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World of Warcraft Gold Making – Huge List of Limited Supply Items!

One of the easiest ways to make gold in World of Warcraft is by selling limited supply items that other players really need. You need to go to certain locations, find special vendors, buy the rare recipes, essences, items, etc. And then run to the auction house and sell them for a profit.

Usually, when talking to a vendor, you'll see a (1) or (2) next to rare items. This means there are only one or two of that particular item left for the time being. Sometimes, you can buy what's left and sell it at the auction house for a profit. And, if you have time, you can stick around and wait a few minutes for the items to respawn and buy some more from the vendor!

Some limited supply items in World of Warcraft are worth more than others. It all depends on how crowded your server is and how much in-demand that particular item really is. Here's a list of some of the special sellers you can visit to find certain items that will sell for a lot of gold:

O Hinterlands — Visit Ruppo, who lives in the hills in the Northeast area of ​​Aerie Peak. He sometimes sells the engineering plan mithril dragonling for about 40 silver. You can probably sell it for around 2-4 gold, depending on your server. Also be on the look out for ironfeather shoulder patterns, which can sometimes be found in that area. Resell it for 2-3 gold.

O For alchemy, Look for the elixir of shadow power recipe in Stormwind. It's sold by the sponsor Maria Lumere in the Mage Quarter. Only one is sold at a time, so you need to keep checking back until it respawns. You can sell it for at least 6 gold.

O Elixir of superior defense and free action pot can both be found in Ogrimmar, Stranglethorn Vale, and Ironforge. Look for the vendors Kor'geld, Soolie Berryfizz, and Vosur Brakthel respectively (although Kor'geld can sometimes be found in Stranglethorn Vale.

O You can get shadow oil in Duskwood and Thousand Needles from the vendors Bliztik and Montarr. On a good server World of Warcraft server, you can sell each one for around 100-200% more at the auction house than what you pay for it! You'll definitely want to stack up on this recipe.

O A limited supply blacksmith recipe is the golden scale coif. You can find it at Taranis by visiting either Krinkle Goodsteel or Trenton Lighthammer.

O Visit Stranglethorn Vale for the massive iron ax recipe. It's sometimes sold by vendors Hemet Nesingwary and Vharr.

O While in Stranglethorn Vale, visit Zarena Cromwind for moonsteel broadsword recipe. You can sell each one for 1-3 gold at the World of Warcraft auction house.

O You can find a couple of limited supply leatherworking items in the Blackrock Depths. Look for Lokhtos Darkbargainer for the black dragonscale boots and corehound boots patterns. Also look for Plugger Spazzring for black dragonscale breastplate.

O In Winterspring, look for the goods supplies vendor Qia in the goblin town of Everlook for the frostsaber boots pattern. You may also be able to find the mooncloth recipe if you stick around for awhile!

O In the Wetlands and Hillsbrad Foothills, you can get the green leather armor pattern from George Candarte and Wenna Silkbeard respectively.

O For tailoring patterns, you can check out Super-Seller 680 in Desolace for a crimson cloak pattern, dark silk shirt, and enchanter's cowl.

O In Moonglade, visit Lorelae Wintersong for felcloth pants and Darnall for a runecloth robe pattern. Darnall also sometimes sells patterns for runecloth boots and cloaks.

O Visit Outfitter Eric in Ironforge for the following patterns: tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo jacket, and lavender mageweave shirt.

These are just some examples of limited supply items you can find in World of Warcraft. Again, how much gold you actually earn from selling them depends on the server you're on, the time of day, and demand. Hopefully, you'll learn enough from this guide to make all the gold you need!

Source by Missy Deskins

Business Mentors From Game of Thrones

The internet…

There’s some amazing things about it. And some that aren’t. And that’s putting it mildly.

See, it’s become a bit of a breeding ground for self-proclaimed business mentors.

You know the ones – they’ve never actually run a business outside of teaching other people how to run a business.

Mind = Blown.

At best, they’re a little bit daft.

At worst, they’re scam artists.

Anyway, these “gurus” remind me of a certain character in Game of Thrones.

(By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. Moving on… )

Now, I have to be honest…

I can’t actually remember the guy’s name. He was way back in season two and didn’t have a big role. But he was one of the rulers in a city called “Qarth”.

Qarth was seen as one of the wonders of the world. It was beautiful. Exotic. And hot.

But the thing Quarth was most famous for was its wealth; It was one of the richest cities in Westeros (which, if you haven’t lost your Game of Thrones virginity yet, is the name of the land where the show is set.)

But get this:

Throughout season two, this particular character fancies a woman called Khaleesi. (And trust me, you can’t blame him!)

But Khaleesi wasn’t interested. And so he then tried to woo her with gold and the promise of an army at her back. Still didn’t work.

The poor guy was well and truly friend-zoned.

Anyway, Qarth had a mega-secure vault where they kept all the city’s gold and other treasures. And it was mentioned throughout season 2.

But here’s the kicker.

It turned out at the end of the season (and don’t worry, this ain’t a major spoiler), that there was actually…

NOTHING in the vault at all.




Qarth had been faking their wealth all along.

But the rest of the world still believed Quarth was minted.

And you know what?

This reminds me of a lot of online “business mentors”.

Just like Qarth, they also pretend they’re made of money. They pretend they’re a powerhouse in the online world. They pretend that, if you hire them as a mentor, your business will change overnight.

Yet here’s the thing:

Most of these “gurus” are like Qarth – Built on lies. Built on bullshit.

So what SHOULD you do when looking for a mentor?

Well, look for someone who has already done the things you want to achieve.

And, most importantly, make sure they’ve actually run a business other than coaching people how to run a business.

Personally, I believe I have the two best mentors in the world – Dan Meredith and Dexter Abraham

Two guys who are:

A) Genuine.

B) Have already achieved the things I want to achieve

C) Have run multiple successful businesses outside of coaching


D) They’re geniuses.

There you have it.

Having a mentor is huge. The things I’m learning are mind-blowing.

But it has to be a good mentor.

If you pick the wrong one, then the only thing you’ll get out of it is a huge whole in your wallet.

Source by Tom Andrews

Tips on Making Money Online With Paid Surveys For Cash Through Consumer Panels

Being a member of online paid consumer panels has completely improved my life. What that is about is giving your opinion about the shopping habits you have, the types of movies you like, what you do for a living, and sometimes sometimes if you'd like some free products, just for your time. I'm talking about Free Online Paid Surveys, that will come to your inbox, via email. You might have taken a survey at an office building trying out some new sandwich coming out on the market and made $ 75, with your travel compensated. These are mainly online surveys you view on your computer. Sometimes these survey panels will call you. What this breaks down to is they will pay you cash, or rewards for your opinion.

The reason they can give out money like this, is your opinion is like gold to them. These panels share your info, anonymously with other companies, so that they can make better products and services for you, and often more money for them. Everyone wins.

I've had to take surveys online after losing jobs, or becoming too disabled to work. They helped me earn a little bit of money, before I lost my apartment, and my mind. Now you might think you can get rich of this little adventure, like all those advertisements you see "Make $ 75 an hour taking surveys," or "You can make $ 2,000 a week by checking my email." As much as you can make $ 75 on 1 survey, those usually are a week long event, and multiple sessions. Most of the average surveys you will take that are legitimate, are from $ 1 to $ 5 even a $ 20 survey from time to time.

Granted these take around 30-45 minutes to do. Most of the less winning surveys can be from 10 minutes to 25 min. The key was to do a few surveys an hour, to get around $ 10- $ 15 an hour sometimes. This was perfect for me when I was around 21 and disabled at home, and had a hard time getting out of bed. Imagine, you can do surveys while listening to music, or watching television in the background. Drink some coffee and make some money online. Some companies even give you rewards, to places like Marriot hotels, Blockbuster, Frequent flyer miles, and more! I recently got a Game Stop Gift Card for $ 25 and a Visa Prepaid Debit Card for $ 20 in the mail! I did about 10 surveys for the first gift card, and around 6 for the Visa Card. It's awesome! With that, you could get a video game for yourself or a family member for Xmas.

Taking the time to build a website, so that I can share my stories with those less fortunately than myself, or more fortunate than myself, who might not know about these survey websites that pay you money for online surveys. Find A list of Legitimate online Paid Survey websites you can trust clicking that link. Why do I do this? Well, I was cheated by a certain company called I paid $ 25 to have access to a bunch of websites, that were already free public record. Why would someone charge you for information, when it's free and you can look through google, or yahoo search engines and find every free paid online survey website. Not wanting this to happen to someone else, it made sense to make an informational survey website with step by step instructions on how to set up an account for maximizing your survey taking experience. We've all been cheated before so it's nice to know exactly what to look for. This website can help you find out how to spot the fake survey websites, and how not to make mistakes when giving out your semi-personal information. You can trust this website, because it's absolutely free and it's purely for information to understand how millions of people are a part of online paid survey panels.

Good luck!

If you need help, or have questions or stories to share, feel free to become a fan of Legitimate Online Paid Surveys for Money on Facebook, and any questions you might have. I'll get back to you.


– DC

Source by Timothy Fox

Online Casino Betting

Online casino betting via the Internet is different in many ways from betting at a table game in a live casino. Most of the games offered in a live casino can be played online at any time, day or night. Two things that are missing for sure are the crowd around a hot dice table, and the free drinks. There is no constant background noise of bells from the slot machines or the excited cries of a winner at a craps table.

An online player can play blackjack in their pajamas or shoot dice while wearing a swimsuit. Poker online is hindered in a way that only an old time live poker player may understand. This experienced player misses being able to watch the body language of another player when playing out a hand. Online play does not yet offer this feature. All other aspects of poker are either the same or in some respects improved such as you cannot bet out of turn. One huge advantage of online poker and all table games is you can play almost at will. The games are always open and available for the online player.

The rules of the online casino games mirror those of the same games offered in a live casino. So there is nothing new here.

Play of any of the table games, card games or slots online is very similar to playing in a live casino. Online play makes casino type gambling available to all people with access to the Internet.

There are multiple casino choices online where a player can open an account and play whatever casino game they like and enjoy. Many of these casinos offer a bonus based on the amount of your opening deposit. Others offer points for playing, which can be converted into merchandise, and playing time in tournaments. Special rewards for playing certain games and slots are also available A sharp comparison of the offers from the different casinos makes sense as the offers increase the available funds for play at that casino. If two casinos offer the same games, why not play at the one with the best bonus structures. If all things considered are even, but you like the graphics at one casino better than another, then play at the one with the best graphics. Playing time can be made more enjoyable with better graphics to look at.

Source by David Lowes

What Is the DXY Dollar Index?

The DXY is an indicator that many market watchers and commentators reference and quote. So what is the DXY or US Dollar index?

The DXY is a geometrically weighted index of some of the major trading partners of the United States. The composition if the DXY Index is heavily weighted towards the Euro and European countries that have not joined the European common market. The components of the DXY Index are (by weighting): Euro (57.6%), Japanese Yen (13.6%), Great Britain- Pounds Sterling (11.9%), Canadian Dollar (9.1%), Swedish Krona (4.2%), and Swiss Franc (3.6%). Because of the composition of the DXY, it is sometimes referred to as the Anti-Euro Index.

The DXY is a convenient index to use as a simple method for referencing strength and weakness of the US Dollar (USD). But its ubiquity disguises the fact that it does not reflect the value of the dollar against a broad enough basket of currencies. The DXY was created by JP Morgan in 1973, and it has only been updated once, for the introduction of the Euro currency.

The DXY is heavily weighted towards European currencies, it underweight’s the Canadian Dollar, as a proportion of US trade, and it largely ignores important Asian and Pacific trading partners, including Korea, Australia, Taiwan and necessarily China. Even if one were interested in including the Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) it would be both difficult and of questionable informational value to include the Renminbi because China keeps their currency pegged to a range that is based on the dollar.

A more accurate basket of currencies to track the relative value of the USD would be to value the dollar against the top US trading partners. The top 6 US trading partners, from high to low are: Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany and the UK. It’s hard to say why JP Morgan created this index and how it came into such prominence. One odd thing about this index is you cannot trade it. There is no market that you can go to and buy the DXY. The closest you can get are futures and options contracts traded on the InterContinental Exchange (ICE).

If it’s so inaccurate, then why is it so widely quoted? While there are more accurate ways to benchmark the USD, absolute precision is not always important for an indicator. Many traders and institutions likely have their own indices that they use to track the USD, but for the sake of comparison, it is very convenient to have a common index. The DXY is also highly correlated to a trade-weighted index most of the time. Relative strength or weakness moves by the USD represents huge flows of money. As I’ve written previously, the recent +10% move by the DXY represents more than $1 trillion of nominal wealth destruction. Moves of this magnitude do not happen in a vacuum and the relative weakness of the DXY is mirrored by corresponding weakness in the trade-weighted index.

While there are shortcomings, the DXY does serve as a reliable indicator of USD strength and weakness and can be used as such, as long as one keeps in mind that it will occasionally be skewed if there are large currency moves that occur in the Euro.

Source by Christian Koch

Top 5 Health Insurance Myths

Health insurance can be a tricky subject, particularly when you're talking about individual health insurance, and understandably so. The Government is constantly changing the rules of the game, and most people are on company policies that offer limited to no plan options or flexibility. Therefore, people often do not see the need to understand their insurance plans and options available to them. However, this is certainly not the case. Like anything else, the more you understand the better off you are and the more money you can save. With that in mind, we'll take a look at the top 5 most misunderstood health insurance topics.

Different brokers have different prices?

A broker is going to charge me more by adding a commission, right?

Wrong! Many people believe that health insurance brokers have the ability to negotiate on price, or offer cheaper prices than the competition. This is not the case! Health insurance policy premiums (prices) are regulated by each state, and are the same across the board. However, different brokers may be able to find alternative plans, or carriers that are less expensive. For example, broker A may quote you on a PPO plan from insurance carrier X. However, broker B may quote you on an HMO plan for insurance carrier Y. Broker A's plan will be consider different than broker B's plan. The trick is to find a broker that quotes multiple insurance carriers and is well versed in each carrier's plans. You can filter out the inexperienced brokers by looking at their websites and seeing how many carriers they offer. Then when speaking to the broker ask them how many different carriers and plans they quote.

Group health insurance plans are better, right?

Individual and group plans both have their respective positive and negative aspects. But if your company offers a group health insurance plan, that is the best option right? Well, maybe, but probably not. Here's why:

Group health insurance plans often are more expensive if the company or group sponsor is not paying a major portion. This is due to the ever increasing costs of group plans and the dramatic effect an unhealthy person in your company can have on the group's promotions. Say for example your company has 500 employees, if one of those employees gets dramatically ill, this will increase the premiums for the remaining 499 employees due to increased costs. But when the law of large numbers comes into play, as with individual policies, your group of individual policyholders is much larger, which allows the costs to be spread out and reduced on an individual basis.

Also, with group plans, if you get sick while in the group and decide to leave the company, there's a good chance you will have a very difficult time finding a provider to cover you. However, with individual plans there is no need to worry about losing the policy due to job loss, and individual plan benefits and coverage can not be cut or dropped.

Lastly, group plans are limited to what your company is offering in regards to carriers and types of plans like HMO and PPO. If you get an individual plan, you have the flexibility to shop around as much as you please. This allows great flexibility and customization.

Individual policies are cancelable?

If I purchase an individual health insurance policy and get sick, the provider can simply cancel, right?

Individual / family policies must be guaranteed renewable. The only ways you can lose your individual / family policy is if you do not pay your premium or if the insurance company goes bankrupt. As long as the insurer's financial stability is rated at least A (or Excellent) by AM Best or one of the other independent insurance company rating agencies, then bankruptcy is irrevely. However, plans that are not insurance such as medical discount programs or lump-sum payment critical illness plans are not regulated the same as individual health insurance.

Premiums are too expensive on individual plans?

Depending on your age and health, individual health insurance plans with good benefits are often under $ 100 per month. However, if you are getting quotes which are more than you can afford, try raising the deductible or the maximum out-of-pocket cost a bit. This is an easy way to lower the monthly premium. Also, if you are working with a broker they may be able to get quotes for alternative plans or lower cost carriers. Picking a good broker is always a smart move!

I'm healthy, I do not need health insurance

A friend of mine recently took a skiing trip to Big Bear ski resort in Southern California. She took a fall and broke her forearm in three places, and ended up with a hospital bill near $ 30,000. Health insurance is a must for everyone, even you. The best time to get coverage is when you are healthy. This is because you have your choice of carriers and plans while being able to lock in a good rate.

Source by Brad Miller

Foods That Cause Acne

The embarrassing condition of acne has been blamed on a wide variety of causes throughout the ages. Many people unjustly blame individuals with acne-prone skin of being dirty or failing to wash their faces properly. This is obviously far from the truth as acne can strike anyone, regardless of their personal hygiene habits. Others believe that eating large amounts of chocolate will ensure an acne breakout. This is also not the case, but research has linked acne to choices a person’s diet. We are going to discuss some types of foods that cause acne.

Foods that are highly acidic tend to cause acne as they create an imbalance in your body’s pH levels. The foods you should avoid include the following:

  • Vegetables: lentils, squash, corn
  • Fruits: currants, plums, prunes, cranberries and blueberries
  • Grains: barley, cornstarch, oatmeal, wheat bran, amaranth, rice, rye, wheat germ, noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, bread, soda crackers, white flour, rolled oats and wheat flour
  • Beans & Legumes: chick peas, green peas, kidney beans, pinto beans, red beans, soy beans, black beans and white beans
  • Dairy Products: butter, ice cream, processed cheese, butter and ice milk
  • Nuts & Butters: peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews and peanut butter
  • Animal Proteins: bacon, beef, pork, salmon, lamb, fish, clams, cod, mussels, sausage, scallops, turkey, venison, shrimp and lobster
  • Fats & Oils: canola oil, lard, olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil and safflower oil
  • Sweeteners: corn syrup, sugar and carob
  • Alcohol: spirits, hard liquor, wine and beer
  • Condiments: vinegar, pepper, ketchup and mustard
  • Drinks: coffee and soft drinks
  • Drugs & chemicals: aspirin, pesticides, tobacco and herbicides

If you want to prevent or minimize acne breakouts, you should replace acidic food with alkaline food choices. Some examples include carrots, cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, grapes, lemons, pineapples, raisins, strawberries, peaches, oranges and almonds. You may be surprised to see so many citrus fruits on this list. The reason is that the specific citric acid they each contain has an alkalinizing effect on your body that will actually reduce the level of acidity, rather than increase it.

Rather than making an effort to avoid one specific type of food, it is better to avoid groups of acidic foods that will enhance your acne. Replace some of the choices in the first list with more alkaline foods from the second list. You will soon discover that small changes in your diet can produce big results!

Source by Jordan S Ashton

April In Thailand: Songkran

Songkran in Thailand is traditionally about washing away your sins and bad luck from the previous year and getting ready to renew yourself for the year ahead. Many Thai’s will go back to their family homes and eat, drink and play games with their elders. There are a number of rituals that will take place like washing each other and visiting temples.

For younger people and tourists, Songkran is about having fun by throwing water and flour or powder over each other. There are a number of celebrations throughout the country with Bangkok leading the way with the most organized events and celebrations. If you are traveling through this year, then it’s a must see and participate event but you must also remember to stay safe, here are a few tips.

1. Make sure the water isn’t hot or salty – Some will try to spray you with salty water or unclean water, be careful of this especially in some of the smaller streets around the capital or provinces.

2. Avoid wet powder if you can – It is part of the tradition to smear powder on your face but this could be anything and within a few days can give you a very nasty rash, it’s best to avoid contact with anyone trying to smear you with powder.

3. Remember the culture – Don’t walk down the road of the capital with no shirt on or just a bikini, there are still laws about dressing appropriately in Thailand. Make sure you are not too revealing, it can get very hot but you are also a visitor in another country and you must observe their laws.

4. Put all your valuables in a plastic bag – No matter how much you try to avoid the water in the capital, you are almost certain to end up drenched through. Make sure you are carrying your phone, your watch, your camera, your wallet in a plastic zipped bag. These can be bought locally so don’t worry but it’s a must have if you want to enjoy the festivities.

5. Beware of pickpockets – Although this is sound advice when traveling anywhere and at any time of the year, unfortunately, festivals bring about the worst in people and when you are getting caught up in the atmosphere it’s easy to forget about your valuables and you can be sure there will be someone ready to relieve you of them if you are not careful.

Having said all that, Songkran is a great festival and one to be enjoyed, so please have fun!

Source by Stephen Holmes

Midsoles – EVA Versus PU

When deciding which running shoe to buy, perhaps the most important feature of the shoe is its midsole. You can’t see the midsole (it is sandwiched between the outsole and the insole), but it is largely responsible for the cushioning your feet, knees, hips and entire body receive each time your feet hit the ground. It can also help promote foot stability and prevent conditions such as over pronation (when your foot rolls too far inward) or under pronation (when your foot does not roll inward enough), which are associated with flat feet and high arches.

Midsoles are generally made from two basic materials: EVA and PU.

EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. It is not plastic or rubber but foam. Each midsole is made up of thousands of foam bubbles that act like cells. Each one of these foam bubbles is filled with gas. The result is a material that is lightweight and flexible. Each time you land on an EVA midsole, your shoe breathes a little. The gas is pushed out and then let back in once your foot leaves the ground.

PU is also a type of foam. It stands for polyurethane. The material is heavier than EVA and is generally less preferred by runners because of its density. That said, PU tends to hold up better than EVA. Over time, the bubbles that make EVA midsoles so light and bouncy to begin with permanently lose some of their air. PU gives less bounce in the beginning, but its bounce lasts longer.

Some midsoles are made with a combination of the two midsoles. The classic design is to put PU on the outside (where the shoe receives the most stress) and then maintain an EVA core.

In addition to the midsole, you will want to carefully examine the shoes’ other features as well. With regards to the outsole, it is normally most important to examine the quality of traction it provides. Features to look for with insoles include arch support and contoured foot beds.

A word to the wise: often Shoe companies will use special terms or “company lingo” when it comes time to advertise these straightforward terms. For example, Asic’s Speva(TM) is in fact a fancy way of saying EVA (i.e., spEVA). Most high quality running shoes favor EVA over PU, or some combination of the two. You probably will not find too many PU-only midsoles, unless you are shopping in the vintage section.

Source by Jane Baron

Disturbing Web Trends: Ugliness Sells?

Isn’t it annoying when your online competitor gets more traffic and makes more sales than you do even though their website is ugly? Your website is stunning so how can this happen?

Well, it’s not necessarily the beauty of a site that sells. There is a disturbing web trend that seems to indicate that “ugliness sells”. Is it really the ugliness that sells? Not quite.

Let’s make it clear: you don’t need the most wonderful website ever to make people trust you. You don’t need Flash to blow their minds with some fancy special effects. You don’t even need sound to make them believe in your business. All you need is to address a real need and offer solutions for it.

When your competitor is making money hand over fist and their growth is off the chart, could it be because he or she make people a plain offer in a simple, understandable manner? No flashy website design…no large graphics that take forever to load…just an easy to use website. That’s right: heavy graphic driven websites are slow. People don’t like to wait. So they browse to a faster website, with no fancy design, one that provides for fast access to information. Simple sites are accessible. This accessibility probably works at subliminal layers of the mind, causing people to think: this is a simple, reliable site, the products must have the same qualities.

Your website is the digital projection of your business. But understand that each online business should find a functional web design style: what works for a search engine will not work for a consumer electronics website. So, before designing a business website, stop and ask yourself: what do my clients expect? What do they need? What do I expect from my clients? Do I want them to make a purchase or click on an affiliate link or ad?

Don’t get this wrong. A nice professional site design is important. You do need an astonishing web design for a fashion site or for an art site. You also need a good design for a business website. However, if you are going to promote affiliate links or simply win revenue from pay-per-click campaigns, you actually WANT people to go away from your website. You WANT to have them click on your ads and links. So: ugliness is your key on this type of website. A good example of an ugly site that has had great success is Craigslist. Have you ever seen anything that ugly? Yet, this is one of the most popular jobs classifieds sites, in spite of this. People like it: it is fast, easy to use, functional, and serves its purpose. It doesn’t dazzle, but informs.

In conclusion: it is not ugliness that sells, it is the usability of the ugly website. If you manage to create a site that is both usable and trustworthy you don’t need to worry about the “ugly” competition. You are on the right path.

Source by Scott Lindsay