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How to Get a Girl’s Attention – The Peacock Theory Exposed

In order to get a girls attention you need to stand out from the mass. People judge by the looks and you have only seconds to demonstrate that you are a man of style. So, first and foremost you have to look at the way you dress:

Is your dress boring or is it interesting and unique? Of course, it doesn’t make sense to dress like a gigolo, because you have to feel comfortable in your clothes.

It’s quite helpful to ask your friends about your outfit (but please don’t be offended if they are critical, criticism will help you much more than a simple “Yeah, you’re the man!”). It’s even better if you find some girls to ask. Simply tell them you want to change your style a bit – girls love all kinds of fashion questions. You can also ask girls on the street how they like your outfit and where you can buy some cool stuff.

If you’ve read the book called “The Game” by the writer and pickup artist Neil Stauss (aka Style), where he describes the pickup community, you are familiar with the “Peacock Theory”. If not, here is an enlightening extract:

“Peacock theory is the idea that in order to attract the most desirable female of the species, it’s necessary to stand out in a flashy and colorful way. For humans… the equivalent of a flashy peacock tail is a shiny shirt, a garish hat, and jewelry that lights up in the dark… “

That means you can get a girls attention and get her interested in you simply through the way you dress. You think wearing stuff like feather boas, cowboy hats or eye-catching jewelry is silly? Maybe it is. But think about this: How many times have you been approached by someone on your outfit? Not that much? Never? Well, that’s what this stuff is good for – it allows women (mainly shy women) to start a conversation with you. If you have a cool answer and can demonstrate higher value you will most likely get her number. At the same time you demonstrate a high self-confidence wearing this stuff. And women love confident guys.

Source by Steve Wells

Building a Connection With Readers

I’m a big fan of the author, Haruki Murakami. His work excites and inspires me (and many millions of others), draws me back, and keeps me hooked.

But as with any author, writer, painter or photographer, his work doesn’t appeal to everyone. His popularity for those that read him is down to his ability to build a rapport with his readers. To connect with them on some level. It’s what every great artist does.

Writing winning content

When it comes to content writing, accept you won’t be liked by everyone. Don’t worry about being everyone’s best friend. Just work at writing copy that’s meaningful to those you want to attract.

This means understanding your audience – their fears, worries, wishes, anxieties, desires and wants – then connecting with them by writing to:

Solve their problems

Everyone likes somebody that can help. Someone that makes them feel better, reassures them, solves their problems, and provides direction. Just look at the success of self-help guides.

Let’s imagine we sell ‘moisturising soap’. The positive benefit of that soap is it keeps you clean. But the solution it offers to the client’s problem is that this soap prevents and treats dry skin.

For the customer, there’s the promise of radiant skin, rather than the dry, flaky skin that itches all day. You’ve solved their problem, and now they want to comment, share, buy or recommend your product to others.

Satisfy their desires

Most successful brands don’t focus on what we need. They focus on what we want. We may need a laptop, but we want an Apple. We need a new pair of glasses, but want a pair of YSL.

Why do we want this rather than a pair of everyday specs? We want to fit in with our peers. We want to show off our wealth. We want to impress.

Luxury brands play to desires all the time. Think Chanel and the way it helps retain its desire and exclusivity by not selling its handbags online. Think Burberry and the way it uses video to help capture the handcrafted steps involved in creating one of its signature trench coats. Or the words it uses on its website – “bespoke” “art” “heritage” – words designed to fuel our desires.

However you do it, however you play it, remember to solve your customers problems and satisfy their desires through your writing and you’ll be rewarded with comments, shares and plenty of sales.

Source by Suzy Willmott

Basketball History Started in the 1800’s

The game of basketball has a long road behind it. Invented in the 1800’s, the game of basketball was intended for indoors and applied rules of all different kinds of sports. The game was played with nine players but shortly after it changed and became a game with five players on each team. The game took flight across the country and even though women did not have many rights at this time, they also played. The first game ever played took place at the YMCA but the court was half the size they are now.

In the 1900’s basketball was played in most colleges and its popularity grew by storm creating a multitude of teams in large cities as well as the smaller cities. During that time, someone finally invented the basketball. The first woman’s college to allow the game was in Massachusetts. After word got out about the game of basketball, many teams surfaced playing all across the country. Later basketball becomes an official Olympic sport. As time past the National Basketball Association grew in popularity and by the late 1940’s they had 17 teams join the association.

The rules of the game have changed dramatically over the years. Score was kept as each basket was made the team earned one point. The rules came about from the rules of a children’s game. One player would stand near the basket and guard it as the other player throws the ball attempting to make the basket. At this time, the guard could not touch anyone else in the game. Wherever the ball was caught was where it had to be thrown. The player could not run with the ball and if the ball was out of bounce, you could throw it back into game play and to anyone who caught it, not just to a team member. The last player to touch the ball before going out of bounce was the one who threw it back in to play. The free throw line was fifteen feet from the basket but later changed to twenty feet.

Although at this time, other sports were not allowing African Americans to play or play with whites on their team. They were not even allowed to play against a white team. However, basketball was the only sport that allowed integrated teams. Basketball did not create any racial problems with fans or other teams. This game has always been the game that was for everyone. The players such as Shanty Barnett and Al Price had a tremendous impact on the game. It is not that the game was made or intended to be that way. It was the fact that the war was going on and all the valuable white players were going to fight in the war. The game itself needed the players and the African Americans who played made quite an impression to the fans, teammates, and the league.

Basketball has come along way and even at the time it was first invented, it had potential to grow. The National Basketball Association had thought it might evolve into something great. It did not matter to the coaches or the fans all that mattered was the love for the game.

Source by Ethan D Orman

Ragnarok Quest to Splendid Field & Manuk Field

Onward to the New World Quest


Base Level: 70

Item(s) (Consumed): 300 Jellopy, 1 Emerald, 1 Ruby

Hunting: 50 Mobster

Base Experience: 1,320,000

Job Experience: 420,000

Quest Reward(s): Access to the New World

1. Talk to the Recruiter for the Brave in the Prontera Castle (prt_castle 83, 67). Tell him you’re interested in his mission, which is to visit a “special place.” He then asks you to visit a Promotional Staff member in Aldebaran.

2. Talk to the Promotional Staff member in Aldebaran (aldebaran 127, 138). As a test, he asks you to bring him 300 Jellopy. After handing over the Jellopy, he asks you to visit a Promotional Staff Member in Geffen.

3. In Geffen, talk to the staff member (geffen 90, 67). He asks you to bring 1 Emerald. After turning it in, he asks you to bring 1 Ruby. Bring him the Ruby, and he sends you to talk to the next staff member in Izlude.

4. In Izlude, talk to the staff member (izlude 99, 136). He tells you that you’ve passed the tests, and to talk to the Recruiter in Prontera Castle again.

5. Return to the Recruiter, who says you are now ready to explore the “Ash-Vacuum” which is an entirely different place from Rune Midgard. He tells you go to to Lighthalzen to register for the United Midgard Alliance.

* Receive 660,000 Base EXP

* Receive 210,000 Job EXP

6. In Lighthalzen, go into Rekenber HQ (lighthalzen 101, 246) and talk to the Guards upstairs (lhz_in01 124, 234), who let you in to register.

7. Talk to Sikaiz at the front of the room, who’s giving a speech.

8. After Sikaiz is finished lecturing, speak to him again and he will tell you about the Ash Vaccum and Satan Morroc’s gateway

9. Speak to him again and he will ask you to inform the Alliance Manager in Rune Midgards that they are ready to depart.

10. The Alliance Manager in Prontera Castle (prt_castle 121, 51) will discuss with you how the kingdom feels about the upcoming expedition.

11. Go back to Sikaiz in Lighthalzen, who tells you about the Three Kingdom’s Alliance and his aide Munkenro. Munkenro interrupts your conversation and you’re asked to deliver a message to the Alliance Manager in Rachel.

12. Find the Arunafeltz Alliance Manager outside the temple (ra_temple 119, 113) and report the status to her.

13. Go back to Sikaiz, who registers you and sends you to talk to some Officers to let them know of your departure. Go downstairs to the banquet hall (147, 179) and talk to them, but first you overhear them plotting to ignore the peace and take control of things for themselves.

14. Report back upstairs, but the guards won’t let you in. Walk to (148, 257), where you’re able to overhear Munkenro talking to someone.

15. Talk to the Guard outside of the lecture hall (lhz_in01 130, 231). Ask it to teleport you immediately to Morroc Field 20 (Continental Guard Quarantine), and talk to the Rift Guard (moc_fild20 349, 179). He takes you to the Dimensional Gorge.

16. From the middle of the right side of the map, go towards the center until you reach Munkenro (moc_fild22b 230, 197). He says Sikaiz has “retired” and that he is now the alliance leader. He also requires you to pass another test, by defeating 50 Mobsters.

17. After passing the test, talk to Munkenro again, who sends you to the Ash-Vacuum.

* Receive 660,000 Base EXP

* Receive 210,000 Job EXP

Source by Kemal Fadillah

Why Is There A Burning Smell From My Laptop Charger?

A burning smell from the adapter is a warning sign. It indicates that it either needs to be replaced or monitored from a closer angle. The smell of burning plastic from laptop chargers can be very dangerous and must be looked into immediately. When you smell something like that, you must disconnect the laptop power supply right away. If you fail to do so, you may just end up damaging your laptop. Unplug the charger from the AC/DC jack of a laptop before you go any further.

The smell of burning plastic can be due to the charger itself. You should pay special attention to the plastic insulation of the cables on laptop chargers. If you find any bare wires, you have found the spot where sparking took place and burnt the plastic around the wire. If you find nothing damaged along the plastic insulation of the cable, take a look at the tip. If you see melted plastic at the tip of the charger, it is a sure sign that something has really gone wrong. Such things usually take place when there is a short circuit connection between the tip of the charger and the socket of the laptop.

It is very important not to take any of these signs lightly. Ignoring these signs at an early stage can lead to potential risks later on. A laptop charger is an extremely important accessory that should work well at all times. If not, you shouldn’t hesitate to shell out some money to get it replaced by your laptop manufacturer or purchase the same model online.

A short circuit usually occurs when the power from the laptop adapter is obstructed on its way to the laptop. In other words, the electrical power does not flow smoothly all the way from the socket to the motherboard of the laptop. During this time, a lot of heat is generated. Overheating can quickly melt the insulation around a laptop charger cable or other plastic components near the tip of the charger. When this problem surfaces, you should immediately take your laptop adapter to a professional and get it checked.

While a professional can try to fix your laptop chargers for a small fee, you shouldn’t really rely on something that has failed you in the past. If anything goes wrong with the product again, it can cost you dearly. Safety should always be the number one priority for everyone. It is important not to keep using the same malfunctioning charger once again simply because it seems to be working fine at the moment.

Such a charger may continue to recharge your battery for a while, but can cause something really nasty like a fire or other accident after you use it continuously for a few hours. Instead of allowing such undesirable events to take place, just buy an original laptop charger from a reputed online seller of laptop chargers.

Source by Paul Mitty

Qualifications and Skills Required For Industrial Engineering Jobs

Job of Industrial Engineer

The estimation of production cost, creation of effective product design, development of production standards, revision of production schedules, delegation of responsibilities to the workers and completion of production within the given time frame are the major tasks executed by an engineer.

Industrial Engineer decides and monitors the quality control objectives, and resolves any sort of problem that occurs during the production process. His main focus is always on the efficient production and cost minimization. He also keeps an update of the project status, purchases, manufacturing and production processes. Also, the design, layout and draft of the equipments and materials are summarized by him.

Required Qualifications

Mechanical knowledge is one aspect without which a person can not realize the dream of making a career in industrial engineering. An engineering degree coupled with the knowledge of industrial production and technology is the foremost qualification required for a job of industrial engineer. A keen design sense, command on English language and computer knowledge are the other requirements to do the work of an industrial engineer.

A strong background of Mathematics is compulsory since the work involves the application of arithmetic, calculus, algebra, geometry and statistics. The job profile also demands a command on management and administration principles which are the basic tools for resource allocation, production and strategic planning, and; work coordination and delegation.

Skill Requirements

An ability to think logically and critically helps industrial engineers to weigh the various available options and take the best decision in favor of efficient production. They should also possess the active listening and fast reading skills to take the desired steps in flick of seconds. Quick decision making and excellent time management skills make the person doing industrial engineering jobs, quite resourceful.

Source by Simon Waker Haughtone

Language Learning and Career Prospects

Why do people study new languages?

For many of us, it’s a career move. Gaining facility in a new vernacular simply allows us to expand our horizon, opening up doors that aren’t available to just anybody else. This is especially important if you’re traveling to a new country in order to further your career prospects. Going to Germany and not learning the local tongue is akin to snuffing out any chance you have of building a meaningful career.

Local Opportunities

Even when you’re not angling after an international career, there are plenty of local opportunities for individuals who gain facility in a second language. Learning English, for one, is a particularly valuable skill in many countries both in Asia and Europe, where you can serve as a translator, a language instructor, a professional consultant or any other sort of specialized job.

Many companies with international clients would love to have an employee on board who can speak a foreign tongue fluently, immediately putting you in a position of potentially high value to the organization. Given the choice between two equal job candidates, after all, would you go for someone with skill in another language or one without?

Learning A Language

While the benefits of gaining facility in a second language certainly seem tempting, the work going there is frequently not as attractive. Mastery of a new language, after all, will require you to invest plenty of energy and time. Whether you’re taking a class or studying with the help of a language software, the path is similar: you’ll have to bust your ass to get results. For that reason, very few people really take the time to master a new language, short of having a gun pointed to their heads.

Source by Laurianne Sumerset

Finger Picking Lessons – Why Not Start Now?

If you have been learning to play the guitar for a while, you might be feeling like spreading your wings a bit. Maybe a little fingerpicking. It’s a bit of a jump from straight out strumming but the rewards are in listening to yourself play music that you used to think was difficult and in the reaction of your audience to your new-found virtuosity.

If you can’t afford to take lessons from a local guitar teacher, you could try copying some material from CDs of some of the folk artists from the nineteen sixties. Peter, Paul And Mary and The Kingston Trio kind of stuff. You will need to start simply, just working out the chords they are using, then trying some arpeggios to see if you can get an idea of the picking patterns the guitarist is using. Don’t get too overawed by what you are hearing on these records, fingerpicking is a lot simpler than it appears when you are listening to it for the first time.

Part of the joy of being a fingerpicking guitar player is your pride in your soloing skills and the speed of your fingers. You will probably need to find some exercises available on the internet that are specially designed to increase picking speed. The routine of practicing exercises to increase speed will help you ti develop some skill at making up your own solos.

When you are practicing your fingerpicking try to make use of the big muscles in your forearm. Try to keep your wrist as relaxed as possible. For the left hand, hold your fingers over the fretboard in an arch shape and allot one finger to a particular fret. In the first position, the first finger will play notes at the first fret, the second finger, the second fret and so on. Try and keep to this discipline as most newbies let their fingers go all over the place as they learn new music.

For the right hand you use the thumb, first (index), second and third (ring) fingers which are shown on fingerpicking tabs as p, i, m and a, respectively. The thumb (p) plays the bass notes on the fifth and sixth strings and the other three fingers play melody and incidental notes on the first, second and third strings. The fourth string can double as a bass string or melody string, so you can work out for yourself how you use it and which fingers you use according to the key you are playing in.

Source by Ricky Sharples

The Purpose of a Speech Outline

So you’ve been asked to prepare a speech for an upcoming event. Should you just wing it and do whatever comes to mind when the event arrives or would you be better off creating a speech outline? Hopefully you answered the latter. This article will cover the advantages of creating a speech outline for any public speaking affair that you have coming up.

No matter how much experience somebody has giving public speeches, you can bet your money that public speakers of every level create a speech outline before giving their presentation. This isn’t to say that public speakers actually refer to the outlines while giving a speech, but they are fully aware of the outline that they took the time to create. Creating an outline for your speech guarantees that you are prepared to deliver a speech that will get the job done with flying colors. Ask any successful person, in any field, what some of the keys to their success are, and you will discover that the majority of them will tell you in one way or another that preparation has always been a key to their success.

Preparation is not the only reason to create a speech outline before giving a speech. Keeping your audience engaged is another important reason to create an outline. From an audience’s perspective, nothing is worse than sitting at somebody’s presentation and listening to continuous ramblings. When you take the time to prepare an outline for your upcoming speech, your speech will flow well, stay on point, and keep your audience on their toes just dieing to know what you’re going to say next.

Finally, preparing a speech outline will allow you to give a speech without having to constantly refer to notes. Sounds a little strange, right? The truth of the matter is that when you take the time to create your own outline for an upcoming speech and review it a few times, that outline is constantly in your head during your speech. As a result, you will find yourself being able to give a speech that will have a nice tempo simply because you will not have to refer to a piece of paper with your outline on an ongoing basis during the course of your speech.

As you can see, a speech outline is a good idea, even for seasoned public speakers. It helps you to be prepared, keep on point and flow from one topic to the next with ease, and keep a good tempo to your speech. These are key components of being perceived as a successful and engaging public speaker.

Source by Ahmad Nazri Nordin

Change – Do We Really Hate It?

What is it about change that makes experts say we hate it? I do not believe we hate change at all; What we do not like is when it spirals beyond our control. So it is not change we hate, it's the lack of control.

Going far back in history, consider the Pharaoh Akenaten. He decreed that the polytheistic Egyptian religion would have been replaced by worshiping one god, the Aten. He liked it, but not too many others did. Akenaten fled the tradition capital, setting up an entire new city. The entire religious class had no jobs; He set up new practices and rites. When he died, a huge effort was made to remove all memory of him. He imposed the change on his people; No choice, just a decision which completely turned religious belief on its head. It did not last.

The top ten changes which cause the greatest stress are those over which we have little or no control. They include death of a loved one, imprisonment of a loved one, marriage, divorce, birth of a new child. The first two we really have no control over. The last three are events we set in motion and may anticipate the output, but they have a tendency to unfold as they will – not go to our plans.

So, we want change – but we want control over it. I bought a new lap top last month which is nowhere near the revolutionary change Akenaten wrought. I wanted a new lap top. I looked at a few before deciding on it. I bought it home, started it up and began to get really frustrated that it took two hours to customize it. I had not anticipated how long it would take; I thought I could just start up my computer and it would work. Ok, I knew that I would have to set up my email, but I had no idea how long all the other stuff would take. So, I sat keeping my frustration under control by watching a favorite TV show while the computer was setting up.

When you want to bring change, remember that it will be stressful. You can try to be Akenaten – you may well be able to force people to do things a new way, but as soon as you are not there, you will find the old ways being used.

Or, you can do what I did. Decide what the benefits are, choose the course of action you want – and realize it will be stressful and make provision for that. When I bought it change at work, I spent a lot of time talking to my staff. I sold the benefits to them to begin with. Once they had bought into the long term vision, I then made sure everyone knew there would be problems along the way, but ensured they believed – as I really did – that we could find a way to solve them. And we always did. I allowed people to air their frustration and shared mine with them, so we really felt like a team. Then we could move forward together, making the changes we needed to, and sharing the credit for a job well done.

Source by Beth Peakall