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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not fresh news. It has become one of the top rated and most popular games world-wide. What really is this craze and crave for Pokémon Go?

The popular Nintendo-built Pokémon which exploded in fame around the late 90s, has revived the game world with its latest GO version, and is taking the world by storm.

The Pokémon Go is apparently one of the series largest admittance into the mobile gaming. It is obtainable for a free download on Android and iOS. The game’s fame at the moment is comparable to that of Twitter’s daily active users on Android.

Pokémon Go is a game which utilizes a person’s phone’s GPS and clock to sense where the game player is within the game, and then conjures a Pokémon to “appear” around you within your phone screen. It is your mission to proceed in catching them. The Pokémon series and games happens in a world inhabited by strikingly powerful monsters. These game monsters can appear as rats, dragons, snakes, birds, eggs, trees, dinosaurs and even swords.

As you move within the game, several forms and numbers of Pokémon’s will appear randomly near your location and your phone’s time tracking. The main goal of the game is to inspire you to trip around the real world to catch a Pokémon while within the game scene. By utilizing your phone’s capacity to track time and your location, Pokemon Go mirrors what it would be like if the monsters really were wandering around. The monsters must be caught and collected.

The principal entry of Pokémon games started with 151 creatures. However the catalog has since evolved to more than 720. With the Pokémon Go, only the original 151 creatures are accessible.

Pokémon Go is now fulfilling the fantasies that Pokémon fans world-wide have had since the game’s first launch. It is a hot game for adventurous game players, and is one of the free trending games currently available. Fans should play now if they haven’t yet.

Further than attaining childhood dreams, Pokémon Go is everybody’s intro into a new kind of game that connects the real world with a virtual one which is also referred to as Augmented Reality.

Why play this game? Since everyday activities can get boring, it can get better by spicing it up with the new craze, Pokemon Go!

Source by Jessie Wright

The 3 Best Stigmas For Assassins

Stigmas are abilities that are usable when you equip stigma stones in the stigma slots available on your character. You can equip 1 at level 10, and up to 8 at level 50. Your character is not ‘complete’ without a good set of stigma stones.

A basic set of stigma stones are sold at your class trainer, but the more advanced ones are random drops from mobs, that usually sold at the trade broker. Unless your lucky enough to acquire all your required stigmas from mobs, you may end up paying a hefty price for some of the rare stigma drops. It is therefore useful to have knowledge of the best stigmas to aim for your build. Three of the top ones are.


This stigma teleports you behind your target, dealing medium damage, but also stuns them for 3 seconds. Stuns are the bread and butter of assassins, and is a great opening move in pve and pvp. However, you need to understand that the stun part of this attack is a magical attack. So opponents with high magical resists will cancel out the effect. Also, with a 40 second cooldown you will not be able to use it twice.


Resists two magical attacks for 8 seconds, with a 1 minute cooldown. Although at first this seems a mediocre stigma to have, it is actually quite a powerful pvp skill. Not only will you be able to resist magical attacks and crowd control spells from casters (root, stun, etc), but many melee attacks are also magical based, such as the Ankle Snare stigma skill of gladiators.


This stimga increases your attack speed by 20% for 30 seconds, and has a 2 minute cooldown. This is great for generating burst damage, which is makes it a great skill to have in pvp and pve as it increases your damage immensely. However, a more important advantage is that you will be able to carve your runes a lot quicker. This means that you will be able to kick off some stuns earlier in the encounter. Stuns helps Assassins win battles, so get this stigma as soon as possible.

There are other stigma skills worth using, but they are more dependent on your playstyle, solo ganking or grouped based pvp. Others are more effective against casters, or melee opponents such as blinding burst. These however are the stigmas you should acquire after the base 3 stigmas mentioned.

Source by Jonathan Mansal

Viral Infection Headache From Meningitis

A viral infection headache can come from different types of viruses. The concern about having such headaches is that the root cause may be meningitis.

So what is meningitis all about? This is an infection in the membrane that surrounds your brain. Brain and spinal cord infections can be very dangerous because they cause inflammation, which places pressure on your nerves. This will cause you to have a viral infection headache.

Inflammation can also cause the following symptoms:

o Fever

o Severe headache

o Feeling confused

Severe inflammation can cause these symptoms:

o Brain damage

o Stroke

o Seizures

o Death

A bacterial infection or virus causes meningitis. The body can usually fight and beat an infection. However, when the infection travels into the blood stream, it can then go into your brain and spinal cord’s fluid. It can then affect your nerves and move into the brain causing inflammation and swelling. This can damage or kill nerve cells and cause bleeding in the brain. It can also cause you to have a viral infection headache.

Brain swelling is very dangerous because the brain is a soft organ in a hard box (the skull). If the brain swells, there is nowhere for it to go, except against the walls of the skull. This is what causes the most damage.

There are several causes of meningitis. These include

o Bacterial infection

o Viral infection

o Fungal infection

o A reaction to medications

o A reaction to medical treatments

o Lupus

o Some forms of cancer

o A trauma to the head or back

Bacterial meningitis is the worst type because it can kill you. It often begins as an upper respiratory tract infection. From there it travels through your blood vessels to your brain. Then it can block up your blood vessels inside your brain triggering a stroke and brain damage.

Viral meningitis is the most common form. Usually viruses that enter your body through your mouth before going to your brain and multiplying cause it. You can find these viruses in the mucus, saliva and feces.

Other viruses that may cause meningitis include:

o Chicken pox

o Flu

o Mumps


o Genital herpes

Anyone can catch meningitis. This is especially true if your immune system is weak.

Meningitis often begins like the flu does. You may get a rash. The major symptoms include:

o Running a sudden fever

o A severe headache

o Stiff neck

o Dislike of light

Bacterial meningitis must be treated quickly. Severe bacterial meningitis will require intravenous antibiotics.

Antibiotics cannot be used to treat viral meningitis because they do not kill viruses. Thus, the best prescription is to simply take a rest at home or in the hospital.

As your body takes a break, your viral infection headache and other symptoms will also recede. It is important that you pay heed to your doctor’s advice while trying to recover from a viral infection headache.

Source by Sandra Kim Leong

How To Successfully Mail Chocolate

Chocolate gifts are, perhaps, the tastiest gifts that anyone could hope to receive. The problem with chocolate gifts, though, is making sure that they do not melt before they arrive at their destination!

This is quite easy if you are hand-delivering your chocolate gifts. But if, on the other hand, you plan on mailing your them, it is a whole other story. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your gifts of chocolate do not break while being handled and to make sure that they do not turn into gifts of chocolate soup:

· If you are mailing a chocolate bar and you do not want it to break, try taping a stiff piece of cardboard to the back of it and then wrapping it in a piece of bubble wrap.

· If you plan to mail a chocolate gift during the dead of winter, it will probably stay fine and not melt. If, on the other hand, you expect your chocolate gift to arrive completely solid in California in the heat of August, you need to think again. Avoid sending chocolate during times of extreme heat.

· Instead of sending chocolate gifts full of truffles and candy bars, consider sending brownies and/or cookies (save the cookies dipped in chocolate for colder months, though). If you do decide to mail cookies, pick out ones that do not break easily, like drop cookies. Pack them in foil-lined tin or small box. Put sheets of wax paper between the layers of cookies. Cushion the tin or box of cookies within the shipping box with plastic grocery sacks (or other such material). Mark the box with “perishable – food.” Also write on the top, “this side up” to encourage careful handling.

· If you are sending other items along with your chocolate, place your chocolate in a zip-lock bag (and suck out all the air) to make sure that in case it does melt, nothing else is ruined.

· Pay a little extra to send your chocolate overnight, or at least send it 2-3 day priority. The sooner it gets there, the less likely it will melt, first.

· Make sure that the recipient will be home when it is received. If your box has to wait on the doorstop in the hot sun, the chocolate will surely melt! Maybe even ask for a signature.

· If it is not a delicate chocolate, freeze it before you box it up to mail it. It will not stay frozen, but it will take longer for your chocolate gifts to melt.

· Pack your chocolate gifts with frozen gel packs, dry ice, or another cold source. If you use dry ice, write on the box “contains dry ice” to warn the recipients. Be sure to pack the chocolate in a zip lock bag so that it does not directly touch the dry ice, and do not touch the ice with your own hands. Write “keep refrigerated” on the outside of the box.

· Send your chocolate gift package at the beginning of the week to ensure that it will not sit at the mailing facility over the weekend.

· Send chocolate that is already melted! In other words, why not send a yummy chocolate sauce or chocolate for fondue!

Source by Anne Clarke

Looking For a Good Steak Restaurant

Millions of Americans love to go to a good steak restaurant. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the amount of steak consumed every year is about 70 pounds per person. Most of that is consumed outside of the house.

There are a lot of steakhouses out there boasting to be the best. There are nationwide franchises and homegrown one-branch favorites. Several factors come into play when looking for a good restaurant. Some of them, ambiance for instance, are relative to the individual food lover. Others can be used to size up any steak-serving joint.

First, there is the establishment itself. Is it clean? Are the fixtures and furniture well maintained? Can the bathrooms accommodate enough people so that there’s no line outside?

The second factor for evaluation is service. A good steak house should be warm and welcoming. Quick yet polite servers do wonders in raising a restaurant’s popularity. Plus points if the restaurant has a sommelier to recommend exactly the right kind of red wine would go with one’s steak dinner. The restaurant should also be able to deliver customer-specific orders. When someone says they want a rare steak, medium-rare just isn’t going to cut it.

And of course, lastly there is the steak itself. No self-respecting steak restaurant can serve a just-average steak. It would have to be good enough to keep customers coming back for more. Steak houses can have different gimmicks to draw in their customers, but a great steak is the best draw of all.

Source by Y. Tilden

DVD Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale DVD distributors license the DVD distribution rights from studios producing the movies and supply DVDs to retail stores, online merchants, DVD rental companies and mail order stores. Often the DVDs are manufactured or imported by wholesalers themselves.

DVDs are sold as bundles containing different titles. Action, comedy, drama, family, horror, kids, martial arts, and western are some of the popular DVD genres. They are sold as pre-boxed bundles or customized according to orders. Often DVDs contain extra content not available to viewers in the movie theatres. These include interviews with the stars, behind the scenes action from the movie sets and scenes which have been deleted from the movie. These extras are an added attraction for DVD consumers.

The major revenue accruing to wholesale DVD distributors is through the sale of video products to retail shops and video rentals. There has been considerable growth in the mail order rental via the Internet in the US. Netflix, which is one of the largest online rental companies, has more than two million customers. The company expects to have about five percent share of the entire US market in 2006. It ships about three million DVDs each week.

DVD retailers enjoy a good margin and an increasing number of people are taking to purchasing DVDs in bulk from a wholesaler and selling them on auction sites such as EBay and online stores. Several DVD distributors offer drop shipping and mail the DVDs directly to the end consumer on the retailer’s behalf.

DVD mail order via the Internet, digital distribution which includes providing a movie download service via the distributor’s own broadband infrastructure, game stores, video on demand services, and pay-per-view services are the current trends. Video on demand (VOD) systems allow users to watch video over a network as part of an interactive television system. The video can be seen at any time, whereas a pay-per-view system allows television viewers to purchase events for a private telecast in their homes.

Source by Max Bellamy

How to Make a Girl do Anything You Want Her to do – Be The Man no Girl Can Ever Say No To

So what does it take to make a girl do what you want her to do? Why is it that some men always get a yes response from any and every girl out there and girls simply can’t refuse them for anything. And guess what? These don’t even seem to have anything special about themselves so how do they manage to do all this? Well there are some little known secrets these men know using which they can make any girl do anything for them. Read on to discover what these secrets are and how you can use them to make any girl do anything for you…

Stop acting like a wussy- This is the major reason why most men out there are not able to get what they want from women. You see women always say no to guys who act like wussies and are not confident enough to present their thoughts in a strong manner. In order to get them to do what you want them to do you need to start acting and being strong. Women wouldn’t listen to you if you act like a scared cat; you need to act like a real man.

Don’t allow them to overpower you- Women seem to smell a guy with a low self esteem miles off and this is the reason why they always end up using or abusing such men. But in order to really get them dancing to your tunes you need to overpower them every single time. Don’t give her the impression that you are weak even when you are. You see you might have to fake it till you make it.

Have a don’t care much attitude- Now this is something you need to master in order to get girls to chase you down and do anything for you. You see girls tend to be more attracted towards guys who have a don’t care attitude and don’t care much about what’s going on around them. You see it instantly make you a rare commodity and girls always chase rare guys and are ready to do anything for them.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

You Can Work Online Jobs From Home

Enhancing your small business using the Internet has long been an option to small business owners. Finding options online has been a growing reality. Working online jobs, though, is now an established reality for anyone.

If you have the ability to work a computer, there is little more you need to simply begin working online jobs from anywhere you can take your computer. They are not the sort of jobs that you'll find in your local businesses where you go and put in time and receive pay and possibly benefits. The jobs that have proliferated on the Internet are jobs that place you in the role of independent contractor and give you individual assignments to complete in exchange for set amounts of money.

While small businesses are extremely practical to run online for some individuals, this variety of online jobs is suitable for anyone that complete the assignment. Sites vary and assignments vary and yes pay varies, but what has occurred is that some sites, backed by large names, have developed that offer a constant flow of assignments with no bidding and no extended contracts. These sites, which always have assignments available allow you to simply log in select an assignment and complete it and after review be paid the agreed amount.

Many of these are simple assignments and pay from $ 5.00 to one cent, but since there are no contracts you can work when you want and do only the assignments that you want to do. One of the most prominent of these sites in operation by Amazon and is known as Amazon Mechanical Turk. Although some restrictions apply, almost anyone can begin making money through the service.

There are other varieties of jobs that can be found online also. These range from independent contractor positions with bidding processes and long-term agreements to actual hourly positions. You generally will find higher pay in these categories, but you may not be able to find assignments any time and every time you want them. Freelance work has a number of sites dedicated to it and is often a career to the individuals that supply the services. In fact this work is often done in a way very similar to how a small business is run.

Source by Jerry Cantrell

First Steps for your Internet Business

How do you get started with your new Internet business?

Record 30 minutes every day (product creation)

Write a daily email (15 minutes or so)

Write 3 articles (as you practice you will get faster – 45 minutes or so)

Work on your sales letter and launch emails (1-2 hours)

Can you imagine what things will look like this time next year if you follow this simple plan?

Now, it might be tough at first. It may even hurt to do these things initially because you have to make yourself work. It's not always easy to create new habits!

For example, you begin a new exercise program at the gym. It may be simple, it may only have 6 exercises. But, when you go do the exercises, as you're supposed to do them. And you do them for 45 minutes, when you get done, you're in pain. Hopefully not bad pain, you're just tired, and a little sore. You worked hard, it's not easy. Then, tomorrow, when you go back to the gym, it's even harder.

It's a simple workout. 6 exercises. But, it's hard to do.

What I've just given you will have some elements that are hard. I can not tell you what they'll be. For some of you the hardest part will be recording. For some of you, the hardest part will be that outline. For some of you, the hardest part will be putting a price on it. For some of you the hardest part will be simply taking my word that you can sell your coaching program before you create the lessons.

For each of you, there's going to be a different thing that's hardest. Here's the thing, I'm going to look you in the eyes over this phone right now, as I speak into the phone, as I speak to you. If you'll do everything I'm teaching you now. And, especially follow the daily instructions I'm going to be giving you in those 7 modules. You will complete all of this. Now, some of you, if you put 8 or 10 hours a day into it. You might complete everything in 2 weeks. Some of you, that can only put 2 or 3 hours a day, maybe it'll take 8 weeks instead of 7. Maybe it will take 9 weeks instead of 7.

Maybe if you type a little slower, maybe it's going to take you an extra week. Maybe if you're a really confident person, and you can whip out 2 or 3 hours worth of recording in one sitting, instead of 1 a day like I'm going teach you. Then, sometimes, you're going to get done faster and it only takes 4 weeks instead of 7. But, I can tell you this, the instructions I'm giving you today, the instructions that are on the download page that you ' Ve already received. The instructions that are going to be on the weekly modules, the daily instructions. They're complete. If you do everything I'm giving you to do, you are going to, in approximately 7 weeks, 5 for some of you, 9 for some of you maybe. When you complete all of those assignments, you're going to have a bona fide business. You're going to have a list, you're going to have a squeeze page, you're going to have traffic, you're going to have a Coaching program. It's all going to be automated, and you're going to be able to start building bigger and bigger.

That's what you're going to have, if you simply … do … the … work.

Source by Sean Mize

Improve Your Earnings With Internet Income

Are you looking for a way to get some extra income? Finding a second job can be difficult and typically makes juggling your other priorities all the more difficult. That’s why more and more people are turning to online jobs. Internet income can be quite substantial, and the most appealing thing about working online is that you can do it anywhere, and you set your own schedule. All you need is a computer and internet connection. Enjoy looking after your kids, pets, or other commitments while you make money online.

One of the main ways people earn income online is by running their own businesses. They use the internet to conduct sales and promote their company. If you maximize your site’s visibility using search engine optimization (SEO), people will get to your site before your competition. This can be enormously helpful in improving your sales.

If you start an online business, you also have to make sure you have a high quality product and a good price. The content of your website should lay out precisely how your product and/or price is superior to others on the market.

Additionally, there are numerous online writing jobs. You can work as a freelance writer and write articles covering all kinds of topics. All you need is a natural, clear writing style and good organization. Then you can be on your way, writing about sports, technology, foreign countries, real estate or whatever else you have an interest in.

Another popular internet job is online affiliate marketing. You find a product you’re interested in, start a website, and promote the product. You can go directly to a company you’re already interested in and make inquiries about affiliate work. Or you can sign up with any number of sites like Sharesale, eBay, Paydotcome, Likeshare and Amazon, where you’ll choose a product and devote a website to it.

If you decide to get an internet job, be sure to stay out of trouble by avoiding the promotion of services and products which are illegal where you live. It’s your responsibility to know about what you’re being asked to promote and if it’s legal or not.

It’s also crucial to check up on any service you’re considering working for. Look around on online forums to see if they’ve been involved in scandals or schemes, or if their feedback has been positive. You will also want to consider the method and frequency of payment that would be best for you. Before you take a job, see how they pay people. Is it by check? Is it done electronically? And make sure you know how often you will be paid. It could be monthly, every two weeks, every week, or sporadically. So it’s important to know your own payment preferences and see which jobs will accommodate them.

If you need a flexible job with considerable earnings, look into online jobs. Be sure to check out any services you may accept jobs from and protect yourself from scandals and schemes. Working with a reputable provider, you can work from home, choose your own hours, and see considerable profits.

Source by Jesseca Ong