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Simple Ways to Build a Brand for Your Service Biz

For a product-based company, customer loyalty is built upon the quality of your goods. However, when you’re offering a service, building a loyal customer base becomes a bit more complicated. It can obviously be done, but with a proper strategy in place. Rather than your products being the brand, it becomes you and your workers. This is why it’s essential to have a content marketing strategy put together by a professional SEO service.

The last thing you need is a boatload of bad reviews, or worse litigation, raining down on your company. It’s easier to keep your brand in a positive light if you’re effectively pushing out content for your brand. What people find in the SERPs should be great things, but also truthful. If you offer an excellent service, then people need to hear about it. An online reputation management strategy can also come in handy when negative reviews do arise. An SEO agency can provide these services to you as well.

Let’s review some of the other ways you can start building a brand for your service-based company.

Create a Feedback System

This will be designed for both positive and negative feedback. It’s impossible for a business to not have some unsatisfied customers, so expect it. It’s better to have customers come to your system to complain, rather than going on social media or other sites to blaspheme your brand. This way, you can somewhat control the fire and potentially put it out. A professional SEO service can manage this feedback system for you.

Protect Your Customers’ Data

Every type of business should have a data protection strategy in place to ensure your customers’ data is safe. You should not keep personal data longer than you have to and/or dispose of it responsibly. One quick way to lose the trust of customers and prospects is to mis-handle their precious credit card information. So avoid this at all costs!

Be Consistent

If you want to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers, then your brand has to be consistent. This includes the marketing, content and services being offered. If your company is all-around consistent, then it will be easier for customers to stick with and by your brand for many years. Social media can be a big help in consistently pushing out content and promotions to customers in your geographical area.

If you need help with strategizing your branding, you should try consulting with a business development expert. You should also bring aboard a professional SEO service provider to help plan out your online marketing strategy.

Source by Hugh Benjamin

Why a Password Reset Disk Is Important for Your Laptop

Ever put password on the user account of your laptop and days later on got locked out either losing or forgetting the password. No need to panic. Because there’s still hope. Read on to find the easy solution.

Forgetting or losing your password on your laptop can be very frustrating; however the situation could be completely alleviated if you always have a password reset disk handy.

Simple Steps to Create a Password Reset Disk:

Once you have put password on your user account, logout and then login again using your password.

1) Click Control Panel

2) Click User Accounts and Family Safety

3) Click User Account

4) Insert a formatted flash drive

5) Click Password reset disk in the left pane.

6) When the Forgotten Password Wizard appears, click Next.

7) Select your USB flash drive and then click Next.

8) When the option for Current User Account Password comes up, you can skip and click Next.

9) When the Progress bar reaches 100%, click Next and then click Finish.

10) When the required disk has been created, remove the disk and store it in a safe place.

Using the appropriate created disk when you forget the password for your account, you will have the option of putting a new password directly and confirming it also. And then there you go you have a new known password for the needed account of your laptop.

This kind of disk only works for local accounts (not domain accounts). Also if you use such a disk, you can use the same disk again in the future without the need to update it.

Creating a password reset disk will work well for Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10.

Now as a precaution, you should create such a disk as soon as you have authenticated your user account so that while you still know your password, you can login to create the required disk. And then use the disk to your advantage when you have forgotten or lost the password and can’t login inside.

There are various other methods you can find online to reset the authentication of your account but they may be longer and trickier. Creating a password reset disk the way I have shown is one of the easiest and most convenient methods. So take advantage of it so that you don’t get yourself locked out in the event that you do lose your password.

Source by Rosina S Khan

Want to Become a Make-Up Artist? Know It’s Pros and Cons, Make Up Schools, and Courses

Make up is used in various fields like television, magazines, theatres, photography, cosmetic industry and many more. The make-up artists change your appearance by applying cosmetics on your face. They make you look good and feel good. They change your over-all personality. They can make you look younger or older. They can cover up your flaws. And so, this profession is in high demand and is popular especially in the field of television.

If you have decided it to be your profession you must know its pros and cons, various make up courses and schools available.

Pros of being a make-up artist

• You do not have to undergo a 9 to 6 desk job.

• You can start your business or work in a team. You do not need to work under someone else.

• You meet different people daily and can develop your own network.

• It gives you an inner satisfaction of making people look good. You bring happiness to people.

• It allows you to experiment with your creative ideas.

• The results are quick

• You can meet celebrities and visit new places.

• This profession offers flexible hours of working.

Cons of being a make-up artist

• There is no schedule time for working

• Competition is very tough

• Many think that people who take up this profession are “good-for-nothing” kind of people

• It takes time to develop a career in this profession

• It takes time in creating your own network of clients.

How to Become a Make-up Artist?

A formal certification in make-up artistry is not essential. You can become a make-up artist by learning the techniques yourself or you can go to a make up school or can work in a cosmetic company. If you want to learn it on your own, a lot of constant research is required. You should be aware what kind of make-up is in fashion. You should read books on make-up artistry, understand different styles. To train yourself, you can experiment your make-up artistry on your friends. A make-up artist with certification will always be preferred over others. So, there are many make-up schools that provide the necessary certification. Here you will get a formal education and training on this profession which will be very beneficial in the long run. By working in a cosmetic company, you will be exposed to various make-up products and their uses. You will also get a chance to apply makeup on your customers.

Makeup Courses

There are various courses available like part time make-up; fashion and photographic; stage, media and special effects; fashion, theatre and media makeup diploma.

It is very easy to become a make-up artist but if you want to master this art, take up as many make up courses as you can. It will enhance your skills. This profession is very rewarding and is in high demand. Today everyone wants to look beautiful.

Source by Jessica Meriya

What to Wear to a Brunch Wedding

Brunch weddings have become increasingly popular lately. Couples like them because they have a relaxed family-friendly feeling, and also because they are less expensive to host than a traditional wedding dinner. Attire for a wedding held early in the day can be quite different than what one would wear to a formal evening wedding. This is what to wear to a brunch wedding.

Dressing up in the morning can be a tad confusing. The usual tricks we use to make an outfit festive, such as sparkly jewelry, shimmery fabrics, and the like seem out of place for brunch. Yet, a wedding at any time of the day is a special occasion, and therefore a special outfit is called for. The time of year also makes a difference, as one would dress a bit more formally for a winter brunch wedding than a summer one.

Wedding attire for men is fairly straightforward. For brunch, a nice pair of trousers worn with a jacket and tie is ideal. If the wedding ends up leaning more casual, it is a simple enough matter to remove the jacket. Dressy loafers would be a good choice for shoes. In the morning, a male wedding guests can feel free to experiment with more colors and patterns than he might for a formal evening reception. Whimsical ties, shirts with small checks or in colors other than white, and even fun socks (think argyle) would all be great.

Female wedding guests have more leeway in what they wear, which makes it more fun to get dressed, but also more confusing. For a summer brunch wedding, a knee length dress or skirt in a floral design would be pretty. It can be worn with cute flats or pretty low sandals, pearl earrings, and a small handbag. Even in the daytime, your everyday purse is not dressy enough for a wedding, so pick something like a cute little fabric covered clutch. Other accessories to consider include a little cardigan or wrap to wear over a dress and possibly an elegant wide brim hat with a ribbon. The hat would be marvelous for an outdoor brunch wedding and will help to dress up a more simple sundress style. Stay away from any jewelry or attire with a lot of beading or sparkles for a morning wedding.

If the brunch wedding falls in the winter months, plan to dress up a bit more. A beautiful jacquard dress would be ideal. Or look for the chic combination of a skirt and jacket in an elegant fabric to be paired with a silk or cashmere shell. Look for a skirt or dress which falls a little below the knee, rather than to the floor. Another great option is a pair of tailored velvet trousers worn with satin flats and a cashmere sweater. Black is pretty harsh for a morning wedding, so look for clothing in other colors. Deep winter hues like plum, chocolate, and forest are lovely, as are neutrals like pewter or champagne.

Fall weddings tend to be very difficult to dress for, stuck as they are between the sundresses of summer and the rich fabrics of the holiday season. For a fall brunch wedding, think cozy. A flattering wrap dress worn with elegant high heel boots and a pretty pair of drop pearl earrings would be highly appropriate. A wool skirt worn with a silk blouse or cashmere sweater would be another option, as long as the pieces are not too business-like or too casual. In other words, a pink tweed skirt and a fitted chocolate brown sweater with a pretty bow would be lovely, however the gray skirt from a suit or the heavy fisherman’s sweater would be too business-like and too casual, respectively.

The trend towards brunch weddings is likely to become increasingly popular, so it is helpful to know what to wear to that type of celebration. As with any wedding, err on the side of dressing up a little too much rather than putting in too little effort. Stay away from evening-only attire like cocktail dresses, low cut tops, and too much sparkle, and you will look wonderful for the brunch reception.

Source by Bridget Mora

Therapy Dogs – Fascinating Facts

There is no greater therapy than the love of a dog. Everyday around the world millions of people experience the amazing bond between humans and dogs. This is what the basis of what is becoming such a powerful mode of therapy for many people in long term health care facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

Animals have been recognized as being a positive influence when it comes to lowering blood pressure, improving feelings of loneliness, reducing depression and raising self esteem. Some studies have shown people who are around dogs have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than someone who is not exposed to a dog. The fact is, dogs have a calming and therapeutic effect on people.

When a dog visits a health care facility, everyone benefits from their presence. The residence and/or patients, the staff as well as the visitors are affected by the special magic these furry friends bring to their facility. Life in a long term care facility can be lonely and often boring for some residence. A visit from a dog breaks up the daily routine and these magnificent creatures have an un-caning ability to stimulate the mind in dramatic ways.

Different types of Therapy Dogs

There are two recognizable types of Therapy Dogs. The most common are the dogs that are used for visiting nursing homes, long term health care facilities, hospitals and schools. These dogs are called, ” Therapeutic Visitation Dogs”. The second type is known as “Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs” . This classification of Therapy Dog is used for people who may have mental or physical illnesses.


As of 2007, there are approximately 18,000 Therapy Dogs registered with an organization called Therapy Dogs International. This volunteer organization is dedicated to regulating, testing and registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of therapeutic visitations. In Canada, the most recognizable organization which evaluates and tests potential Therapy Dogs is called St. Johns Ambulance. In 2007, this volunteer organization had 2300 dogs registered in their program and they visited an estimated 68,000 patients which translated into approximately 146,000 volunteer hours. There are a number of facilities around the country that also specializes in training people and their family dog to become a Therapy Dog team.

How to recognize a Therapy Dog

These dogs are usually recognized by a colored vest, cape or jacket with a special patch sewn onto the garment. In Canada, the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog program uses a special bandana and an identification card which indicates the dog has been tested and certified. Each province or state may have their own method of identifying a Therapy Dog team. It may include many of the fore mentioned apparel or ID cards and/or the handler may wear a special vest or shirt indicating they are a qualified team.

Access Laws

A Therapy Dog that is recognized as a “Therapeutic Visitation Dog” does not have the same access privileges as the “Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs”. In the United States, check with your local government officials or visit the American’s With Disabilities Act website. In Canada, visit the Blind Persons Rights Act or the Canadian Human Rights Commission website.

How You Can Make A Difference

You can make a huge difference in the lives of many people, by becoming a volunteer Therapy Dog handler. You will learn and appreciate the special bond you have with your own dog and at the same time you will be contributing to the health and well being of many people who could use the positive influence of a dog. Contact your local training or testing facility to find out how you and your canine companion could make a difference as a Therapy Dog team.

Source by Tina L. Tuttle

Benefits of Pet Crate Covers

Many pet owners love the benefits of crate training their dog but are not pleased with the general look of having a large box in their family living space to house their pet. As a result, many purchase a dog crate cover to help camouflage the crate and allow it to blend in more readily with their d├ęcor. In their attempt to solve the problem of an eye sore in the home, owners are quickly realizing that the benefits reach far beyond aesthetics.

Most models are constructed of fabric, which leads to a wide selection of fabric styles, colors and patterns. If a pup’s home is located in a place that is drafty, the cover can provide extra warmth. It if is located in an area that receives a good bit of sunlight, it can provide shade. There are even models designed for outdoor use, providing extra protection from the elements. In any case, if the pet’s comfort level is increased, this can impact not only health, but behavior in a positive way.

For a puppy that is recently weaned, a pet crate cover can create an environment that feels particularly cozy and secure. This can help your canine adjust to a new environment and may even help it sleep better through the night.

Some models come with various accessories, adding to the comfort level provided for your animal. It is possible to find pet crate covers that are sold in a set and include a mattress and bumper. Some retailers also offer matching pillows and blankets for purchase. Again, the more secure and comfortable the space is, the more inviting it is to your animal.

Be sure to speak to the retailer about sizes offered. There are a number of standard sizes available, and some retailers also offer custom options. Another consideration is how many doors or openings are included. Some dog crate covers are made with only one door, while others have more. Some models allow the sides to be pulled or rolled up and fastened at the top, offering an opportunity for your pet to have a wider view, and be more engaged in its surroundings. These can then be dropped or zipped back into place for quiet time.

While researching your purchase, it is helpful to consider all the possible benefits, and not focus strictly on the appearance. This will result in something that is pleasing to both you and your dog.

Source by Teresa James

9 Ways to Hold the Room – Better Public Speaking Skills

At one point or another, those of us in business are called upon to do some public speaking. The way we present ourselves is important because it is representative of who we are, our competencies, and how people will view our businesses- thus the quest to attain and refine better public speaking skills is an important one.

Most people looking to get better public speaking skills are initially concerned with adding new entertaining or persuasive elements to their presentations, such as props or humor, or in developing techniques such as hand gestures.

The truth be known, the majority of people can improve their speaking skills dramatically simply by focusing on eliminating the negatives from their speaking before even thinking about adding anything else. That said, here are some simple rules to help you better your public speaking skills and give you better presentations, and thus, better results in your business.

Here are the rules I am training myself to use, things I have read or observed in others who I’ve had the good fortune to work with:

1. Keep it simple

Speak naturally

Make eye contact

Don’t do crazy things with your hands

2. Be impassioned.

No matter what you speak about, people want to know that you are excited about it. Now, don’t fake it, but let your passion for your business or product come through!

3. Balance the format of your information.

Don’t try to cram too much into the presentation. Instead, when speaking, cover the basics and leave the details to handouts that can be read later. Use a PowerPoint slide or a few but don’t overdo it (info-wise).

4. Manage the relationships beforehand.

If at all possible, get to know the people who will be listening to you prior to your presentation. This will give them a built-in trust of you and what you have to say.

5. Show, don’t tell.

Show them with stories, examples and personal experience. Don’t just list facts.

6. Get rid of distracting idiosyncrasies.

“Ummms” and “Ahhhs” have got to go. So does jingling coins in your pockets. (I’ve been guilty here many times)

7. Know your material.

Nothing beats having the material down pat. If you do, it will cover a multitude of other problems that may arise.

8. Get the audience to participate at varying levels if effective.

You can use different methods, such as taking time to work alone or with a partner, feedback on certain points or questions and answers.

9. Don’t misinterpret people’s response and get discouraged.

You never know why a person may not be listening or get up and walk out. There are lots of reasons that have nothing to do with you or your speaking. Assume it is something else and keep on going!

I am NOT a great speaker…yet I have had the great fortune to work with some very great presenters and speakers such as some of the incredibly successful people with the HIS Real Estate Network Board of Advisors. I’ve found that by working with these and other successful speakers and presenters, and being diligent practicing what I’ve learned and observed, I have developed better public speaking skills. If you follow these simple rules, you can too.

Source by Danny Welsh

How To Restore Picture Tube Without using a crt tester, restorer or rejuvenator

Picture become weak or dim usually happen after the monitor have been used for many years. Again it depends on the quality of the picture tube or cathode ray tube (CRT). Some grade A CRT can last for many years, but for the lower grade one it can only last for couples of year. Do not be surprise that I do come across picture tube that had gone dim in less than a year! If you switch on your monitor for 24 hours without turning it off, then expect the tube to become dim fast. Beside dim (weak emission), CRT may also develop many problems such as open filament, short between cathode and heater, G1 and G2 short, poor gamma performance, stripped cathode and focus and G2 short. In this article, I'm going to touch on the weak emission problem only and show you a possible way to brighten up the picture tube.

The cathode ray determines the brightness and sharpness of a picture tube. Its electrons are emitted from the cathode surface into the cathode ray tube's vacuum. The electrons then strike the screen in the form of a ray and cause it to shine. Weak or used up cathodes produce few electrons and emit weak electron rays. This causes the picture to become dark and fuzzy. Sometimes the cathode emission ceased due to a layer of contamination coating covers the cathode surface. This contamination prevails the electrons from leaving the cathode's surface so that you get a dim picture.

In order to identify whether the tube that cause the dim or from bad components, one can always use a CRT tester / meter to check it. Some call it CRT rejuvenator, CRT restorer and others named it as CRT regenerator. These testers are designed to test and check CRT and fix it if the picture tubes have problems. I personally owned two CRT testers- the BMR 2005 Muter regenerator and a less feature one I bought from Thailand. With the help of CRT tester, I can know if a picture tube is working or not. If you do not have one, do not worry because by checking the voltage at the CRT socket pin outs, you will have some ideas if the CRT is good or bad.

From my experienced, I noticed that the older tube can be brightening up with the help of CRT tester but not for tubes that was made in the year 1994 and above. I suspect the getter (made of barium) inside the tube have been used up. The functions of getter inside the tube are to absorb gas that was release when the cathodes are heat up. If the getter fails to absorb the gas, then there is no point to restore a picture tube. I have brightened up many picture tubes with the help of CRT tester and some looks like a new tube. But somehow after one or two days the picture tube get dim again because the getter can not absorb the gas and the gas will travels back to the cathode surface and turn it into carbonate. Electron emission will cease again. I even have tried some home made CRT restorer downloaded from the internet and the result is still the same-the picture tube will dim back after couples of days.

After done some research and experiment, I found that the best way to brighten up the tube is to increase the heater voltage. Normal heater or filament voltage is about 6.3 volt and if you increase the voltage to about 8 to 9 volts, this means the cathode will produce more electrons and then the screen will become brighter. Bare in mind that do not apply any voltage that is higher than 9 volts to the heater otherwise the internal filament will burn out and broken. Once it is open then there will be no way to rescue it.

If the picture tube is heading to rubbish dump then there is no harm to try to restore it. About how long it will last, I can not guarantee it. Some will last even more than two years and some only couples of weeks. Recently there was a badge of Compaq and Hp 15 "monitor that have the symptom of blur display with bright picture. No matter how hard you try to adjust the focus adjustment at the back of flyback transformer, the picture still look slowly blurs. Using the methods above I had saved lots of picture tube (I do not need to replace a second hand one to customer).

It is a simple modification and this only applies to the 14 and 15 "monitor picture tube only. First you need to find which secondary output that have output from 12 to 15 volts. Once you have locate it, then sold a wire at the cathode pin of the diode and join it to the input pin of 7808 (output 8Volts) voltage regulator. Please do not tap from the B + voltage which is usually 45 volts and above and this may kill the 7808 IC because this IC can only withstand voltage up to 38 volts maximum. The current drawn from the 14 and 15 "picture tube is less than the 17" tube and if you use this way to brighten up the 17 "tube, the power supply may go into shutdown mode and sometimes will even lead to power blink.

I do know some technicians like to use the method of turning few rounds of wire at the flyback ferrite core to restore the brightness. This method can work in Television but not in Monitor. Computer monitors runs in many resolution and the higher the resolution the higher the B + voltage and thus making the output voltage at the wire increased. This will lead to a sudden brightness and may shutdown the monitor. Even if it did not shutdown, the customer may get annoyed with the Monitor brightness (raster) whenever the customer change the monitor resolution.

Now solder the pin 2 of 7808 IC to cold ground and the output of 7808 IC pin 3 to the CRT heater point as shown in the picture. Remember to cut off the 6.3 volt supply line from the power supply because you do not need it anymore. What you need is the 8 Volt supply to the filament in the picture tube. You can also connect a low ohm protection resistor in series to the heater point. Just in case if any short circuit happens the resistor will open circuit. Make sure you attach the 7808 IC to the heatsink, preferred the heatsink at the flyback transformer.

This method only work for tube that is slightly blur and not too dim picture. If a picture is very dim even if you raise the heater voltage to 12 volt, you still would not see a bright picture. As mentioned above there is no harm trying to modify it and who knows the tube can be bought to life and serve the customer for many years. Hope you enjoy the article.

Source by Jestine Yong

Image Treadmills Review

For busy individuals, going to the gym takes a lot of time and effort. However, career-minded individuals know the importance of health, especially of cardio respiratory exercise. Jogging increases the endurance level of both heart and lungs. That is why most people prefer the convenience of treadmills as a good alternative for outdoor jogging. One of the products of ICON Health and Fitness, the largest health and fitness equipment company, Image Treadmills let you enjoy a healthy outdoor activity in the comforts of your own home.

ICON has been a pioneer manufacturer of state-of-the-art health and fitness equipment for more than 31 years. It has spread its market to more than 9 locations around the world. The brainchild of Scott Waterson and Gary Stevenson, ICON started as Weslo in 1977 importing kitchen wares and marble products from the Far East. It was the company’s acquisition of ProForm in 1988 which catapulted them into the health and fitness business.

ICON is the producer of popular, high performance fitness products such as NordicTrack, FreeMotion Fitness, ProForm, Weider, HealthRider, EPIC, Image, iFit and Weslo and licenses Reebok and Gold’s Gym brands. Image Treadmills might be one of ICON’s lesser known product, but it does not mean they are of inferior quality. This mid price range product offers a variety of good features that can help you target your fitness goal, providing you with a good value for your money.

Image Treadmills have a wide 20 inch by 55 inch running surface and a folding feature which helps you maximize space altogether. The Image 12.0 Q is iFit technology compatible, allowing you to program your workouts using the Internet and CDs. The Image Advanced 1400 Treadmill has a warranty includes 3 years motor, 2 years parts and 1 year labor; much better than the normally 90-day warranty of other Image Treadmill models.

Image Treadmills offer a range of entry level to mid range machines, each one designed according to your preference and need.

Source by Patrick Edwards

Russian Superstitions

Russians are very superstitious people. They will deny this, but it is true. These superstitions affect my life on a daily basis. Most of the time they are harmless and I go along with them to humor my wife. Sometimes I tease her about them.

New superstitions pop up all the time, as new situations arise in our life. I keep telling her that I need a rulebook for them. Perhaps someday I will codify them in a book.

Russians are raised with these superstitions so they have no need to consult a manual.
Here are some of them. It is by no means an exhaustive list:

1) You can not whistle in the house or car, as they believe that you are whistling away your money.

At a dinner party at our house, a friend of mine started whistling. My wife silenced him immediately. She explained to him, "You can whistle in your own house, but you can not whistle in mine. In my house, it's my money you are whistling away."

When she first came to America, she would see people standing at intersections holding signs. She asked me what they were doing. I told her they were asking for money. She asked me why. I told her that they had done entirely too much whistling in their house for their own good.

2) If you step on your spouse's shoe by accident, you have to let the other person step on your shoe, or you will have an argument.

I never tested this superstition. It seemed easier to go along with the remedy than pay the price for violating it.

3) If you leave your house, you can not go back inside for something you have forgotten, or your trip will result in 'nothing good,' as my wife says.

4) If you must go back in to get the forgotten item, you can try to mitigate the bad effects of returning by looking into the mirror at your own reflection for a moment before you leave again.

5) Never demonstrate another surgery or wound on your own body with your hand or other means as you are likely to visit that on yourself.

In the few times I have done this, my wife has tried to remedy this by wiping away the spot where I made the imaginary incision with her hand, blowing on her hand to blow it away to the wind, and covering it with the sign of The cross.

6) Never give a Russian woman an even number of flowers. Even numbers are for the dead. Always give odd numbers. When you order a dozen, or two dozen roses, for her, ask them to throw in an extra one for good luck.

7) Never give yellow flowers to a Russian woman. It signifies infidelity and may mean that your relationship will not last.

8) Never give a watch as a gift to a Russian woman. Time is running out on your relationship.

9) Never give knives or handkerchiefs as gifts. I do not know the reason for this one.

10) Never celebrate a birthday early. You are pushing your luck.

11) Do not show your newborn baby to strangers until after forty days. They are waiting for their soul to arrive and they may take on another's soul or energy during that time.

12) It's best to cut your hair or nails during a full moon.

13) It's considered bad luck to shave or cut your hair when a family member is in danger or bad health.

14) Whenever someone praises you or offers a positive comment, you knock on wood or simply spit three times over your left shoulder so that you are not jinxed by the comment.

15) Do not shake hands or kiss over the threshold of a door. It forms a bridge that allows the devil or evil spirits from the outside to enter the house this way. When I have done this by mistake, my wife usually pushes me back outside or pulls me inside before greeting me with a kiss at the front door.

16) Before anyone takes a long trip, the whole family sits together silently for a few minutes before the traveler leaves.

17) The truly superstitious have been known to eat 'lucky' bus tickets, when the sum of the left three numbers equals the sum of the three numbers on the right.

18) Recently, while preparing to give my infant daughter a bath, the little tyke peed on me while I was taking her clothes off. My wife laughed and said that it was good news. It meant that I would live to dance at my daughter's wedding!

This list is not exhaustive by any means. Superstitions vary by country and locale. There is a popular Russian television show that travels around the country exploring the unique superstitions of each particular town or village.

Many of the superstitions came from folk tales or fairy stories, Russian Orthodox tradition, or had peasant or agricultural roots. Most Russians are only one or two generations from the farm or village.

At any rate, be aware of the superstitions and try to show some respect for them wherever or not you believe in them. Your Russian friends will appreciate it.

Source by John Kunkle