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Advantages Of Arcade Game Rentals

There are many different advantages to arcade game rentals. Most people need something to release their negative energy from the stress of their daily life. These types of activities are usually beneficial for individuals who need a way to get out their frustration with the problems that they are having in the world.

There are many different types of games that a person can select in order to have a good time. There are stores that specialize in allowing people to rent games for a predetermined length of time before they make a purchase. This is beneficial so that people do not have to invest a lot of money in games that do not have a lot of replay value.

There are music related games for people to play if they are interested in composing music. These games are usually popular because many songs are available for download. If a person is musically inclined they will usually enjoy these type of games because they can practice their musical skills.

Another option is selecting role-playing related games. These types of games are usually popular with the middle-aged crowd. The puzzle solving aspects of the games is also extremely important because people like to be mentally stimulated. Solving the puzzles is a great source of a personal accomplishment in the mind of many different gamers.

Some people enjoy sports games because they are more competitive. Any individual that likes to play a certain type of game usually likes the game because of the challenges associated with it. The replay value on a sports game is extremely high because people choose their favorite teams and try to re-create certain scenarios.

Younger children also can benefit from playing different types of games. There are many different options available from an educational standpoint. This is beneficial for the entire family because people choose to play together as a family unit and create a bonding experience in the process.

Individuals that like combat games also have a great deal of choices available to them. The simulation of combat is something that people who have an interest in war will usually enjoy. Most of the rental services have switched over to having an online component. This means that a game can be rented for as long as a person wants to hold it. This is beneficial because people can choose to complete a game before returning it.

It is clear to see that there are many different benefits to arcade game rentals. Most of these benefits have to do with the people involved not having to pay the entire price in order to a specific title. This is beneficial for almost every person that is interested in games. Soon every person will find some kind of game that they enjoy playing. The release from playing a game is usually quite interesting. The average individual will find something that they enjoy about almost every type of game on the market. Selecting a game is about understanding the personal interest of the individual that will be playing

Source by Adriana A Noton

How to Get Your Own NFL Personal Checks

Yup, you’re a real NFL football fan, not some casual bandwagoner. You already have a team jersey and a jacket, a poster of your favorite player on your wall, and maybe even an autographed picture or helmet.

Now, tired of writing personal checks on boring standard bank paper or worse yet, pastel colors with balloons or animals, you think it would be cool to have some that sport the logo and graphics of your favorite NFL team.

“Yesss! Finally, some checks that I can be proud to put my signature on…” you think to yourself. But chances are you won’t be so enthusiastic after conducting a Google search.

Why? Thanks (or no thanks) to licensing restrictions and who knows what else, there are only 6 official NFL team checks available from just two banks – Bank of America offers checks for the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, & the Washington Redskins, while U.S. Bank carries the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings.

So if you’re not a fan of one of those six teams, it’s back to balloons and birds unless you…

Print Your Own Checks

If you want pay your rent with checks imprinted with the Green Bay Packers logo, you’re going to have to print them yourself. If that’s something you’re willing to consider, here are some things to think about first:

  • Learning curve – it’s not all that complicated, but it’s important to be thoroughly familiar with both the software and hardware when printing checks since the information (such as your account number) needs to be 100% accurate and readable.
  • Technical support – or lack of it. Computer and electronic products in this day & age tend to become obsolete rather quickly. Let’s say your printer is in need of a repair or update but that model is no longer manufactured. Without the proper tech support, replacement parts, or drivers, that slick new machine that you bought just 6 months ago may wind up as an expensive paperweight.
  • Cost – the good news is that contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a laser printer to produce checks – a good ol’ inexpensive (but not just any) inkjet printer will do just fine. The bad news is that printing checks requires special paper, magnetic ink, & software with MIRC-compatible fonts, which means that the price of a check printer bundle can run as much as $300 more than that of a regular inkjet.

The cheapest deal I’ve seen so far for a package that is capable of printing customized bank-compliant checks with the NFL football graphics of your choice is the HP D2680MX Gold Bundle from VersaCheck ($199.99).

200 bucks seems like a bit much to print your own NFL checks, but if you already order custom checks than you do get to enjoy some savings in the long run. Plus, you can be as creative as you’d like when it comes to designing your own checks.

Source by James J S

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Gaming

More and more people are addicted to playing online games. With plenty of new and exciting games to choose from, people of all ages are now looking into great online games. Today, there are online gift cards you can purchase to buy the games you want to play. These cards can even be used to buy your favourite songs, movies, and TV shows. Experts shared some of the pros and cons of online gaming.


You can try it before buying – Online gaming systems offer demos made for gamers so they can try playing that possible purchase as well as decide how much they would want prior to investing. Moreover, you can also buy games right then and there, without the need to rush out to the store.

Access to exclusive content – This one of the best reasons for choosing to play online games. You get to have access to the exclusive content for whatever it is that you are playing.

Communicate with other people – Online gaming will allow people to interact while playing, assisting people to maintain great relationships by communicating with family and friends all around the world. Certainly, this will be very helpful for gamers. Team building skills will be reinforced. Also, more tactical and strategic elements will be added to game-play. In turn, this can help increase your memory as well as develop lateral thinking.

Competitive – It allows you to compare your playing against different players. There will certainly be a feel good factor in knowing that you are a far better player than somebody else. Being aware that you are not against artificial intelligence will install more competitiveness. And since you are not always going to be the best, you will learn how to display good showmanship.


System updates – If you are about to download the game you want or perhaps play online, there will be a time when a system update suddenly pops up and delay your game-time. You need to wait for it and then reboot.

Server issues or glitches – Glitches are viruses in game causing it to run irregularly. This is actually an issue with all game types; however, they are more common to online games. You may experience a series of server difficulties that are very frustrating for gamers.

Piracy – There has been incidences of breaching copyright laws, scandal, and letting users to pirate games illegally. And these situations have presented a big problem for the world of online gaming. In fact, the scandal caused plenty of controversies so there are some games that were shut down.

When playing online games, consider knowing some of the pros and cons involved in it. And if you have finally decided to engage into it, know that there are affordable gift cards you can buy so you can purchase the games you want. More about online cards here.

Source by Sophie L Brandon

Make Bid Bonds Great Again

You used to love them. They were so easy. Now they are in dollar amounts and percentages, sometimes with a limited maximum value. They can be electronic or digital. Sometimes a letter is required instead. Sometimes nothing is required instead! There may be a single or annual charge for it or maybe it is free! It’s outta control…

So here is your chance to catch up with everybody’s favorite: The fun and fascinating world of Bid Bonds.

The Basics

These instruments accompany a contractor’s proposal during the acquisition process for a new project. This is routine on public work, such as federal state and local municipal contracts. The procedure may also be used on private projects at the contract owner’s discretion.

The bond guarantees that, if awarded, the bidder will sign the contract, furnish the required Performance and Payment Bond, and commence with the work – or – pay the difference between their bid and the next higher bidder (subject to the maximum dollar value of the bid bond.)


Usually free although the surety is entitled to charge for them. Typical charges could be an annual bid bond service fee or a per bond charge.


The decision to issue the bid bond is based on the underwriter’s willingness to provide the related P&P bond, because that is the real money transaction. The decision is NOT based on the dollar value of the bid bond. Rely on the fact that the underwriter will not provide the bid bond if they do not feel they can support the final bond.

Bid Spreads

If the bidder is more than 10% below the next bidder without a plausible explanation (I have a special machine, I already have materials, I’m already working next door, I’m super fabulous, etc.) the surety could decline the final bond, resulting in a bid bond claim.

Alternative Forms of Security

In addition to a bid bond, proposals may also be secured using a cashier’s check or irrevocable letter of credit, depending on what the project owner (Obligee) is willing to accept.


The Invitation or Bid Solicitation describes the proposal requirements. It will state if a bid bond is required and the amount.

The bond value is often expressed as a percentage. Example “20% of the attached proposal amount.” This is convenient because the underwriter doesn’t want to know the actual bid amount (to preserve the bid confidentiality). It is the best way to express the exactly correct amount when typing the bond in advance.


Because the percentage bond actually has an unknown dollar value at the moment it is executed, language is sometimes added establishing the most it can be worth (to prevent a wildly high amount the underwriter didn’t expect). Example, “10% of the attached bid, not to exceed $100,000.”

Fixed Penalty

“Bond Penalty” is the term used to express the bond dollar value. A fixed penalty bond has a stipulated amount, regardless of the bid. Example, “Maximum bid bond amount required: $20,000.”

Surety Letter

Some owners choose to require a letter from the bonding company, but no bond. Federal projects are handled this way at times. The letter talks about how much they love the client and the contracts they are willing to bond.

Consent of Surety

This letter is the surety’s written promise to issue the P&P bond if the contract is awarded.


A scanned copy (pdf) of the executed bond may be acceptable for an online bid.


Some state departments of transportation use this. The surety registers with the obligee in advance and the bid bond is “filed” online using a unique identification number.

Funky Land

Now some of the weird stuff:

  • You may encounter a bid bond requirement, but no final bond (P&P bond) to follow
  • Can also have the opposite: No bid security required but a final bond is needed
  • No! You are not required to use the same surety for the bid and final bonds – although the bid bond provider fully expects to be the final bond provider and may hunt you down and kill you. (Just kidding!!!)
  • Yes! If you obtain a bid bond under the promise to provide collateral, you are allowed to get the final bond from a different surety that is not demanding collateral. (But you face the hunt and kill thing again)
  • When you acquire a project using a Consent provided by ABC Surety (their promise to provide the bond upon award of the contract), you are not prohibited from taking the final bond from XYZ Surety. However, good protocol dictates that you remain loyal to those who enabled you to acquire the job (meaning ABC).

No Free Lunch

If you default (cause a bond claim), the surety will come after the contractor, it’s owners and spouses for recovery. Remember: Bonds are not insurance.

Make Bid Bonds Great Again

So there you have it. These instruments are fussy and sometimes complicated. It is imperative that they be executed correctly and filed on time or it can cause the bid to be thrown out (loss of contract.) This always makes people very crabby (Read: LAWSUIT).

The key is to review the written bonding requirements as described in the bid advertisement. Use any mandatory bond forms that are stipulated and double check the correct execution and typing of the document including name spelling, job description, project identification details and the correct bid bond amount.

Now that you know, you can start to love bid bonds again!

Source by Steven Golia

2 Stunning Reasons to Give Your Woman an Amazing Orgasm! (These Are Well Worth It!)

Why is it so important that men improve their sex skills? Is it because we have an egotistic need? Maybe. But there are many practical reasons for being a skilled lover. Here are some tangible reasons why you should give your girl the best experience possible in the bedroom. Also, here are some tips on how to actually BECOME that better lover. Read on.

2 Stunning Reasons to Give Your Woman an Amazing Orgasm! (These Are Well Worth It!)

1. Better Skills = More Sex

This is a simple equation. If you are an awesome lover, your woman will want you non-stop. And we all know how awesome it is to be with a woman who wants sex just as much as we do.

2. Better Relationship

You can always tell which couple are not having enough sex. They are always high strung and bickering about useless stuff. A great sex life leads to an overall enriched relationship.

Now, if you want to get BETTER at the sex, here is what you need to do.

The first thing is that you need to make sure you have her emotionally involved in the situation. The best way to do this is by building tension by playfully teasing her. This build loads of sexual frustration within her.

The next thing you must do is get her 'prepped' to have multiple orgasms by giving her strong oral sex. Search around for some proven techniques which will maximize her pleasure.

The last thing you must do is simple. Last longer. An increased sexual stamina will ALWAYS make you better in bed through her eyes. Lasting longer will ensure you satisfy her to her heart's content with as many orgasms as she desires.

Source by Tony Bardo

3-Ball Pool – A Quick and Easy Billiard Game

Over the years, I have been introduced to many variations of billiard games. Some games may take some time to complete, while others are over relatively fast. The two most popular games, 8-ball and 9-ball, for example, will cost average players about 10-15 minutes of their time. Some games, such as rotation and cowboy pool, will take a bit longer. But what if you are pressed for time and want to get in a quick “bragging rights” billiard match with a friend? Or maybe you are alone and want to brush up on your shot setups and break speed, and you want something quick and easy.

One of my favorite, quicker billiard games involves a simple 3-ball triangle setup and one or more opponents. A single match with two players should not take any longer than five minutes. If no opponent is available, a quick game of solo 3-ball is a great drill for leaves and anticipating a few shots ahead.

The rules of the game are quite simple. Place three billiard balls in triangle formation on the head spot, and place your cue ball anywhere in the kitchen(behind the scratch line), as if you were breaking for a normal game of 8-ball or 9-ball. Each billiard shot, including the break, counts as one stroke. If a scratch occurs, it is counted as two extra strokes, plus the shot you just made, totaling three. Each player keeps shooting until all three balls have been pocketed. The player with the fewest strokes after each player sinks all three of their balls is the victor.

If you are looking for a billiard game that is simple to understand and not very time-consuming, then 3-ball billiards is the way to go. Make it more interesting by setting up tournaments or making small wagers with your friends. Or incorporate it into other pool games as short bonus rounds. Whatever your preference, once you start, you will be finding yourself playing 3-ball pool over and over again.

Source by Matt Warmann

How to Choose the Best Make Money Online Program

If you’re a struggling internet marketer, ponder over this: how many make money programs have you tried? How many were cheap eBooks? How many were of genuine quality? Yet you still haven’t progressed? You still have not made consistent money? Let us explore why this may be.

eBook book binge

How often have you fallen for a product launch just to find out the product is a series of eBooks with rehashed information that you already either have in your collection, or just knew of through experience and common sense. Too many starting marketers start this way, have you?

Product launch frenzy

Your email box gets flooded by an over hyped offer that hundreds if not thousands of affiliates are promoting. How often have you fallen for it? I say fallen in assumption that you have yet to find something that has worked for you. My take- make a separate email folder for these offers if not delete them. There is a far more intelligent way to find a promising program.

But I’ve tried it all

Perhaps you have. You may easily feel this way, that’s probably true. The key theme we should be emphasizing now is taking action upon the right moves. Learn before you dive in.

Look at price

The price of a program tells you so much about its content. A $7 eBook is not going to bring you riches just by reading it, and nor should you expect it to. Most programs with quality video that shows what the guy did to make his fortune sell for a bit more, typically for $47+ whereas a membership site may even hold you on a monthly membership, especially if you have to stream the videos, not download.

The higher end programs that either give you a campaign preset up to work with will easily run you $97+. Some going as high as $1000+ full with web seminars and personalized coaching.

Look at your budget

Quality traffic is the key thing to get in the online marketing world. Quality traffic can come fast and easy, the sacrifice being your money. It can also come through some work on your part, by writing articles, creating a webpage and driving traffic free through a major search engine. If you don’t have a lot to spare, think about free traffic first.

Reducing frustration

Believe me, that feeling of accomplishment that comes with making your first, your second and finally having a consistent online income make it all worth it. The initial frustration is really nothing compared to the disappointment of you giving up and ending up with nothing because you stopped too soon.

Source by Donald B. Johnson

Fun Games to Play With Children, 10 Spontaneous Games to Enrich Their Lives


For Ages: 1-5

You can start your little one’s exploration and appreciation of nature with this game of making a masking tape nature bracelet. They’ll notice all the lovely color and shape variations there are in petals and leaves and adorn their wrists with beauty.


Masking tape

Leaves and flower petals


Wrap a piece of masking tape around your child’s wrist, sticky side up, and then go exploring to find wonderful leaves, beautiful flower petals and other interesting things to attach to the bracelet.

Before bedtime, snip the bracelet off and attach it next to his bed or somewhere in view so he can admire his work and remember his fun time.


For Ages:3-10 years

In this game, children are encouraged to really look closely at one spot and see all there is to see. There is a lot of pleasure to be had from noticing the tiny wonders of nature that are in our own back yard.



Magnifying glass or jar with water in it (optional)


Make a small circle on the ground with the string. Look carefully at the enclosed area with your child and notice what is growing there. Pull out a weed or blade of grass and see what the roots looks like. Is there a seedpod in the area? What’s inside?

Poke a hole and see if there are any insects around. What are they? What are they doing? Use a magnifying glass or a jar with water in it and look at different things up close.

Gather small things to examine and collect such as pinecones, acorns, petals, seeds, bark, leaves and pretty pebbles.


For Ages 1-5 years

Babies are fascinated with anything new. It’s fun for us to be with a little one when she discovers something for the first time. In this game it’s the delight of a flashlight in the dark


One or two flashlights


Keep the lights off in the room that you are in and scan the room with a flashlight, spotlighting different familiar things. “Look there’s the television. Here is the table and there is your high chair.”

You know your little one is going to want a chance to hold the flashlight. Let her. She can shine it wherever she wants or she has to find, with her flashlight, an object you name.

As she gets older and more coordinated, continue this game, but this time you both have flashlights and you encourage her to “catch” your spotlight. You move your spotlight around the room and she has to move hers so it “catches” yours by covering your spotlight with hers.

Your turn to chase next.


For: All Ages

Listening to and identifying the different sounds objects make when you knock on them is a game that can be played at any time. When you want to change the focus of fussing children, try saying: “Hey, let’s play a game. Close your eyes and see if you can tell what I’m knocking on. No peeking”


Common objects found around the house


Ask your player to close her eyes and turn her back to you. Then see if she can guess the object you are knocking on with your fist (or a spoon). Start with easy things such as a table and a window, and work towards sounds that are harder to identify, such as knocking on a book or lamp.

Take turns being the identifier and the “knocker”.


For: All Ages

There are many ways to teach the hands to have more finesse. This is one of them that you can play together.


Toothpicks, plain or colored


Make an abstract design by laying toothpicks out on a table or floor, with each player adding their toothpick to the design. The first player puts down one toothpick. The next player adds his at just the angle that seems pleasing to him. The next person then adds theirs to that design and so on and so on until an interesting design is formed.

Instead of an abstract design, you can make a specific scene. For example, make a house with a picket fence and trees.

!It takes concentration to pick up a skinny toothpick and decide the best place to put it. Placing each toothpick down carefully and trying not to jiggle the design encourages awareness of hand movements.

It also develops the pincer grasp, the small muscles that control the index finger and thumb.

But mainly, it’s fun to make art together.


For: All Ages

Here’s a fun and silly game that requires concentration and quick movement. Try it sometime at a birthday party gathering, when you want to redirect excess energy, or when the kids are bored and want something quick and new to do.


None but fancy footwork


Two people, both barefoot or in stocking feet, face each other and hold hands. Each person tries to step on the others toes while at the same time keep their toes from being stepped on.

You might remind the players to step lightly on each other’s toes so that others will do the same to you. In other words, follow this game’s Golden Rule: Step on others as you would want to be stepped on.

Concentrating on both keeping out of the way and going for the goal is a kind of trial by fire. Pressure on their foot lets them know when they weren’t paying close enough attention!


For Ages: 1-5

Baseball may be fun but those balls can hurt and are hard to hit. For young ones, use a balloon!



Bat: Make a bat out of anything handy, such as the inside cardboard tube of a paper towel roll or a rolled up section of yesterdays newspaper secured with tape


. Give the bat to your player and toss the balloon to her. The slow movements of a balloon floating towards her gives her plenty of time to line up her bat, swing at the ‘ball” and get the satisfaction of “connecting.”

If there is just the two of you, take turns being the pitcher/catcher and the batter.

If there are other players, their job is catching the “ball” as it leisurely floats down. Who ever catches it can have the next turn at batting or give it to someone who hasn’t had enough turns.

After everyone gets all the turns they want, you can change the game to “Golf”. Use boxes turned on their sides as “holes” and players see how many strokes it takes to hit the balloon in the box.


For Ages: 5-12 years

Writing invisible letters on a child’s back a fun way to write a secret message.





One person sits with his back to another and a pad of paper and pencil in front of him.

The other person, using his finger, “draws” a letter on the person’s back.

At the same time, that person draws on the paper what he thinks is being drawn on his back.

Keep writing letter by letter until a whole message is given. The message could be a clue to where a treat is hidden!

Take turns so both the writer and the person written on get to experience what it feels like.

Have an older child play this game with a younger sibling as a fun way to help him learn his letters.


For Ages: Teens

Many teenagers go through a phase where they become fascinated with their reflection in the mirror, especially during the period when their faces make that change from a child’s to a young adult’s.

In this activity, you and your changing child can take advantage of this fascination by drawing your mirror reflection



Felt tip marker

Paper (optional)


Both of you sit facing a mirror and draw your reflection directly on the mirror using a felt-tip marker.

You can also draw each other’s on paper but don’t look at the paper until the drawing is done. This often gives a kind of Picasso look to the work


For: All Ages

When the kids are bored but antsy with energy, here is a quickie that is guaranteed to win the hearts of all ages. Your twelve year old will l be just as excited to play this game as your two year old.




Pile all the shoes you can readily find in a pile in a large cleared out space in the room. Tell the kids that this is not a pile of shoes (silly them to think that!) but is actually a huge mountain and they have to start from a distance away and run towards the mountain and then with one gigantic leap, make it over the top of the mountain to the other side.

It adds to the thrill if the others provide a drum roll–slapping their hands on the floor or on a table or on their knees as the next Leaper makes her run and then when that person is in the air, call out her name!

Source by Barbara Anne Sher

Rainbow Sandals – Hemp Vs Leather

For those who are searching for Rainbow Sandals Hemp or Leather versions, it might be helpful to have a bit of information on the features for each of these styles to help make the right shopping choice.  Here are some of the differences and similarities of both:

About Hemp style Rainbow sandals:

  • They are made of natural hemp fiber
  • There is a choice of a few earthy shades – Natural, Brown and Black
  • They are available in a fun “Fish Strap” – with a fish printed along the top of the strap (cool look!)

About Leather style Rainbow sandals:

  • They are constructed with premier, top quality leather
  • They can be found in a large array of colors – some beautiful rich shades

What to know about both styles – what both Hemp and Leather Styles have in common:

Both the leather and hemp styles are triple-glued for an amazing level of durability – in fact they come with a “life of the sole” guarantee, they simply will not fall apart.  A couple of features that add to their comfort level include an arch support as well as a foot-conforming sole, making them comfortable enough to wear for just about anyone, and can be found in a single or double layer.  For surfers, these flip flops are popular due to the fact that they have a non-slip sole – coming in pretty handy if braving the waves!

No matter whether you choose a leather or hemp style – you should know that these sandals are very popular with the beach crowd for an excellent reason:  they’re simply the best flip flops around for comfort and durability.  And – they’re pretty stylin’ too!

Source by Tonya Brisnehan

Learn Guitar Easy – Use Online Guitar Lessons to Learn Faster and Easier

You can learn guitar easy by using an online guitar course. One can see much faster and better results by downloading guitar lessons online than by paying for a much more expensive private instructor.

By using online guitar lessons you have the ability to do your lessons on your own schedule and at your own pace as opposed to having to wait for your scheduled private instruction that only happens once a week, even if you are ready to move onto the next Lesson earlier. The huge savings is also another major plus; You could save hundreds to thousands of dollars by choosing the online route.

Private teachers have spent years developing their own style of play and quite often feel that their way is the only way. Quite often private instructors will force their students to learn that way, even if it is not the style that suits the student. Online lessons afford you to learn the style that suits you best at your own pace.

By far the best reason for learning using an online method is the speed at which you will see results. As the online lessons are available to you whenever and wherever you want you will discover that you will learn far faster than you would otherwise. The possibility of reaching an advanced level within months is very high, even for a complete novice.

As you can see, using online lessons to learn guitar easy is by far the most advantageous route and one you will not regret. You will learn to play your own style at your own pace faster, easier and spend far less money.

Source by Brian Bonsell