdom as one of Muslim-Arab domination, with the African people and its rulers playing a passive role in the process. However, recent archaeological evidence found shows that the Swahili people are descendants of the Bantu speaking people who settled along the East African coast in the first millennium (Horton & Middleton, p. 70). Although both Arabians and Persians intermarried with the Swahili, neither of these cultures had anything to do with the establishment of Swahili civilization. These cultures became absorbed into an already flourishing African civilization founded by ancient Bantu Africans.

The eastern coast of Africa changed profoundly around the close of the first millennium AD. During this time, Bantu-speaking Africans from the interior migrated and settled along the coast from Kenya to South Africa. Next, merchants and traders from the Muslim world realized the strategic importance of the east coast of Africa for commercial traffic and began to settle there (Horton & Middleton, p. 72). Marriage between the Bantu women and men of the Middle East created and cemented a rich Swahili culture, fusing religion, agricultural architecture, textiles, food, as well as purchasing power. From 900 A.D., the east coast of Africa saw an influx of Shirazi Arabs from the Persian Gulf and even small settlements of Indians. The Arabs called this region al-Zanj, “The Blacks,” and the coastal areas slowly came under the control of Muslim merchants from Arabia and Persia (Horton & Middleton, p. 75). By the 1300’s, the major east African ports from Mombaza in the north to Sofala in the south had become thoroughly Islamic cities and cultural centers.

The language that grew out of this civilization is one of the most common and widespread of the lingua franca: a lingua franca is a secondary language that is a combination of two or more languages. Swahili or Kiswahili comes from the Arabic word sawahil, which means, “coast.” Swahili belongs to the Sabaki subgroup of the Northeastern coast Bantu languages. It is closely related to the Miji Kenda group of languages, Pokomo and Ngazija (Horton & Middleton, p.110). Over at least a thousand years of intense and varied interaction with the Middle East has given Swahili a rich infusion of loanwords from a wide assortment of languages. Even with the substantial number of Arabic loanwords present in Swahili, the language is in fact, Bantu.

The Swahili civilization expanded southwards until they reached Kilwa in Zanzibar (from the Arabic word al-Zan). Later, its inhabitants carved out a small territory even further south around Sofala in Zimbabwe (Horton & Middleton, p. 140). While the northern cities remained localized and had little influence on African culture inland from the coast, the Sofalans actively went inland and spread Islam and Islamic culture deep in African territory (Horton & Middleton, p. 150).

The major Swahili city-states were Mogadishu, Barawa, Mombasa (Kenya), Gedi, Pate, Malindi, Zanzibar, Kilwa, and Sofala in the far south (Horton & Middleton, p. 155). Kilwa was the most famous of these city-states and was particularly wealthy because it controlled the southern port of Sofala, which had access to the gold, produced in the interior (near “Great Zimbabwe”), and its location as the farthest point south at which ships from India could hope to sail and return in a single monsoon season.

These city-states were very cosmopolitan for their time and they were all politically independent of one another. In fact, they were more like competitive companies or corporations, each vying for the lion’s share of African trade. The chief export was ivory, sandalwood, ebony, and gold. Textiles from India and porcelain from China were also brought by Arab traders (Horton & Middleton, p. 175). While the Arabs and Persians played a role in the growth of the Swahili civilization, the nobility was of African descent and they ran the city-states (Horton & Middleton p.195). However, the nobility were Muslims and it was the Muslims who controlled the wealth. Below the nobility were the commoners and the resident foreigners who made up a large part of the citizenry.

However, Islam itself penetrated very little into the interior among the hunters, pastoralists, and farmers. Even the areas of the coast near the trading towns remained relatively unaffected (Horton & Middleton p.198). In the towns, the mud and thatch houses of the non-Muslim common people surrounded the stone and coral buildings of the Muslim elite, and it seems that most followers of Islam were wealthy, not poor.

Still, a culture developed for the Swahili that fused African and Islamic elements. Family lineage, for example, was traced both through the maternal line, which controlled property, an African practice, and through the paternal line, which was the Muslim tradition. Swahili culture had a strong Islamic influence but retained many of its African origins.

These city-states began to decline in the sixteenth century; the advent of Portuguese trade disrupted the old trade routes and made the Swahili commercial centers obsolete. The Portuguese wanted native Africans to have no share in African trade and busily set about conquering the Islamic city-states along the eastern coast (Horton & Middleton, p.225). In the late seventeenth century, the imam (religious leader) of Oman drove the Portuguese from the coast, and gradually established his authority over the coast.

The existence of these ancient Black African civilizations proves once and for all that Africa had a culture and a history of its own other than Egyptian that endured for centuries before the advent of outside factors. The kingdom of Meroë ruled for centuries before the Egyptians and deserves its rightful place as one of the premier ancient civilizations of the world. The kingdom of Ghana proved that Africans were capable of managing their own affairs without the intervention of Europeans. The Swahili and their language were around for centuries before Arabians and others “discovered” them.

These civilizations had their own culture, language and commerce before the advent of Europeans and Muslims in Africa and for the most part, the world does not know anything about them. That is a major crime against the study of history and hopefully, through more archaeological studies and writings, the rich and interesting history of these magnificent civilizations will be told and treasured for future generations.

Source by Kathy Henry

2 Ways To Build Your Brand And Market Your Business

To get more new customers into your business, you have to have a solid marketing plan. It doesn’t matter who good you are in your business. Without a good marketing strategy, you’ll be left stranded on the side of the road looking for a ride. So having a marketing plan is utterly important.

What are some of the techniques that you should have when developing a marketing plan? Well I’m glad you asked. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways that you can market your business, that doesn’t take up a lot of time and effort from your day. Let’s take a look at the first marketing strategy.

1) Business card promotion

Did you know that $10 will get you 500 dollars from VistaPrint? It’s true, and if you’re planning on distributing your business card to a lot of people, I think this is a good deal. Your business card can say a lot of things about you that you can’t say about yourself. And this is especially true when it comes down to including an offer on your card.

You basically will want to use both sides of the card to market your business. If you can include a company logo on it also, then do it. This is something like uploading a video to YouTube. There’s no “clicking” to go to your website. Someone has to manually enter your web address into their search bar – and they will have to do the same thing when giving you a call or visiting your website for more details.

Now I mentioned that you should use both sides of the card to maximize its effectiveness. On one side you want to include your business contact information and hopefully a free offer, and on the back you will want to include testimonials as a way to demonstrate your credibility. Here’s another technique that you should consider using in your business.

2) Selling information products

Information products are products that are instructional in nature. An information product is simply a book, ebook, DVD, CD, newsletter, or any type of product that is focused towards selling you information about something. This is the easiest way to include a stream of new income in your business.

There are a lot of offline business owners who are embracing information products to make EVEN MORE money than they do in their core, brick and mortar business. For example, there’s this carpet cleaner who makes 7-figures a year just off the use of information marketing. So it’s something that you should definitely look at.

Both of these techniques for making more money in your business will help you to have the business success that you dream of. Information products are easy to create, and can sell for hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. So if you’re not embracing this opportunity, now is a great chance to do so.

Keep these tips in mind when you go about marketing your products and services. Hopefully you’ll be able to have as much success as possible when it comes to marketing and advertising your business.

Good luck with using these techniques to make more money in your business today.

Source by Daniel Kanuck

How I Get Paid to Play Puzzle Games Online As a Game Tester

It started roughly 20 years ago. I had a Nintendo Game Boy and didn’t have a chance to play puzzle games online at that point. However, my Game Boy and I were connected at the hip (or, more accurately, my hands). I played Tetris before school. I played Tetris at lunch. I played Tetris during breaks. I played Tetris at home. I even had one of the Game Boy flashlights to allow me to play Tetris at night when my parents thought I was asleep.

20 years later and it’s still the same. I work from home, so I have the advantage (or disadvantage) of being distracted easily without recourse from supervisors. My love for Tetris has shifted to my love for other games – like Bejeweled 2, Super Text Twist, Zuma Deluxe, Plants vs. Zombies and more. I play puzzle games online. I play them a lot.

How this came about was somewhat of a strange story. I was working my last job in accounting and found myself addicted to online gaming to the point where I was playing at work. Well, my manager saw me play puzzle games online and I was quickly fired. This was short term, a horrible experience, but long term, one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Upon spending nearly a year finding a job in accounting, I decided to follow my passion in video games by applying for a game tester – allowing me to play puzzle games online full-time. I will leave the company’s name out of this article to keep a bit of anonymity, but you can find a few of them online on websites such as and

Once I found a pair of companies of interest, I applied to both and then reached out to actual employees from these companies reiterating my passion to play puzzle games online for a profession. One key to my success is that I asked to speak to one in person to find out more about the culture of the company. One tip to point out is that people in the video game industry love to talk about their job (and who can blame them).

So, here I am, living a life that I always dreamed about. A few more tips to entering this profession:

1) Find someone, anyone in the profession and talk to him. It is only natural that he will enjoy talking about this subject – we all do.

2) Apply to the major job hunting companies and explain your expertise in the gaming industry to your best ability. If you have experience, great. If not, do something different with you resume / cover letter to explain your expertise.

3) Compete in contests (local and online) to make connections. These will get your name known.

Best of luck! Maybe someday you will get to play puzzle games online like me too.

Source by Mike T So

Language Learning – How a Small Time Investment Helps Your Experience

You have bought your ticket. You have planned your trip and made all your bookings. Now all you need to do is sit back and count the days until departure and think about packing – right? Wrong!

If you are visiting a country where the local language is not English I strongly suggest that you invest some time in learning some basics of the language. This does not need to be a terribly time-consuming or long drawn out process, but you will enjoy yourself far more if you can do more than merely say good morning and thank you in the local language and use sign language or rely on finding English speakers for the rest of your communications.

With only a few hours and a slight effort you can take a some steps which will make that phrasebook you are planning to pack infinitely more useful, and help you feel more relaxed when you walk into a local shop or restaurant, or even when you are talking to the owner of your B&B. The difference between the traveller who has taken time to listen to some basic audio recordings in the target language, memorise greetings and a few useful phrases, and even learn some fundamentals of grammar before hopping on the plane, and the one who relies completely on his phrasebook, or his misty memories of eighth grade French is enormous when it comes to asking for information, or even picking up lunch at a place that doesn’t cater exclusively to tourists.

Imagine that you are working in a bakery in your home town and a customer comes in who does not speak a word of English, points at a loaf of bread, holds up two fingers to indicate how many he wants, then does the same for the next item, and finally looks at the cash register to see how much to pay. Of course you’ll serve them, but you are probably going to be rather impatient, especially if you have other customers waiting. If they are also trying to get information or directions you will probably not bother to help. Contrast that with your response to someone who is clearly trying to communicate in English, a customer whose English may be oddly accented, and not fluent, but who can manage numbers and the basic names of things. You will certainly make a far greater effort to understand and help the second customer than the first. As a tourist, you will find people much more friendly if you try to be the second person rather than the first one.

In as little as three carefully targeted hours of language study (although more is helpful), you can become comfortable with greetings and basic phrases, you can learn to conjugate a few verbs so that you sound like a person rather than a robot, and you can build a stock of helpful vocabulary which will make your trip much less stressful.

Source by Sarah Hoplite

Advantages Of Arcade Game Rentals

There are many different advantages to arcade game rentals. Most people need something to release their negative energy from the stress of their daily life. These types of activities are usually beneficial for individuals who need a way to get out their frustration with the problems that they are having in the world.

There are many different types of games that a person can select in order to have a good time. There are stores that specialize in allowing people to rent games for a predetermined length of time before they make a purchase. This is beneficial so that people do not have to invest a lot of money in games that do not have a lot of replay value.

There are music related games for people to play if they are interested in composing music. These games are usually popular because many songs are available for download. If a person is musically inclined they will usually enjoy these type of games because they can practice their musical skills.

Another option is selecting role-playing related games. These types of games are usually popular with the middle-aged crowd. The puzzle solving aspects of the games is also extremely important because people like to be mentally stimulated. Solving the puzzles is a great source of a personal accomplishment in the mind of many different gamers.

Some people enjoy sports games because they are more competitive. Any individual that likes to play a certain type of game usually likes the game because of the challenges associated with it. The replay value on a sports game is extremely high because people choose their favorite teams and try to re-create certain scenarios.

Younger children also can benefit from playing different types of games. There are many different options available from an educational standpoint. This is beneficial for the entire family because people choose to play together as a family unit and create a bonding experience in the process.

Individuals that like combat games also have a great deal of choices available to them. The simulation of combat is something that people who have an interest in war will usually enjoy. Most of the rental services have switched over to having an online component. This means that a game can be rented for as long as a person wants to hold it. This is beneficial because people can choose to complete a game before returning it.

It is clear to see that there are many different benefits to arcade game rentals. Most of these benefits have to do with the people involved not having to pay the entire price in order to a specific title. This is beneficial for almost every person that is interested in games. Soon every person will find some kind of game that they enjoy playing. The release from playing a game is usually quite interesting. The average individual will find something that they enjoy about almost every type of game on the market. Selecting a game is about understanding the personal interest of the individual that will be playing

Source by Adriana A Noton

How to Get Your Own NFL Personal Checks

Yup, you’re a real NFL football fan, not some casual bandwagoner. You already have a team jersey and a jacket, a poster of your favorite player on your wall, and maybe even an autographed picture or helmet.

Now, tired of writing personal checks on boring standard bank paper or worse yet, pastel colors with balloons or animals, you think it would be cool to have some that sport the logo and graphics of your favorite NFL team.

“Yesss! Finally, some checks that I can be proud to put my signature on…” you think to yourself. But chances are you won’t be so enthusiastic after conducting a Google search.

Why? Thanks (or no thanks) to licensing restrictions and who knows what else, there are only 6 official NFL team checks available from just two banks – Bank of America offers checks for the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, & the Washington Redskins, while U.S. Bank carries the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings.

So if you’re not a fan of one of those six teams, it’s back to balloons and birds unless you…

Print Your Own Checks

If you want pay your rent with checks imprinted with the Green Bay Packers logo, you’re going to have to print them yourself. If that’s something you’re willing to consider, here are some things to think about first:

  • Learning curve – it’s not all that complicated, but it’s important to be thoroughly familiar with both the software and hardware when printing checks since the information (such as your account number) needs to be 100% accurate and readable.
  • Technical support – or lack of it. Computer and electronic products in this day & age tend to become obsolete rather quickly. Let’s say your printer is in need of a repair or update but that model is no longer manufactured. Without the proper tech support, replacement parts, or drivers, that slick new machine that you bought just 6 months ago may wind up as an expensive paperweight.
  • Cost – the good news is that contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a laser printer to produce checks – a good ol’ inexpensive (but not just any) inkjet printer will do just fine. The bad news is that printing checks requires special paper, magnetic ink, & software with MIRC-compatible fonts, which means that the price of a check printer bundle can run as much as $300 more than that of a regular inkjet.

The cheapest deal I’ve seen so far for a package that is capable of printing customized bank-compliant checks with the NFL football graphics of your choice is the HP D2680MX Gold Bundle from VersaCheck ($199.99).

200 bucks seems like a bit much to print your own NFL checks, but if you already order custom checks than you do get to enjoy some savings in the long run. Plus, you can be as creative as you’d like when it comes to designing your own checks.

Source by James J S