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Where to Buy Video Games in Hong Kong

When travellers visit Hong Kong, most start thinking about what they want to buy before they even reach the city. Shopping is everywhere in Hong Kong, and quite often the price of what you’re looking for is cheaper here than in your home country.

One of the most common questions I see on the internet about Hong Kong shopping is “Where can I buy video games in Hong Kong?” That’s a very good question, and I’ll explain why.

If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong you know there’s no stores like Wal Mart or Gamestop that have large displays of video games for sale. And if you visit a big mall, like Cityplaza, Pacific Place, or Times Square, you probably won’t find a store selling video games in there either. You might get lucky and find games in somewhere like Toys R Us, but they’ll be for sale at full price.

After searching around for a while, visitors might wonder how a city famous for cheap electronics has very few places to buy video games. Even street markets don’t sell video games.

If you’re looking to buy video games, consoles, peripherals, or electronic devices in Hong Kong, you want to visit the Wan Chai District in Hong Kong Island. Here you’ll find a mall called the Oriental 188 Shopping Centre.

The Oriental 188 Shopping Centre is a shopping mall dedicated to video games, movies, anime, toys, electronic devices, and all sort of other goodies.

The mall itself is quite small when you compare it to other malls in Hong Kong. The hallways are narrow and shops are crammed into the limited space inside. The shops consist of mostly independent shop owners who sell any of the items listed above. The prices inside these shops are cheaper than what you would find at chain electronics stores like Broadway and Fortress. And prices for games are cheaper here than what you’d find them for in stores in Hong Kong that sell video games.

There are a few things you need to know when buying video games in Hong Kong. And since most shop owners at the Oriental 188 Shopping Centre don’t speak English, you’ll need to know these things before you go.

1. Some video games consoles have region locks on them. Meaning you can’t play games from Asia on a North American or European video game console. These consoles include: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and XBOX 360.

2. Game consoles without region locks on them include: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS. You can play any game for these consoles no matter where it was made or where your console is from.

3. Getting to the Oriental 188 Shopping Centre can be a bit difficult since the MTR doesn’t stop anywhere near this mall. The best way to get here is by bus. Look for a bus that stops at 298 Hennessey Road (at Kwong Sang Hong Building) or Wan Chai Road and Heard Street.

4. A computer shopping mall, called 298 Computer Zone, is found in the same building as Oriental 188 Shopping Centre. If you’re looking for Computer products, give 298 Computer Zone a look. You won’t have to walk very far at all.

5. This mall is packed with young people on the weekends. Go to 188 on a weekday to avoid large crowds of people.

This is just some of my information on the Oriental 188 Shopping Centre. Click Here for more information on this mall and other shopping centres in Hong Kong.

Source by Jonathan Michael Nicholas

Technology Acceptance Model

Advances in computing and information technology are changing the way people meet and communicate. People can meet, talk, and work together outside traditional meeting and office spaces. For instance, with the introduction of software designed to help people schedule meetings and facilitate decision or learning processes, is weakening geographic constants and changing interpersonal communication dynamics. Information technology is also dramatically affecting the way people teach and learn.

As new information technologies infiltrate workplaces, home, and classrooms, research on user acceptance of new technologies has started to receive much attention from professionals as well as academic researchers. Developers and software industries are beginning to realize that lack of user acceptance of technology can lead to loss of money and resources.
In studying user acceptance and use of technology, the TAM is one of the most cited models. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was developed by Davis to explain computer-usage behavior. The theoretic basis of the model was Fishbein and Ajzen's Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA).

The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is an information systems (System cohesing of the network of all communication channels used within an organization) theory that models how users come to accept and use a technology, the model suggests that when users are presented with a new Software package, a number of factors influence their decision about how and when they will use it, notably:

Perceived usefulness (PU) – This was defined by Fred Davis as "the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance his or her job performance".

Perceived ease-of-use (PEOU) Davis defined this as "the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free from effort" (Davis, 1989).

The goal of TAM is "to provide an explanation of the determinants of computer acceptance that is general, capable of explaining user behavior across a broad range of end-user computing technologies and user populations, while at the same time being both parsimonious and theoretically justified "He said.

According to the TAM, if a user perceives a specific technology as useful, she / he will believe in a positive use-performance relationship. Since effort is a finite resource, a user is likely to accept an application when she / he perceives it as easier to use than another .As a consequence, educational technology with a high level of PU and PEOU is more likely to inductive positive perceptions. The relationship between PU and PEOU is that PU mediates the effect of PEOU on attitude and intended use. In other words, while PU has direct impacts on attitude and use, PEOU influences attitude and use indirectly through PU.

User acceptance is defined as "the demonstrable willingness within a user group to employ information technology for the tasks it is designed to support" (Dillon & Morris). Although this definition focuses on planned and intended uses of technology, studies report that individual perceptions of information technologies are likely to be affected by the objective characteristics of technology, as well as interaction with other users. For example, the amount to which one evaluates new technology as useful, she / he is likely to use it. At the same time, her / his perception of the system is influenced by the way people around her / him evaluate and use the system.
Studies on information technology continuously report that user attributes are important factors affecting the success of the system. For the past several decades, many definitions of attitude have been proposed. However, all theories consider attitude to a relationship between a person and an object (Woelfel, 1995).

In the context of information technologies, is an approach to the study of attitude – the technology acceptance model (TAM). TAM suggests users formulate a positive attitude toward the technology when they perceive the technology to be useful and easy to use (Davis, 1989).

A review of scholarly research on IS acceptance and use suggests that TAM has emerged as one of the most influential models in this stream of research The TAM represents an important theoretical contribution towards understanding IS usage and IS acceptance behaviors. However, this model – with its original emphasis on the design of system characteristics – does not account for social influence in the adoption and utilization of new information systems.

Source by Nida Mazhar

Rival Casinos, and The Story Behind The No Deposit Bonus

Online casinos that are powered by Rival Gaming are the most useful selection for people looking to engage in online gambling. This company continues to be producing high quality online casino games for the past several years and it is probably the most well respected company in the marketplace. Rival is among the newer online casino companies, being in the marketplace since 2006. Even though they may not possess the time of experience that Microgaming has, this provider has developed most of the casino games online. Rival casinos continue to attract many brand new players on a regular basis. This company actually has an advantage by being the newest kid on the market. Their games are fresh and innovative and there has been no need for software updates. This enables Rival Gaming to continue the ability to offer exceptional services at Rival casinos without needing to worry about keeping up the pace.

Rival gaming casinos also offer some great casino bonuses to brand-new and existing players. Probably the most appealing bonuses available in Rival casinos is the no deposit casino bonus. When new players visit a Rival casino, they will have the choice to produce a deposit or play some games for free. If they opt to play a game for free, they will make use of the no deposit bonus. When the player has winnings from playing free games, they'll be allowed to withdraw the amount they've won as part of the no deposit casino bonus. This has been an effective way to attract new players.

Since there is a lot of competition on the online casino industry, Rival has made sure to stay on top of their game. They keep developing fantastic games that are filled with choices and offer high payouts. This really is one of the reasons Rival gaming casinos have become so popular.

Once a player makes the decision to play a Rival casino, they will be capable of taking advantage of some other bonus opportunities. Whenever a player creates their first deposit, they will receive a casino bonus. In most Rival casinos, this will be a match bonus as high 100% of your deposit. From then on, players will receive incentive bonuses, which means they will be rewarded every time they make upcoming deposits, though they're not going to receive the 100% match, they will be given a smaller percentage. This really is one purpose for Rival to offer many thanks to loyal players.

Rival gaming has become a force to be reckoned with. They could be the latest company in the industry, however they are currently becoming one of the leaders on the globe of online gambling. By providing no deposit casino bonuses, Rival casinos have managed to attract an incredible number of players. Most of those players will make a deposit in a Rival casino and definitely will continue playing the top quality games that exist. Rival gaming is a name that is here to stay and the company is dedicated to providing the best possible online casino experience to everyone players.

Source by Tony Belgamo

Free Unlimited PSP Downloads

Like many others who had bought their PSP, everyone is trying to find free downloads. Sure anyone can always find free download and most of the time chances are you could only find specific software to download for your PSP. If you are looking for a wide range of software, programs, music, video, movie, games, wallpapers, themes and etc, chances are very small to be able to find such a site.

I had faced this same situation for many times trying to look for free PSP programs but there are good websites giving "FREE" unlimited PSP downloads. Anyone interested can do a research. Some website have good reviews and rating on the popular "FREE" unlimited PSP downloads available on the internet.

Endless search through such a vast cyber world of website will not give anyone a guarantee on truly finding any unlimited unlimited PSP downloads, there are other methods of searching over the internet you can look for free programs that provide and support peer to peer downloads giving you A wider scope to search free unlimited PSP download. Peer to peer connection is not new from the internet, chances are you are probably using it to download software.

To have such peer to peer downloads, you must first search for these software which is easily found on the internet. You can always use search engine to search for such software giving the keywords to search on "peer to peer download software" and reviewing the results should lead you to downloading and installing the software. Once the peer to peer software is installed, run the program and start searching and for truly free unlimited psp downloads.

Before you rush off to start looking for peer to peer software, you must be careful about the actions you are about to take. Although peer to peer software is free for users over the Internet to share and exchange files over the internet, however depending on what you are downloading between your peers you may be violating the copyright laws when you are downloading, sharing and exchanging PSP downloads. Despite everyone knows the existence of copyright laws, many still chose to have unlimited PSP downloads among individuals over the internet.

Source by Jordan Michael

Alcohol’s Effects in the Brain

Alcohol can make you laugh or it can make you cry, it can make you lively or make you sleepy, it can boost your confidence or make you act the fool. How can alcohol have all these different effects on people? If we want to know how alcohol affects our moods and behaviors we must first understand a bit about how the brain works.

The human brain is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells (also known as neurons). Everything that we think, feel or do is the result of electrical signals passing back and forth between neurons. These electrical signals require the help of chemicals called neurotransmitters in order to pass from neuron to neuron. Scientists have identified around 60 different neurotransmitters so far and tell us that there are probably many more yet to be identified.

Different neurotransmitters have different effects in the brain. For example, serotonin is connected with mood. People suffering from clinical depression tend to have a shortage of serotonin in their brains, and medications like Prozac can help to alleviate depression by increasing the availability of serotonin in the brain. Endorphins are a class of neurotransmitters which act as the brain’s natural painkillers.

Electrical signals in the brain are transmitted in the following manner: The neuron which is sending the electrical signal releases a neurotransmitter, and the neuron which is receiving the electrical signal accepts the neurotransmitter at a site which is called a receptor. When the neurotransmitter from the first neuron chemically binds to the receptor of the second neuron the electrical signal is transmitted. Neurotransmitters and receptors work like locks and keys: there is at least one different receptor for each different neurotransmitter. For example, an endorphin receptor can only be triggered by and endorphin, a serotonin receptor can only be triggered by serotonin, and so on. Different neurons have different receptors. Some neurons will only be triggered by serotonin, some only by an endorphin, and so on for all the different neurotransmitters.

Okay–now what does all of this have to do with alcohol?

Every mood altering substance from heroin to coffee has an effect on the neurotransmitter system of the brain. Some psychoactive drugs affect only one specific neurotransmitter system, whereas others affect many. Morphine, for example, mimics the neurotransmitter beta-endorphin–a natural painkiller found in the brain. Morphine is shaped like beta-endorphin and binds to the beta-endorphin receptors thus acting as a painkiller and also giving rise to feelings of pleasure. Caffeine is shaped like Adenosine and acts on the adenosine receptors. Alcohol on the other hand affects many different neurotransmitters, not just one, Why is this?

Morphine and caffeine are both large molecules. Neurotransmitters are also large molecules. Morphine and caffeine have the effects which they do because of their similarity in shape to neurotransmitters which occur naturally in the brain. Alcohol on the other hand is a quite small molecule. Alcohol does not mimic a neurotransmitter. So then how does alcohol affect neurotransmitters?

Alcohol is a fat soluble molecule. Fats (called lipids) are a major component of all cell membranes, including the cell membranes of neurons. Alcohol enters the cell membranes of neurons and changes their properties. Receptors are located on cell membranes and this means that receptor properties are altered by the presence of alcohol. Cell membranes also control the release of neurotransmitters and this means that the release of neurotransmitters is also affected by the presence of alcohol.

The effects of alcohol on receptors and neurotransmitters have been well documented for several neurotransmitters and their corresponding receptors. These effects are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1: Alcohol’s Effect on Neurotransmitters and Receptors

  • Glutamate
    • Alcohol inhibits glutamate receptor function
    • This causes muscular relaxation, discoordination, slurred speech, staggering, memory disruption, and blackouts
    • Ether and chloroform have similar effects on the glutamate system
  • GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)
    • Alcohol enhances GABA receptor function
    • This causes feelings of calm, anxiety-reduction and sleep
    • Valium has a similar effect on the GABA system
  • Dopamine
    • Alcohol raises dopamine levels
    • This leads to excitement and stimulation
    • Cocaine and amphetamine have similar effects on the dopamine system
  • Endorphins
    • Alcohol raises endorphin levels
    • This kills pain and leads to an endorphin “high”
    • Morphine and heroin have similar effects on the endorphin system

Drugs like morphine or cocaine have been referred to as “chemical scalpels” because of their very precise effects on just one neurotransmitter system. Alcohol on the other hand is much more like a chemical hand grenade in that it affects just about all parts of the brain and all neurotransmitter systems. Alcohol affects all these systems at the same time. When people drink alcohol they become lively and excited because alcohol raises dopamine levels just as cocaine does, although alcohol does not raise dopamine levels anywhere near as much as cocaine does. When people drink alcohol they feel calm and lose their anxieties because alcohol makes the GABA receptors function more efficiently just like valium does. The reason that people tend to fall asleep after drinking alcohol or taking valium is also due to this effect on the GABA receptor. And alcohol has a painkilling effect like morphine and produces a high similar to morphine because it causes a release of endorphins into the brain thus raising the endorphin levels. (Note that the effect of morphine is different from alcohol in its mechanism–morphine imitates endorphins and binds to endorphin receptors whereas alcohol increases the amounts of the endorphins in the brain.) Finally we come to glutamate. Alcohol greatly inhibits the functioning of the glutamate receptor. Glutamate is responsible for the formation of new memories as well as for muscular coordination. It is alcohol’s effect on the glutamate receptor which leads to slurred speech, and staggering in people who have consumed alcohol, as well as the inability to remember what one did that night when the morning after comes. Perhaps the only positive effect of this effect on the glutamate receptor is a feeling of muscular relaxation. Many negative effects of alcohol such as automobile fatalities due to drunk driving are the result of the loss of coordination caused by alcohol’s effect on the glutamate receptor. Even small amounts of alcohol have a major impact on coordination–so never, never drink and drive.

You have probably observed that alcohol seems to have different effects on different people. Some people quickly become sleepy after drinking just a little alcohol whereas others become animated and want to just go, go, go. Research on mice suggests that this difference is genetic. Scientists have been able to breed strains of mice which quickly go to sleep after ingesting alcohol. They have also been able to breed strains of mice which become very active after ingesting alcohol. This strongly suggests that genetics determines which neurotransmitter system is most strongly affected by alcohol in which individual. Individuals who become sleepy soon after drinking probably have their GABA system more strongly affected by alcohol. And individuals who become lively and excited after drink probably have their dopamine system most strongly affected.

The effects of alcohol on the brain do not end when alcohol is completely metabolized and out of the system–what happens next is something called neurotransmitter rebound. This rebound effect is most easily illustrated if we look at what happens to many people when they use a drink or two as a sleep aid. These people often tend to wake up in the middle of the night and find themselves unable to fall back asleep. What is happening is this–alcohol has enhanced the functioning of the GABA system and has made these people feel relaxed and sleepy. The entire time that alcohol is present the GABA system is struggling to overcome the effects of alcohol and return to normal functioning. When all the alcohol is finally out of the body, the GABA system overshoots the mark and leaves people feeling restless and wide awake. This is why alcohol is not a good sleep aid. Large quantities of alcohol can keep a person asleep longer, but drinking large quantities of alcohol has its own negative effects. Neurotransmitter rebound seems also to be implicated in symptoms of hangovers such as hyper-sensitivity to light and in alcohol withdrawal syndrome giving rise to feelings of anxiety and panic and other symptoms as well.

Some medications used to treat alcohol abuse such as campral and naltrexone work by affecting the neurotransmitter systems. Naltrexone (also called revia) is an opioid receptor antagonist. Naltrexone works by binding to the endorphin receptors (which are sometimes also called opioid receptors) and blocking them off so that opiates cannot bind to these receptors. Unlike opiates or endorphins naltrexone has no painkilling effects and no pleasurable effects. Naltrexone simply blocks off the endorphin receptors so that neither opiates nor endorphins can have their painkilling or pleasurable effects. Naltrexone is highly effective with people who use opiates such as morphine or heroin since these drugs have no effect at all when the receptors are blocked by naltrexone. Naltrexone has some effect in helping people to abstain from alcohol or to moderate their use, however it is not as effective with alcohol as with opiates because alcohol affects many different neurotransmitters. The downside of naltrexone is that the body’s natural painkillers, the endorphins, are unable to do their job when it is present. People taking naltrexone are advised to wear medic-alert bracelets so that doctors will know that painkillers are ineffective on these people.

Campral (also known as acamprosate) is a glutamate receptor modulator. Campral helps eliminate cravings for alcohol in long term heavy drinkers. It is hypothesized that long term heavy drinking upsets the glutamate neurotransmitter system and that campral helps to restore this to normal.

No discussion of alcohol and the brain would be complete without a mention of possible brain damage caused by alcohol abuse. It is likely that we have all heard that drinking kills brain cells. However, does scientific evidence bear out this common folk saying? A 1993 study by Jensen and Pakkenberg published in Lancet titled “Do alcoholics drink their neurons away?” compared the brains of alcoholics to the brains of non-alcoholics. This study found that the white matter of the brains of alcoholics was significantly depleted. The gray matter, however, was the same in both alcoholics and non-alcoholics. This is interesting since it is the gray matter that does the thinking. The gray matter has been compared to a network of computers, and the white matter to the cables linking them together. The brain does not produce new gray matter to replace that which is lost. The brain can, however, produce new white matter to replace white matter which has been lost. The researchers concluded that loss of white matter do to heavy drinking may possibly not constitute irreparable damage.

There is, however, a form of irreparable brain damage which can be caused by long term heavy drinking. This is Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, also known as “wet brain”. Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndromeis not caused by a loss of brain cells–it is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine). Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome can have several causes including extreme malnutrition, prolonged periods of vomiting due to morning sickness or an eating disorder, kidney dialysis, stomach stapling, or alcohol abuse. The vast majority of cases of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome which occur in the United States are caused by severe, long-term, heavy drinking. Alcohol can lead to Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome because it blocks the absorption of thiamine. Symptoms of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome include amnesia, inability to form new memories, confusion, hallucinations, and confabulation. Some of the more severe symptoms of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome can be treated with thiamine, however in most cases many of the symptoms persist for a lifetime.

Have scientists discovered everything that there is to know about alcohol’s effects on the brain? It seems that this is clearly not the case. Scientists believe that alcohol likely affects many more neurotransmitters than the four discussed in this article. There is constant and ongoing research to discover how alcohol might affect other neurotransmitters. The future is likely to bring us much new knowledge about alcohol and the brain.

Source by Kenneth L Anderson

Photojournalism – Stressing The Importance Of Photojournalists!

Photojournalism is a type of journalism that depends on images to tell a story. It is not classical photography as the pictures taken are mostly or entirely related to a news story or event. They are not usually for entertainment or appreciation but more for conveyance of a news event.

These images have to be relevant to society, informative and should be able to convey what is happening in the world. The images should also possess an objective quality. It is very important that the photograph is relevant to the context of the story being reported.

The relevance of photojournalism in the news media

Photojournalism is an important aspect to the news media. For most people who read newspapers or watch the news, it is the photographs that summarize what has been written. This makes newspaper reading and news reporting much more effective as now one can relate the news to real life scenes and understand fully what it must be like to be in that actual place at that actual time. This applies especially for people who are not too fond of reading the newspaper or watching the news. For such people, it is the pictures that convey the news.


It is not easy being a photojournalist. Very often photojournalists have to risk their lives to bring news back so that people can be kept informed about what is going on.

Through photographs they take, they are able to give information regarding events that have transpired in the world. We are offered a glimpse of different people, what they do, places and other things through the images. This makes us more aware of the society and its status.

How technology has changed photojournalism

Technology has greatly changed the face of photojournalism. Today, news can travel the entire globe in just a few minutes. With the advent of videophones, internet and terrific printing technology, photojournalism has become extremely popular.

This is the reason that photojournalists have the responsibility of bringing in photographs that are objective. The disadvantage of technological advancement is that now people can manipulate images. Ethics plays an important role here. Codes of ethics have been set up for addressing such issues. The code varies according to the country.

Photojournalism, as a profession, is a serious job and demands attention and respect. After all, it is the photographs accompanying the news that truly help us understand what is going on in the world. The profession of photojournalism requires a lot of patience, understanding and skill, and the photojournalists should be appreciated accordingly.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

Goat Breeds – Saanen Goats

Saanen goats originated in the Saanen Valley of Switzerland and are a common in the United States. What is so special about these dairy goats? They offer healthful milk and are wonderful animals to raise on a farm.

Saanen dairy goats produce heavy amounts of milk. They can give two gallons of milk per day! On an average, dairy goats can give three to four quarts of milk during a 305-day lactation. Goats’ milk is a major source of milk worldwide. People who are allergic to cows’ milk may drink it, but it does contain lactose, so it is not for those who are lactose intolerant. Goats’ milk has smaller fat globules than cows’ milk, which makes it naturally homogenized and more easily digestible than cows’ milk.

What are some characteristics of these dairy goats? They are medium to large in size, averaging approximately 145 pounds in weight. The males stand approximately 40 inches in height and the females approximately 30 inches in height. They are the largest of all the dairy goat breeds. They have strong legs with tough bones. Breeders have referred to them as “living marshmallows” because of their beautiful white or light cream color. Because of their light colored skin, they are susceptible to sunburns or skin cancer. Some Saanens have spots on their skin or hair. Their hair is short with some having a fringe of hair down their spine or over their thighs. Their face is straight, or “dished”, and their ears stand erect pointing forward.

Their body is tough but their temperament is mostly calm and mild mannered. They display pep in their personality and are eager to please. If you are looking for great farm fun animals, the Saanen goats will not disappoint you. These goats are easy for children to handle and are popular in showmanship classes. They are sweet, lovable, dairy goats. They enjoy the companionship of other goats and people too! A Saanen would be a wonderful pet goat.

They like to browse a pasture eating leaves, clover or other plant growth. They eat hay, millet or other grain too. They drink one or two gallons of water per day.

Saanen goats are sensitive to excessive heat and sunlight. They are adaptable in most climates except for hot locations like desserts or tundras. They perform much better in shady or cooler conditions. Goats do not like to get wet so they will, generally, seek shelter during rainy times.

A barn or a shed should be available for them to use. Goats should never be contained in a small area. They need plenty of room to move around, at least a five square feet of space. Their pen should be bedded-well, draft-free, clean, dry and enclosed during winter months. Air should be allowed to circulate throughout their area through windows or doors.

The common lifespan of Saanen milk goats is approximately fifteen years, but some have lived longer with the proper goat care. Raising goats can be a challenge but they can be fun and amusing animals to watch. Saanen goats are lovable animals, provide lots of wonderful, healthful milk, plus make great companions for other goats and people too!

Source by Susan Katchur

The POSDC Of Management – A Student Aid

Pupils need every available edge when it comes to studies, whether they know it or not. They should take advantage of every bit of information available, ie, research articles, white papers, periodicals, magazines, and yes … blogs.

This wee bit of information should prove useful to the aspiring business management, marketing, accounting, secretarial sciences, business law, and / or programming student (s). These extra tools will aid the student in his / her preparation for successful management endeavors. Management students will first need to know the POSDC's of management.

PLANNING: the process of setting objectives and determining what needs to be done to successfully accomplish the assignment-mission of an organization.

ORGANIZING: the process of task assignment, the coordination of resources, team structuring, and work activities for the organization.

STAFFING: the process of building the team by trying to attract and retain qualified people to the organization.

DIRECTING: the process that provides leadership, arrangements motivational opportunities, and builds a good working environment.

CONTROLLING: the process of establishing enterprise-wide standards, analyzing results, measuring actual performance and monitoring to see whether standards have been met. Controlling also includes making the right decisions and corrective actions, if needed.

Students should also become acquainted with the process of management and what is required to become a manager. The best managers are well informed and are acutely aware of team needs. The needs of the team are met with the managerial support reflecting alternatives and suggestions for a team coordinated solution.

The process of management involves planning, organization, leading, and controlling the use of resources to achieve target performance goals. "All managers, regardless of title, level, type, and organizational setting (s), are responsible for the four functions. However, they are not completed linear, step-by-step fashion." John R. Schermerhorn Jr., goes on to say … "The reality is that these functions are continuously engaged as a manager moves from task to task and opportunity to opportunity in his or her work."

While agreeing with Mr. Schermerhorn as well as several other experienced, teachers, and gurus of this profession, the ultimate goal of a manager is to help the company / organization achieve its highest performance with the utilization of resources, human and material.

Henry Mintzberg wrote, "Although the management process may seem straightforward, things are more complicated than they appear at first glance." Ever-present e-mail and instant messages are added to his list of executive / managerial operations.

Remember my message "IT and BI", the non-hyperbole of the marriage between Business Intelligence and Information Technology? "BI and IT virtually, methodically, and basically go arm-in-arm." Just look around you. Technology and Management is everywhere. But in order to ascend to the highest level (s) in management, one must begin with the POSDC of management.

Happy Studies.

Til next time …

Source by Gregory V. Boulware

Home Treadmill Purchase Tips

Buying a treadmill for most people is a big financial commitment so knowing what to look for when deciding on a treadmill can only be a good thing!

A treadmill enables the user to walk, jog or run without having to go outside where it may be raining or dark. Using a treadmill at home has many advantages, firstly you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can watch or listen to what you like when working out and if you've got children you can keep an eye on them too.

Treadmills generally consist of a frame, motor, deck, running belt and a console. The quality of these components usually dictates the price of a treadmill. Home treadmills start from as little as £ 400, but like with most things the more you spend the higher the quality. Ideally you need to asses your requirements; There is no point in someone purchasing a £ 2000 home treadmill when there only intention is to use it for walking, a £ 500 – £ 750 treadmill would offer a good quality deck and suitable motor for walking periods.

When purchasing a treadmill look at the motor ratings, most manufacturers provide power ratings of the motors fitted to their treadmills, if they do not I would probably walk away. Ideally you're looking for a motor with a power rating of between 1.5 – 4.0 continuous duties HP (horse power). Peak power is the maximum power the treadmill motor can generate and is not a good means of assessing whether it is suitable. The heavier the person and the more intense the use of the treadmill the higher the hp rating needs to be.

The running belt is tensioned over the running deck with two rollers which are located at each end of the running deck. The running decks are absorbent to reduce the impact on your joints and higher priced treadmills have higher quality elastomers which reduce the stress even further. Remember to look at the size of the running deck when purchasing a treadmill, taller people will require a longer deck. People intending on using their treadmill for running may also benefit from a larger running area. The running belts thickness and quality again is generally dependent on the price, Nautilus have a reputation for fitting thicker more absorbent running belts and they also claim that it reduces stress on your joints and increases the time between replacing the belt, which makes sense.

The frames of treadmills are generally constructed from steel and nowadays folding treadmills are very popular as they take up far less room. Generally the heavier the treadmill the more solid the frame and the stiffer it is. A number of years ago non folding treadmills where stiffer and more absorbent, but the demand for folding treadmills has meant that manufacturers have spent thousands of pounds on improving their folding treadmill range. A lot of manufactures now only sell folding treadmills.

The console on the treadmill will show you details such as, speed, distance, time, incline, calories consumed, heart rate, and program type. You should look for a console which is clear and easy to read, there are plenty of modern features that manufacturers fit nowdays such as cooling fans, MP3 players and TV screens but none of them are required for an affective treadmill workout.

Most treadmills have programs, the larger the array of programs the better as it provides more variety and encourages you to use it more frequently. Heart rate controlled programs are a safe and effective way to workout and are a feature I would recommend. Ideally you require a heart rate strap to take full advantage of heart rate controlled programs.

Source by Mark D Evans

How to Attract Hot Sexy Redhead Women Like a Magnet – Use the Alpha Male System!

Guys, if you want to know how to attract hot sexy redhead women then you’ve come to the right place. I don’t know what it is about these girls, but I just love them. Most of the stereotypes ring true: passionate, fiery, great lovers. That is why I can’t but help falling for them. And I’m sure you feel the same way. Once you understand what the alpha males already know about seduction and attraction you too can get these girls easily. Are you ready to find out more?

The reason I’m sharing this information with you is because it took me a long time to figure out how attraction worked in women. And I swore to myself that once I started getting plenty of women, I would share this information with every other man on the planet because I don’t think that any man deserves to be alone. I think every man deserves to be the alpha male. That is what I want you to become.

Why are redheads so attracted to the alpha male? Because the alpha male has one huge component that women love and that is confidence. Women in general love the man that is filled with self-confidence. The truth is, they are able to look past all of the physical qualities you may not be happy with as long as you have the self-confidence that you need. The good news is, even if you don’t have that confidence right now you can get it. Becoming an alpha male is a learnable skill. I’m living proof.

If you make this one change, if you choose to be the alpha male that I believe that every man deserves to be, I just know you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get women to flock all over you. Are you ready to become the alpha male now?

Source by Dean Olmstead