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Wreath Storage Solution For Modern Homes

A wreath storage solution is important after every Christmas holiday. As it is, every Christmas decoration, such as a wreath, is supposed to have a storage place assigned to it so it can be re-used for the next holiday season. A Christmas tree usually has its own box that homeowners can use for storage, but wreaths do not usually have one. To make storing and using Christmas decor trouble-free, people must ready storage solutions at hand.

The wreath is rather common these days, as opposed to the view of most people that it is almost extinct now that it is in competition with other Christmas decor, such as dancing lights and other movable and automatic decorations popular these days. Most people today do not know the history of the common wreath, but for people who are well-versed in the history of the Romans or the Greeks, a wreath holds a message that resounds in history. They are an important icon of history; a wreath is a symbol of victory. That is why during the early Olympics, the wreath was placed atop the head of the victor.

That is why knowledgeable people will proudly decorate their houses with a wreath because of their meaning in history. These people use a wreath storage solution to protect the wreath from accumulating dust or mites through the months of storage. The proper storage solution for wreaths is non-restrictive because the leaves of a wreath may broke or sag from the pressing material of the storage bag.

The wreaths of today are sturdier because they are commonly made-up of plastic leaves. Rotting or pests are now out of the question. Still, homeowners must be careful not to press the leaves too hard because Wreaths can easily be disfigured from pressure. Dust accumulation is also very hard to clean-up because of the deep recesses in the wreath. Because of this, the wreath storage solution must be of the sealed-type.

Source by Muhammad Hazman Mohamed Noor

How To Publish Your Way To Success

Did you know, self-publishing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the web. Of course, it requires talent, but it’s easier to learn than you might think.

Getting Started:

Choose a subject that interests you. Select a subject you enjoy or want to learn about. As an example for this article, we will use “Computer Tips.”

Okay, next collect the information to put in the book about “Computer Tips”. A good idea to collect tips would be to use your own knowledge, contacts, friends, online associates, family members, even neighbors.

Contact everyone you know who owns a computer; ask them to share their favorite computer tips with you. Tell them if you use their tip you will include their name in the book. After several contacts you should have acquired a stack of solid information.

Now, it’s time to start sorting the information and separating it into categories. For example beginner tips, hardware tips, software tips, online tips, troubleshooting tips. Place each category into its own file. Each of these categories will be the chapters in your book.

Next, begin composing your book on the computer. Don’t panic! It’s not that hard. Write a brief intro. Write your name and contact information, any copyright information, a brief disclaimer. Publishing date, origin of publishing.

Remember all those tips you collected. Select the best tips of the lot. Now break that down into brief chapters.

Now end the book with a pertinent ending sentence or paragraph. Your name, contact information and a link back to your website.

Now the book is ready to publish.. You’ve read everything and checked for misspelled words or obvious grammar mistakes. You are now ready to see the final result of your hard work.

If you publish online you will need an eBook creator, which could cost anywhere from $29 and up. Or you might decide to search online with Google or Yahoo for “free eBook creation software” and download.

Download the software and take it for a test drive. Follow the instructions on setting up your files and publishing.

If your eBook is less than 10 pages you might decide to call it a report. More than 10 pages would classify as an eBook.

Well, alright now. Let’s sell that book and make a profit! One good idea is to call all the people who offered you tips for your book. Price the book around $20.00 Sounds like a deal! Especially for people hungry for helpful tips from a savvy computer expert like you.

Offer all the contributors a discount on your new book. Maybe a 50 percent discount. Everyone who contributes would certainly love to have a copy with their byline (name) included. This is called ego stroking sales tactics (works for me!)

Have a website? Offer the eBook to all your website visitors. Set up a sales page advertising your book along with ordering instructions. You will want to set up a shopping cart to handle sales. Or alternatively use a service like pay pal or clickbank to handle sales without the hassle of needing a merchant account. Note: Although clickbank cost money to host your book you will attract affiliates who will eagerly sell your book. This translates to more profits.

Also, consider contacting ezine owners online. Offer them a free copy of your book in exchange for advertising space in their publication. Visit online ezine directories and search for ezines in a similar category as your book. Contact the editor with pertinent details.

It’s amazingly easy to create your very own book online. There’s no hidden secret to publishing. So called publishing guru’s want you to think they have the answers or insider secrets. For most of those on the Internet the so called secret is just a good idea and a way to reach targeted customers.

Every person reading this article has a book inside of them! Think about it. Everybody knows something about a topic that other people would pay good money to learn about. You can be sure!

So, what are you waiting for? Get Busy! Pick a topic, gather the information, and process it. You’ll be a published writer online. Others will think of you as their writer friend. You’ll be able to strut your stuff with a certain pride. Yup, I’m a writer! And place that on all your emails, letters, stationary, and business cards.

Source by Arvinder Jeet Singh

Learning About the Nadex Binary Options Marketplace

I wrote an article many years ago about how unscrupulous and deceptive Binary Options had been and why not to use them. Well everything has changed for the better in the past few years and that is no longer the case. Binary Options are now being regulated and an honest entity for making and investing your money. Why? Solely because of one factor and that factor is NADEX which stands for North American Derivatives Exchange. This one American based company has transformed a once “shady and unscrupulous” way that unregulated Binary Options businesses manipulated and bet against its own customers. But that is no more, thank goodness.

Now the Binary Options marketplace is better than regular Options and much better than Futures also. The simple fact that it costs so much less just to have the necessary financial margins required to make an initial wager is reason enough. Some futures markets require you to have a $25,000 minimum deposit before you can start wagering in their markets. Others require a minimum deposit of $5,000, but what about the individual investor that does not have that kind of capital but still wishes to invest and wager like the big boys in the markets? Well now you can invest and wager in the Binary Options marketplace known as the Nadex. Nadex is a regulated American Exchange that is both secure and honest meaning it is based on a “level Playing field”. Unlike many unregulated Binary Options companies in Europe and other countries where they are not overseen and therefore can manipulate and actually bet against their own clients. Absolutely despicable behavior and where it should be illegal it is not because they are not regulated. Nadex is regulated and overseen!

Nadex is regulated and is for individuals that want to trade spreads, Currencies and Binary Options with a small beginning balance without all of the other cumbersome margin requirements needed to begin your limited risk entry into multiple markets. It is a beneficial situation for anyone starting out wanting to wager and invest in the marketplace. That coupled with low commissions by the Nadex Exchange and your limited risk, which is guaranteed.

The Nadex exchange is based on time elements meaning you have a choice to wager on whether you want the market to go up or down and the amount of time in which that takes place. You have time limitations from as short as 5 minutes to as long as one week (5 ½ days) and all you have to do is wager the correct way the market goes, either buy or sell, nothing else. And remember you can never lose or win more than you wager. One contract is between $1-$100. Let’s use for example you wager $50 on the market to go up or buy and you are right, then you win $100, minus the commissions. It is all or nothing. If you were to wager the market going down, or sell, and you lost, you would have lost $50 plus the commissions which are now $1 each way or $2 in total which equals $52 loss. It is all or nothing in Binary Options. Either you win or you lose nothing in the middle like all other markets which makes this so easy to understand and anyone can learn and profit if you have the right software and education.

I have been trading on the Nadex Exchange for years now and have had absolutely no problems with any winning trades being credited to my account and when asking for a withdrawal it has been processed and credited to my banking account in just a few days. You can start trading on Nadex with a minimum of $100 and no margin requirements. The Nadex marketplace is open from 6 pm EST on Sunday to 4:15 pm EST on Friday. You can wager on your PC or your phone if you like as long as you have an internet connection. If you want to sign up it is Free and they have hours and hours of Free education on their website for anyone interested in learning more about this marketplace. And you can get started in just a few minutes by using your credit or debit card. I can only tell you about my experience using Nadex and it has been both profitable and a great rewarding way of learning about the different marketplaces available to the ordinary investor.

Source by JJ McGuire

Online Paid Surveys – The Perfect Work From Home Job

For many, it is an ideal condition to sit in the comfort of their own home and keep learning at the same time. You might also have a similar wish. Paid Online Surveys are the solution. Have a look!

This is the right opportunity for you if you are jobless at present, want some extra cash for a better living, students, retired or disabled persons. They just need a computer, a reliable internet connection and the time they have.

There are several advantages of taking online surveys and learning. You can work according to your own will, whenever you want. These surveys are available round the clock and can be taken any time, within the prescribed days.

Many are tired of dressing up early in the morning and going to work. You do not need to leave your home or go to a work place. Just stay at home and keep learning. You do not need to wear a special dress for this!

But one thing! It is not a Get Rick Quick scheme. You can not become a millionaire by taking some surveys online, but these surveys can help you earn some extra bucks in a short period of time. It all depends upon your devotion and commitment.

If you have not heard of these surveys before, you might be wondering why would you get paid for just answering a few questions. In fact, several companies develop their products according to the data collected from these surveys. They want to have an insight of the public opinion before launching a new product or to improve an existing one. That is where your role begins. They are willing to pay you for your opinion and suggestions.

There are other forms of surveys as well. How about watching a movie and getting paid for that? I am sure you would love that. You may also be asked to try a product for its worth and give a feedback and get paid as well. It is your opinion that really matters.

In short, it is worth the time and efforts. You will feel that you have relieved of many of your worries. If you spare enough time for taking surveys, you might make an extra $ 250 to $ 500 a month, enough to cover some of your utility bills, or even the car installation.

Why not try it right now? Find some good sites and register. You will be proud of your decision.

Source by Suzanne Celine Callaway

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Types and Characteristics of WANs

What is a WAN?

There are two prevailing definitions of a Wide Area Network (WAN). The book definition of a WAN is a network that spans large geographical locations, usually to interconnect multiple Local Area Networks (LANs). The practical definition of a WAN is a network that traverses a public network or commercial carrier, using one of several WAN technologies

What are its Main Components?

The main components for a WAN are routers, switches and modems. These components are described below in the hardware section.

CPE – Devices on the subscriber premises are called customer premises equipment (CPE).

The subscriber owns the CPE or leases the CPE from the service provider. A copper or fiber cable connects the CPE to the service provider’s nearest exchange or central office. This cabling is often called the local loop, or “last-mile”.

DTE/DCE – Devices that put data on the local loop are called data circuit-terminating equipment, or data communications equipment (DCE). The customer devices that pass the data to the DCE are called data terminal equipment (DTE). The DCE primarily provides an interface for the DTE into the communication link on the WAN cloud.


In a WAN you will need various types of hardware components for it to function. The typical items of hardware that you will need in a WAN are:

Router – An electronic device that connects a local area network (LAN) to a wide area network (WAN) and handles the task of routing messages between the two networks. Operates at layer 3, and makes decisions using IP addresses.

Switch – A switch is a network device that selects a path or circuit for sending a unit of data to its next destination. Operates at layer 2, and uses MAC addresses to send data to correct destination.

Modem – Short for modulator/demodulator, a modem enables a computer to communicate with other computers over telephone lines. Operates at layer 1, where signals are converted from digital to analogue and vice versa for transmission and receiving.

Wan Standards

WANs operate within the OSI model using layer 1 and layer 2 levels. The data link layer and the physical layer. The physical layer protocols describe how to provide electrical, mechanical and functional connections to the services provided by the ISP. The data link layer defines how data is encapsulated for transmission to remote sites.


Encapsulation is the wrapping of data in a particular protocol header. Remember that WANs operate at the physical layer and the data link layer of the osi model and that higher layer protocols such as IP are encapsulated when sent across the WAN link. Serial interfaces support a wide range of WAN encapsulation types, which must be manually specified. These types include SDLC, PPP, Frame delay etc. Regardless of WAN encapsulation used it must be identical on both sides of the point to point link.

Packet and Circuit Switching

Circuit switching and packet switching are both used in high-capacity networks.

The majority of switched networks today get data across the network

through packet switching.

Circuit-switching is more reliable than packet-switching. Circuit switching is old and expensive, packet switching is more modern.

General Routing Issues

What is a Routing Protocol?

A routing protocol is a protocol that specifies how routers communicate and exchange information on a network. Each router has prior knowledge of its immediate neighbours and knows the structure of the network topology. The routers know this because the routing protocol shares this information.


RIP (Routing Information Protocol) was one of the most commonly uses protocols on internal networks. Routers use RIP to dynamically adapt changes to the network connections and communicate information about which networks routers can reach and the distance between them. RIP is sometimes said to stand for Rest in Pieces in reference to the reputation that RIP has for breaking unexpectedly and rendering a network unable to function.

Routing Algorithms

Distance Vector

This type of routing protocol requires that each router simply inform its neighbours of its routing table. The distance vector protocol is also known as the bellman-ford algorithm.

Link State

This type of routing protocol requires that each router maintain a partial map of the network. The link state algorithm is also know as Dijkstra’s algorithm.


IGRP is a type of distance vector routing protocol invented by cisco used to exchange routing data in a autonomous system. Distance vector protocols measure distances and compare routes. Routers that use distance vector must send all or a portion of their routing table in a routing update message at regular intervals to each neighbour router.

Addressing and Routing

What does routing mean?

Routing is the process of deciding how to move packets from one network to another.

The directions also known as routes can be learned by a router using a routing protocol then the information is passed from router to router along the route of the destination.

IP Address’s

Every machine connected to the internet is assigned an IP address. An example of an IP address would be IP addresses are displayed in decimal format to make it easier for humans to understand but computers communicate in binary form. The four numbers that separate an IP address are called Octets. Each position consists of eight bits. When added to together you get 32 bit address. The purpose of each octet in an IP address is to create classes of IP addresses that can be assigned within a network. There are three main classes that we deal with Class A, B and C. The octets of an IP address are split into two parts Network and Host. In a class A address the first octet is the network portion, this determines which network the computer belongs to, the last octets of the address are the hosts that belong to the network.

Sub netting

Sub netting allows you to create multiple networks within a class A, B or C address. The subnet address is the address used by your LAN. In a Class C network address you would have a subnet mask of A subnet mask identifies which portion is network and which is host. For example the first octet three octets are the Network address and the last octet being the host(Workstation). It is important to subnet a network because gateways need to forward packets to other LANS. By giving each NIC on the gateway an IP address and a Subnet mask it allows the gateways to route packets from LAN to LAN. Once the packet arrives at its destination, the gateway then uses the bits of the subnet portion of the IP address to decide which LAN to send the packets.

Circuit Switched Leased Lines

A circuit switched network is one that establishes a dedicated circuit (or channel) between nodes and terminals before the users may communicate. Here are some terminologies associated with a Circuit switched network.

Frame relay is a telecommunication service designed for cost-efficient data transmission between local area networks (LANs)

Basic rate interference is a service used by small business for internet connectivity. An ISDN BRI provides two 64 Kbps digital channels to the user.

Primary rate interface (PRI) is a telecommunications standard for carrying voice and data transmissions between two locations

All data and voice channels are ISDN and operate at 64kbit/s

Packet Switching – _Toc80455261

Packet switching refers to protocols in which messages are broken up into small packets before they are sent. Each packet is then transmitted over the Internet. At the destination the packets are reassembled into the original message. Packet switching main difference from Circuit Switching is that that the communication lines are not dedicated to passing messages from the source to the destination. In Packet Switching, different messages can use the same network resources within the same time period.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a cell relay, packet switching network and protocolwhich encodes data into small fixed-sized cells.

ISDN is used to carry voice, data, video and images across a telephone network. ISDN stands for integrated services Digital Network. Isdn also provides users with a 128kbps bandwidth. This is done through frame relay. Frame relay complements and provides a service between ISDN, which offers bandwidth at 128 Kbps and Asynchronous Transfer Mode which operates in somewhat similar fashion to frame relay but at speeds from 155.520 Mbps or 622.080 Mbps. Frame relay is based on the older X.25 packet switching technology and is used to transmit analogue signals such as telephone conversations.

PSDN stands for packet switched data network and is a data communication network. Packet switched networks do not establish a physical communication signal like the public telephone does (circuit switched network) Packets are sent on a fixed length basis and assigned with a source and a destination address. The packets then rely on the routers to read the address and route the packets through the network.

Mobile and Broadband Services

Digital Subscriber line(DSL) is mainly used to bring high bandwidth connections to homes and small business’s over a copper wire telephone line. This is can only be achieved if you stay within the range of the telephone exchange. DSL offers download rates of up to 6mbps allowing continuous transmission of video, audio and 3D effects. DSL is set to replace ISDN and compete with the cable modem in providing multimedia to homes. DSL works by connecting your telephone line to the telephone office over copper wires that are twisted together.

Asymmetric Digital Subscribers Line is most commonly used for home users. It provides a high download speed but a lower upload speed. Using ADSL, up to 6.1 megabits per second of data can be sent downstream and up to 640 Kbps upstream.

Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a digital subcriber line which runs over one pair of copper wires. The main difference between ADSL and SDSL is the difference in upload and download speeds. SDSL allows the same upstream data rate and downstream data rate as ADSL upstream can be very slow.


HDSL High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, one of the earliest forms of DSL, is used for wideband digital transmission within a corporate site and between the telephone company and a customer. The main characteristic of HDSL is that provides equal bandwidth in both directions.

IDSL is a system in which data is transmitted at 128 Kbps on a regular copper telephone line from a user to a destination using digital transmission.

The Local Loop enables operators to connect directly to the consumer via copper local loops and then add their own equipment to offer broadband and other services. This process involves operators accessing local exchange buildings to connect to a network of copper lines which connect them to homes and businesses. BT is an Example of a Local Exchange. The local loop connecting the telephone exchange to most subscribers is capable of carrying frequencies well beyond the 3.4 kHz upper limit.

Benefits of using DSL

DSL can provide virtually instantaneous transmission of voice, data and video over ordinary copper phone lines. A DSL connection can eliminate delays when waiting to download information and graphics from the Internet. It provides users with a cost effective high speed Internet connection. Another benefit is that a DSL connection is always on-line (like a LAN connection) with no waiting time for dialling or connecting.

There are now more than 10 million broadband connections in the UK. By December 2005 there were 9.792 million broadband connections in the UK and the average broadband take up rate during the three months to December was more than 70,000 per week.

Source by Chris Michael Jones

Top 10 Sexiest TV Series

American TV Series are often loaded with sex scenes, and the production seems to try to squeeze in at least 5 sexual scenes in each episode. And people love it. In the following few posts, I will present to you our Top 10 of America’s sexiest TV Series.

Sex in the City

Showcased for the first time on HBO in 1998, this glamour TV show brings to us the ups and downs of 4 New York single girlfriends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda. Each is either looking for sex, love or to found a family. A great series that treats sexuality with a nice touch of humor.

Sex and the City – Movie Trailer on YouTube


Californication is for men what Sex in the City is for women. In this series full of sex, drugs and alcohol, Hank Moody (David Duchovny) has sex as often as he can. Beautiful women, young girls, bottles of wine, whisky, joints… nothing is left out by this forty-some artist still broken hearted by his muse.

For a glimpse, search for Californication – Trailer on YouTube

The L World

The L World is the first series exclusively dedicated to lesbian sexuality. The explicit “women on women” sex scenes have as a goal to break taboos. Jenny, a young student in search of love moves in with her future husband, Tim, but ends up falling under Marina’s charm, a Latina sex bomb. This is the beginning of tons of questioning and loads of hot nights in L.A. where ladies have sex in public washrooms and all…

For a glimpse, search for The L Word: Season 5 Coming in 2008 on YouTube

Desperate Housewifes

What kind of life do women have in an uptown suburbia of the States? At Wisteria Lane, women face infidelity, relationship issues, seduction, crime, suspense, and more. Behind her perfect appearance, Bree hides a complex personality. Gabrielle, ex-fashion model is scared of routine and therefore alternates between expensive shopping sprees and extramarital relationships. Lynette tries to manage both her professional life and big family, while Susan always finds a way to make her chaotic love life even more complicated. And finally, Edie seems to love creating conflicts. An amusing and sexy portrait of typical house wives that was a great success.

For a glimpse, search for Everything You Need to Know About Desperate Housewives on YouTube

Tell me you love me

In Tell Me You Love Me, three couples in therapy have the most realistic sexual relationships ever seen on American TV. So realistic that everybody wonders is they really did it or not. They claim that aside from masturbation and fellatio, it was all an enactment, but the rumor keeps contributing to its success. Dr May Foster, a marriage counselor, meets the couples which she tries to assist. Dave & Katie, in their forties, no longer have sex. Carolyn & Palek, in their thirties, want a kid but the pressure is too high for Carolyn. And finally, Jamie & Hugo, engaged, must face infidelity. Between sexuality & psychology, this is one of the most realistic series.

For a glimpse, search for Tell Me You Love Me: Episode 2 Trailer on YouTube


This trashy series relates the life of Lucy Spiller, heartless chief editor of two gossip & scandals newspapers. Far away from her role in Friends, Courtney Cox shocks the public who watches her having intercourse with a sex toy. Not only does she play the first role in this series, she also assists her husband, David Arquette, in the production of this sexy series.

For a glimpse, search for Dirt Trailer Promo on YouTube

Nip Tuck

In this trashy series, we see two plastic surgeons in their professional environment, but also in their colorful intimate lives… loaded with incest, rape, bisexuality, Tran sexuality and sadomasochism. With the arrival of Portia De Rossi next season, where she will have a savage relationship with another woman, the public will be again pleased with a series that explores the physical & moral boundaries of human sexuality.

For a glimpse, search for Nip/Tuck Season 1 Promo on YouTube

Big Love

Co-produced by Tom Hanks, this series is one of America’s Top 5 most watched TV shows. Full of family drama, it talks about Bill Henrickson, a polygamous Mormon from Salt Lake City, and that maintains relationships with 3 wives and 7 kids!

For a glimpse, search for Big Love – Season 2 Promo on YouTube


This British “new generation teenage series” treats about sex, drugs, bulimia, religion, homosexuality and teenage despair. Written by teens for teens, it was an instant success. These youngsters have three things in mind: sex, sex and … sex. There is the good-looking guy, the Muslim, the gay, the anorexic, the virgin, and a night-clubber in love of his teacher. What they have in common? Their frustration. Dramatic and touching.

For a glimpse, search for Skins season 2 [OFFICIAL TRAILER] on YouTube

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is about the day to day life of three teenagers who live in a love triangle. Both raised separately in One Tree Hill in South Carolina, Lucas & Nathan, two half-brothers find become rivals, not only on the basketball court, but also to win the hearth of Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton). This superficial series talks about love stories more than it does sex though. Dedicated to teenage only.

For a glimpse, search for One Tree Hill trailer – The Choice on YouTube

Source by Sandrine Vondrejs

Leveraging Technology in Language Learning

To this day, the use of technology in language learning is still a controversial subject. Despite proof to the contrary, many still contend that language learning software cannot facilitate the necessary instruction for someone to become truly proficient in picking up a new language. In fact, as I write this, it’s highly that an argument is going down at some forum or some blog about the use of technology in teaching grammar, mastering vocabulary and developing language skills.


For analytical learners, even early versions of language learning software is like a gift sent down from heaven when it comes to language study, because the medium suits their preferred modes of picking up information so well. While modern language software still offers the same structured type of instruction, they now include the option of studying in other forms, making them suitable even for those who aren’t suited to stimulus-response types of instruction.


Vocabulary is one area where electronic technologies can truly take the game to another level. With a language software available, you can easily find the equivalent of an English word in any language that you want, complete instructions on the proper context in which to employ them.

Language Skills

In the areas of reading and listening comprehension, technology can perform like no other. The availability of materials of all forms – from articles to movies to songs – allow people to train their capacity to understand in another language much easier. For developing writing and speaking skills, though, I’m inclined to agree with detractors – you need real-world experience for that. Language software can provide basic practice, but you’ll need to apply the language out in the world to really gain heightened proficiency with its use.

Source by Laurianne Sumerset

Repairing An Xbox 360 With 3 Flashing Lights

Fixing an Xbox 360 with 3 flashing lights is not only possible but it can often be done at home. You might think that repairing your own Xbox 360 console is out of the question, but in many cases quick repairs can be carried out with only basic knowledge and some simple tools. The 3 flashing lights error indication other known as "3 rings of doom", is actually one of the most common system failures out there. This warning basically means that there is system hardware failure, but this is not always the case. It can either be a "false positive" signal for some other failure or particularly a signal that the system has simply overheated. This is the good news.

The bad news is that if the indication is a general hardware failure, then a repair center or Microsoft may be the only salvation for your system. Do not freak just yet though. Microsoft builds some tough equipment and if your system simply overheated, you may be able to save it. Microsoft released so many of these systems and so fast that proper testing was not done, and now thousands of these units are displaying the 3 red light warning. Sending your system back to Microsoft or one of their repair centers (if they will take yours), will take up to 6 weeks and cost as much as $ 140 to repair.

Luckily there are many super manuals on the Internet that can guide you through alleviating this 3 red light problem. If the system has simply overheated, and no hardware has been damaged, then some simple know how and a few tools are all that is necessary to fix your system. It is important to understand though that a general failure of the CPU or a cracked motherboard will require replacement parts and even then the overheating problem will still exist.

Many of these online manuals provide cooling solutions and how-to tips that can help users avoid damage to systems. So, the 3 flashing lights does not necessarily mean your system is done for. The important thing is to look for every option when confronted with the three red lights of doom.

Source by Alexander Thompson

WoW PVP Warlock Pets

As Warlocks we see so many players that use their character differently then we do. Different talent trees, different use of gems, stat foods, and most confusing, different use of pets. In a PVP situation we need to know what pet is going to keep us alive longer and help us rack up the honor points.Here are a few observations that I have made as a Warlock and watching other Warlocks in PVP situations concerning pets.

Many Warlocks chose to use an Imp. The Imp is who we are most familiar with, he is by our side almost from the first minute of leveling. He gives us a stamina buff that keeps us alive longer and when certain talent points and glyphs are used he can be quite deadly! Many PVP Warlocks use an Imp but simply put him on passive. They rely on fear and dots to kill enemies and use their Imp only for the stamina buff or have him attack a player when they are clearly losing the fight.

The Voidwalker is a protector. We learn early on in the game that a Voidwalker is there to keep us from getting hurt while we hurl away spells. We also learn that the Voidwalker doesn’t help very much when it comes to dealing damage, he is strickly a wall between you and another player but with a scroll of defense he is as protective as if he were wearing plate armor.

Pesky humanoid on your tail? Pull out the Fel Guard! Complete with leather outfits and whips she will charm an enemy into paralyzation. The lash of pain she can deal to an enemy can do quite the helpful amount of damage. I don’t see many people using the Fel Guard, however because lets face it, she cant seduce everyone!

If you are having trouble going up against players who deal magic damage, take the fel hunter out for a spin! The fel hunter devous magic and spell blocks! A caster is nearly defensless against him. He also deals a respectable amount of damage while he keeps casters off of your back. However, the Fel Hunter needs to watch his back when it comes to melee, he can be sliced and diced in a short amount of time.

The best of the best, in my opinion is the Fel Guard! You see him in many PVP situations. The Fel Guard is the ultimate protector, he can take damage like no other pet and deal it nearly as well. The Fel Guard can stun the enemy, deal damage, and keep him off of your back while you blast him away with spells.

While I have seen a number of pets used with different talent points, glyphs and scrolls, in my opinion there is only one way to go in PVP and that is to take my Fel Guard by my side. With him around I am protected and fearless.

Source by Jimmy Mullins

How Africans Enlarge Their Penises – You Too Can

Some tribes in Southern Sudan and many parts of East Africa have longer than normal penises. They achieve this fit through the usage of a herb locally known as ‘Entengo’ and exercising the penis. In fact women in these parts of the world completely despise men from other parts of the world because of their normally small penises as compared to the local men.

A penis as you may know is a muscle. Like all muscles in the body it grows naturally up to a certain size and does not continue to grow naturally unless if you exercise it or use other means. In the sports world, sports men use gyms to exercise their muscles. You can see them at a distance that, that person is a sports man. This is also true with your penis. You can exercise it and women will see at a distance and know that penis is different from what they usually see.

People from East Africa and Southern Sudan since time immemorial realized that a human penis can only grow as long. So, like other societies in Africa that circumcise their male and female, these other African societies have this ritual of helping their male grow their penises to longer than normal sizes, both in length and girth.

These societies achieve this fit by combining a herb that grows naturally in their societies known as the ‘Entengo’ and combine this with an exercise regime known as the ‘jelqing’. The ‘Entengo’ herb targets the blood circulation into the penis increasing it tremendously. Whenever a man or boy gets an erection the penis receives more than the normal circulation of blood. When this happens the penis is forced to tear by this more than normal flow of blood. When the tissues of the penis tear they never go back to the old size. The penis takes on a new size. You can imagine how many erections you get a day! Within a month of using the ‘Entengo’ herb you will be able to see a distinct difference in size.

If you combine the herb and exercising the penis it even achieves the new dimension even faster. The exercising regime is known ‘jelqing’. ‘Jelqing’ is milking your penis in a stroking format. You pull your penis which must be in a semi erect state in a fashion similar to how a cow is milked. No force should be used, the process must be gentle and not over exuberant. This process helps the penis tear and increase in girth and length.

The ‘Entengo’ herb and ‘jelqing’ combined have been used in African societies since time immemorial and men in these societies have longer than normal penises. In actual fact women in these societies would be disappointed if they ever slept with men from most other parts of the world.

One thing for sure is that you can use the ‘Entego’ herb and ‘jelqing’ at any time in your life and you will be able to achieve a new penis size.

Source by Salva Kenyi