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Jobs For People With Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes of missed work and disability in the U.S. People with back conditions often have to modify their behaviors to manage pain, and this modification can interfere with the ability to perform your job.

Many people choose to or need to continue working in the face of chronic pain; this could be because of the difficulties surrounding disability or worker’s compensation payments, a desire to stay active or love for one’s job. Determining whether you can stay in your current line of work demands assessing your limitations and the flexibility of your work environment.

In general, people with chronic back pain need to avoid heavy lifting, prolonged sitting and prolonged standing/walking. The work environment must not demand repetitive motions that strain the back such as twisting. If it is possible to perform your job while either sitting or standing, you may be able to resume work. Ergonomics are an important consideration; work spaces must be designed to support proper body mechanics and limit back strain.

People with back injuries should cease construction work, landscaping, truck driving or any other job requiring hard physical labor or mandatory, prolonged sitting.

Best Jobs For People With Back Pain

Any job that is flexible concerning your position and doesn’t require heavy lifting may be possible for a person with back problems. If you can no longer continue the job you had before or are entering the job market for the first time and have back pain, consider the following work opportunities that are likely possible for people with back pain.

Freelancing is essentially applying your skills from home. Data entry, computer programming, web design, writing, data entry, editing, translating and researching are some of the skill sets that can land you a freelancing job. Working from home allows you to set your own schedule and take breaks for exercising and stretching whenever you choose. Be creative with your work station; set it up so that you can perform some of your work while standing. Sites like help connect freelancers to employers securely.

Teachers can often choose whether to sit or stand throughout the day and generally don’t need to perform physical labor. If you have or will obtain a bachelor’s degree, this profession may be an option for you.

With the right accommodations, jobs that require desk work can be possible for people with back injuries. An ergonomic workstation in an office, call center or customer service center will help keep you from straining your back. Taking breaks for quick walks, having the option to stand or sit at your desk and using an adjustable chair will make these types of jobs accessible to you.

Refer to the Job Accommodation Network’s website at for more information on workplace accommodations.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a sedentary lifestyle is the answer to back pain; keeping active is one of the most important components of back pain treatment. Making adaptations to your work life may make employment possible to you. If not, a disability or worker’s compensation lawyer may get you the help you need.

Source by Amee LaTour

Guitar Hero 3 Songs – Level by Level!

The Guitar Hero series of games for different platforms is one of the best and most entertaining of any music-oriented gaming series. The latest installment, Guitar Hero 3, is one of the greatest video games to be introduced to the public! Because of it’s vast popularity, many people search the internet to find Guitar Hero 3 songs and songlists for the game. In this article, we’ll show you a pretty comprehensive list of Guitar Hero 3 Songs, at different levels of the game!…

When “starting out small” there aren’t very many expectations as the crowd doesn’t even know who you are! You’re still in the learning phase, and that’s reflected in the easy songs they chose! In case you haven’t made it yet, here’s what to expect during the “beginner phase”…

Tier 1: Starting Out Small

1. Slow Ride

2. Talk Dirty to Me

3. Hit Me with Your Best Shot

4. Story of My Life

5. Encore: Rock and Roll All Nite

6. Co-op Encore: Sabotage

As you would expect, the second level of the Guitar Hero 3 Songs list get’s a bit tougher! Take a look….

Tier 2: Your First Real Gig

7. Mississippi Queen

8. School’s Out

9. Sunshine of Your Love

10. Barracuda

11. Boss: Tom Morello’s Original Boss Battle Recording

12. Encore: Bulls on Parade

13. Co-op Encore: Reptillia

Time to make the video my friend! You’re starting to see some success in your career, and the Guitar Hero 3 songs at levels 3, 4 and 5 get harder…but are much cooler! Check em’ out!…

Tier 3: Making The Video

14. When You Were Young

15. Miss Murder

16. The Seeker

17. Lay Down

18. Encore: Paint It Black

19. Co-op Encore: Suck My Kiss

Tier 4: European Invasion

20. Paranoid

21. Anarchy in the U.K.

22. Kool Thing

23. My Name is Jonas

24. Encore: Even Flow

25. Co-op Encore: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

Tier 5: Bighouse Blues

26. Holiday in Cambodia

27. Rock You Like a Hurricane

28. Same Old Song and Dance

29. La Grange

30. Boss: Slash’s Original Boss Battle Recording

31. Encore: Welcome to The Jungle

32. Co-op Encore: Helicopter

This next section of Guitar Hero 3 songs includes some great alternative, 90’s tunes like Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins) and Black Sunshine (White Zombie).

Tier 6: The Hottest Band On Earth

33. Black Magic Woman

34. Cherub Rock

35. Black Sunshine

36. The Metal (by Tenacious D)

37. Encore: Pride and Joy

38. Co-op Encore: Monsters

Tier 7: Live In Japan

39. Before I Forget

40. Stricken

41. 3’s and 7’s

42. Knights of Cydonia

43. Encore: Cult of Personality

Tier 8: Battle For Your Soul

44. Raining Blood

45. Cliffs of Dover

46. Number of the Beast

47. One

48. Boss: Lou (The Devil) Boss Battle Recording

49. Encore: Devil Went Down to Georgia

And, here are the bonus tracks that Guitar Hero offers…if you’re good enough!

Bonus Tracks:

50. Avalancha (by Héroes del Silencio)

51. Can’t Be Saved (by Senses Fail)

52. Close (by Lacuna Coil)

53. Don’t Hold Back (by The Sleeping)

54. Down n’ Dirty (by LA Slum Lords)

55. F.C.P. Remix (by The Fall of Troy)

56. Generation Rock (by Revolverheld)

57. Go That Far (by Bret Michaels Band)

58. Hier Kommt Alex (by Die Toten Hosen)

59. I’m in the Band (by The Hellacopters)

60. Impulse (by An Endless Sporadic)

61. In Love (by Scouts of St. Sebastian)

62. In the Belly of a Shark (by Gallows)

63. Mauvais Garçon (by Naast)

64. Metal Heavy Lady (by Lions)

65. Minus Celsius (by Backyard Babies)

66. My Curse (by Killswitch Engage)

67. Nothing for Me Here (by Dope)

68. Prayer of the Refugee (by Rise Against)

69. Radio Song (by Superbus)

70. Ruby (by Kaiser Chiefs)

71. She Bangs the Drums (by The Stone Roses)

72. Take This Life (by In Flames)

73. The Way It Ends (by Prototype)

74. Through the Fire and Flames (by DragonForce)

We hope you enjoyed this list of Guitar Hero 3 Songs! If you are thinking of getting the game, it comes highly recommended! There are additional tunes that can be found on the game, but it’s up to you to get them unlocked! Enjoy….and keep on rockin!

Source by E. Thomas

Zombie Games – Where Have They Come From?

Online games have always been popular since the launch of the internet. Even in the days of dial-up internet, people could join communities of like-minded folk and play simple games over the network such as hangman, tic tac toe and simple forum quizzes. This mentality has grown from these roots to where it is today. Large sites generating high revenue have come about during these two decades of growth. Doom, released in the early nineties, made the concept of the online death match popular. This went on to copulate, producing many more first person shooters. Many hours have been spent by many people playing such person first shooting games online. MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), show the success of this brand.

World of Warcraft, has 11.5 million subscriptions per month. This is also similar to the success of the social network game, Second Life. This game featured an online hosted computer generated world. Many celebrities have also been involved with this 'Second World,' Jimmy Carr became the first comedian to have a totally virtual gig over the platform of the internet using this game.

The concept of simple games has been made increasingly popular recently. This was mainly bought by the Nintendo DS and Apple iPhone. Users wanted a simple game to play on-the-fly. This also led to many other sites becoming well-known, such as Miniclip. This offers internet users to play simple games to fill in as much time as they require. This need for short space fillers will ensure that the business of online games sites will grow for some time. Improving internet connections on mobile phones means networked play on the go is ever increasing and looks likely to be the next big source of gaming.

For people who enjoy mindless shooting and at times a real challenge usually indulge in the zombie games market. The Google search 'Zombie Games' returns 82 million hits. This shows the large scale of its popularity. Similar games as these include ones with the main character as a ghost or ghoul. The popular series of games 'Dead Rising' also provided zombies as a viable source of content for full home console games. The two games of the series involved players being stuck in a shopping mall or Vegas-style city, whilst fighting off unlimited amounts of zombies and completing set objectives. This random feel of play ensures that players keep coming back for more of this genre of game.

Source by Luke David Moseley

Embedded DVR

In most surveillance operations using a DVR, the commonly used method is to link the DVR card to a computer containing the software. This has serious limitations in the event of a virus attack or power failure, because the surveillance system could be thrown off gear. In order to overcome these problems, a new type of DVR called the “embedded DVR” has been launched.

The embedded DVR works with very little or no help from the computer. It is a plug and play meaning that installation is very easy and recording can start as soon as the device is installed. Embedded DVRs can support 4-16 cameras, and a television screen can be added for viewing live pictures. Embedded DVRs provide all the features that come with computer based DVR systems including network support options that allow you to share the recorded data. The motion of the camera can be controlled based on motion and playback and search option are also available.

Embedded DVRs can be programmed to record at specific times. With an alarm facility available, fast detection of any intrusion can be detected. On integration with a web server, remote audio/video monitoring and recording is facilitated. Data storage is usually in MPEG format. If there is a problem with storage, a back up plan is activated where by the data is written onto CD disks. Embedded DVRs also have remote storage facility meaning storage of information can be done at a location away from where the input device is located. This can minimize data pilferage or theft.

Embedded DVRs are now used extensively in the transport sector. Specially developed embedded DVRs have in built features like impact resistance, shock & and vibration resistance are now found in trucks, school and city buses, airport shuttles, cars, taxis, etc. These DVRs are compact and take inputs provided by camera located in different parts of the automobile. It can also provide the driver with a view of the road andor passengers at all times. In such a system, the storage device is often a replaceable hard disk drive. In some cases, a USB mobile hard disk enclosure is also provided. Use of DVRs in public and private transport devices can increase the security of passengers and cargo.

With enhanced emphasis on security, embedded DVRs have become an irreplaceable component of industrial and corporate security systems. In the near future, the embedded DVRs may find new applications many areas. The full potentials of this device are yet to be realized and it may not be a surprise to see them used by everyday people for everyday living.

Source by Max Bellamy


Owning a cat can be a very gratifying experience especially if you’ve done your homework and understand the tasks involved in having one as a pet.

The First Few Days

It is only natural that when you take your new kitten home, it may feel lost and disorientated. It will meow in search of her mother, hide in tiny places, refuse to eat and in general be sad. The way to alleviate this stress is to try and make her feel at home and comfortable all the time.

Cats, like many other pets, like good habits. It is important to keep a clean litter pan as they are very fussy. Feeding should be carried out at regular intervals especially in the first few days. It is wise to check the diet required for particular breeds, as various foods will be composed of different nutrients and vitamins which may apply to some breeds and less to others

Attitude and Training

Cats are an independent species and can be very hard to control especially if they have reached a certain age. It is advisable that training starts from the first few weeks. If this is done properly, the sacrifice and time spent to train your cat will serve a lifetime. Here is a short list of some cat attitudes and their meaning:

Biting – starting to having new teeth

Constant meowing – hungry, lonely or possibly dirty environment

Trying to get out the minute you open the door – need more outdoor time

Burying everywhere except the litter box – not pleased with litter box

Rubbing of head against you – marking you or your stuff as its territory

Scratching against windows – frustration of not getting hold of what’s out there

Hissing while petting – thank you, but I had enough of stroking and petting for today!


Brushing and grooming is very important for your cat. As much as diet is the primary important factor in taking care of your cat, psychological attention forms an important part in the formation and character of your cat’s actions. Taking care of your cat, however, does not stop in giving it food and petting it. Reproduction is an aspect one needs to consider when owing a cat. Unless breeding is something you are into, taking precautions such as spaying and neutering your cat are some things to consider.

The experience of owning a cat should be a pleasant one both for you and the cat. Cats are very difficult pets to please and they are very choosy in what they like, but with some research, particularly on the breed one prefers and some good advise, the feeling of having a cat or even many of them, is without doubt an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Source by Sandro Azzopardi

Club Penguin Multiplayer Games

Club Penguin has a number of multiple player games for friends or rather penguins to play together besides just the single player ones.

These games are:

1. Mancala:

Mancala is a game played by the penguins. It is a competition carried out in the Book Room.

2. Find Four:

This is one of the most interesting games on the site and also one of the most popular ones. In this game, the players or the penguins have to place certain pieces down and on different rows. Finally the aim is to get four complete pieces in one straight row. This game is quite like the famous game Connect Four. This game is found in either of the two of the Ski Lodge or the Ski Attic.

3. Sled Racing:

The name of the game says it all. In this, the penguins have to race. They have to race on sleds and down a hill. The hill is full of obstacles to keep the slide from being a smooth one. The player must move down and avoid all of these obstacles. There are four hills: the Bunny Hill, the Penguin Run, Hill Express and the Ride Ski Mountain Run.

4. Ice Hockey:

This is quite like the ice hockey played by human beings. The only difference lies in the fact that in the Club Penguin world, the penguin players have to hit the puck by walking over it and shoving it straight into the goal. This game is played in the ice rink.

5. Snowball Fights:

This is a fun game in which there are two forts at which the players have to hit with snow balls. They can choose to hit any one fort. This is a team game so the players have to choose teams and aim at the other team’s fort. This is played at the Snow Forts.

The games numbered 4 and 5 are games by playing which the penguins do not earn any points. The three that precede it do award points though, generally one-tenth of the total score.

Source by Joe Robertson

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms and How to Deal With Them

Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90% of all diabetes cases, making it the most common type of diabetes. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a disease that is indicated by high blood sugar levels and it can be categorized into 2 types. Type 1 occurs when body fails to produce insulin. On the other hand, Type 2 occurs when cells in the body do not respond properly to insulin and / or the body's insulin production is not enough to support the body's need.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms develop in a very slow rate that most of its sufferers do not realize that they have the disease until it has reached an advanced stage. Common symptoms of the disease include: constant fatigue, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction for male sufferers, dark patches on the skin around folds and creases of the body, frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, dry mouth, headaches, and unexplained weight loss . Other symptoms may also include weight gain, itching around the groin or vaginal area, frequent yeast infection, slow-healing sores, and numbness around feet or hands.

To treat type 2 diabetes, a sufferer can not rely on medication alone. In fact, he or she also needs to make some lifestyle changes. Below are the things you can do or take to treat the disease:

MedicationIncludes daily insulin injections to control the glucose level in the blood, your doctor may also prescribe alternatives which can be taken orally or by injection such as alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (acarbose), meglitinides (repaglinide, nateglinide), thiazolidinediones (rosiglitazone, Pioglitazone), Biguanides (metformin), Sulfonylureas (glimepiride, glyburide, tolazamide), and other injectable medicines (exenatide, mitiglinide, pramlintide, sitagliptin, saxagliptin). Consult your doctor prior to taking the medication.

Regular exercise – Regular exercise offer many health benefits; It increases energy, improves blood pressure and blood flow, enhances heart beat and breathing rate, and reduces tension. It also helps your body burn calories which is beneficial for weight loss program. Check with your doctor to find out which exercises are safe for you.

Weight control and Diet – Weight control and diet for type 2 diabetes sufferer can be different from regular diets done by people who do not have the disease. You should consult with a doctor or nutritionist about proper nutrition (eg carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, etc) take. Today, you can easily find healthy alternatives for your favorite foods. For example, if you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies, you can still enjoy low-calorie diet cookies which are equally tasty.

Source by Muftah Ali

How to Make a Popular Girl Like You – Here Are the Keys to Easily Win Her Heart Fast

If you have your eyes set on a popular girl, then you will have to work hard to impress her. Since she is popular, she has the benefit of being the “prize.” And since she is coveted you have to work harder to get her attention. But it is not an impossible task to get a popular girl to like you. All you need is a strategy that will work. Here are a few great ways of making a popular girl like you.

Ooze confidence

For her to take notice of you, you will have to be very confident. Why would she go out with a guy who is a wimp? So, work on your confidence and be absolutely self assured when you are around her.

Be the leader

You will fade in the background if you are not the leader. It is only leaders who get noticed and it is only leaders who get all the popular girls. Dunk the notion of being in the herd and following a pattern. Set your own methods and make your own notions and let people around you follow them. Make sure that the popular girl is around when all this action is happening.

Don’t care about your surroundings

Have an “I don’t care a damn” attitude surround you. Be open and playful around the girl you like and don’t conform to social norms if you want to say something.

Acknowledge her but that’s it!

You will also have to play some mind games here to get her attention. So when you see this girl, just acknowledge her and nothing more. Make her feel like yes she is popular but you are not crazy about her.

Don’t go overboard with the compliments

Be civil and polite with her and pay her a quirky compliment or two but don’t go overboard with the complimenting. Since she is popular she is used to being complimented. What she is not used to is being ignored. So, if you want her to get attracted to you, pay her a compliment and then ignore her. When you challenge her position it is then that you will get her attention.

Dress to kill

You will also have to look like a good package…one that is worth chasing if you want to attract a girl that you like. So look the part and dress to kill.

Don’t be a recluse

You might not be the most popular guy around but being a complete recluse is not going to help. Look like a fun guy who has friends and you will have a popular girl inching towards you.

Source by Rahul Talwar

Thinking Outside The Baby Shower Gift Box

Baby Showers are thrown to “shower gifts” upon the mother to be. Adding a baby to the family requires adding a lot of new inventory to the medicine cabinet and food pantry. It also means you have to fill dresser drawers and changing tables with the many supplies that will be used in the care of the new baby.

The new baby will likely receive all sorts of baby bottles and tiny little one piece outfits with cute pictures on them. There will be bottle upon bottle of lotions and soaps to keep the new arrival smelling fresh and sweet. Then there will be the tiny socks in the soft pastel colors to make those little baby feet nice and warm.

Stop just for a moment, if you will, and think about mom. While I am sure that mom will be 100% grateful for all of the above-mentioned shower gifts, these gifts are technically for the baby and not for mom. It is time to think outside of the baby shower box and remember mom.

Mom’s bath time will now be cut by 80% (note: not a scientifically proven number) with the new addition so how about helping her enjoy that little time she does have by giving her a bath set of her own. She would love to have some bath salts and oils for the tub. When she gets out of the tub she would relish being able to enjoy some fresh body lotion that was in her favorite scent. Oh, that most comfortable feeling she could have being wrapped in a plush soft new bath towel after her relaxing bath.

Adult only time will be a precious commodity that will have a 97.8% reduction after the arrival of the new baby (note: once again not a scientifically proven number). You could be the one that helps the new mom enjoy this time the most by giving her a gift of a new set of wine glasses or cocktail glasses.

Kitchen help would also be a wonderful gift for the new mom. More than likely the time mom has to spend in the kitchen will not be reduced. In fact, there is a good chance that mom will have to spend and even greater amount of time in the kitchen. Why don’t you be the one to help her here? There are many outstanding baby shower gifts that could make kitchen time a breeze. A well-made cutlery set could save mom time and energy. There are a plethora of small kitchen appliances that can make mom’s life easier. Coffee makers, food processors, blenders, kitchen tool sets. The ideas are almost limitless

I have supplied you with some unscientific numbers just to prove another fact that very well may be scientifically backed up. 1000% is the increase in enjoyment that the new mom will get from baby shower gifts that are for her to enjoy in her new, limited mommy time. I don’t want you to forget about getting things for the baby but I do want you to also remember mom.

Please make sure you think outside of the baby shower gift box!

Source by Thomas K Murawski

Why We Celebrate Holidays

Most of us celebrate holidays – Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day – but why?

Of course, we celebrate some holidays because of our religious beliefs. However, there are other reasons why we hold to these joyous occasions. These holidays break up the flow of the year and bind us together as families and communities.

We celebrate holidays because we want to have fun. We want a break from our regular schedules, jobs, etc. Without holidays our weeks would run together into years of humdrum mediocrity. What is October without children ringing our doorbells asking for candy? What is November without turkey on the table and family around it? What is February with no heart-shaped boxes adorning the kitchen counter? The answer: boring months, I say.

We also celebrate holidays because they are reasons to reconnect with family and long lost friends. Although we can make the effort to see family and close friends anytime, many people do not. Many people make holidays the times that they reach out to other people. And not only is it important to us to feel the warmth of family, we enjoy holidays because they bring out a sense of community. The bright red hearts decorating department stores in February, the blinking lights strung on lamp posts in December, these help us feel connected to something larger than ourselves.

In a world where get-togeters and barbecues do not happen as much as they used to in decades past. In a world where no one borrows sugar from his or her neighbor any longer or bakes a cake when someone moves on to the block, holidays tie us together.

I urge everyone to not throw holidays to the side of the street. Get out and decorate your home at Christmastime. Surprise your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend with a Valentine's Day gift. And definitely have fun at Halloween. Even if you do not enjoy Halloween, I guarantee the children in your neighborhood will appreciate you dressing up, putting a graveyard in your front yard and passing out candy.

Source by Scott Faubion